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Star Wars Cupcakes. - StumbleUpon. Death Note by SilentReaper on deviantART. Geek-sign.jpg from Batman-superman-spiderman.jpg from Update_for_your_computer.jpg from Awesome Wi-Fi Network Names [Humorous Image] - How-To Geek ETC. Stormtrooper-rip.jpg from IMG_0091.jpg from The TIE Fighter Pilot Who Saved The Day in 'Star Wars' In the original Star Wars movie, the Rebels almost didn't make it.

The TIE Fighter Pilot Who Saved The Day in 'Star Wars'

Despite the fact that Han and Luke saved Leia, they stupidly led the Empire right to the rebel's doorstep. But they saved the day, right? Luke blows up the Death Star mere moments before it ends the rebellion in a single shot of sweet lasery explosiveness. But if it weren't for one random imperial TIE fighter pilot, evil would have won the day.

The savior of the Rebellion. Let's see how well you remember the climax. At that moment Han Solo shows up shoots Darth Vader's TIE fighter, sending it spinning out of control. Nope. What happened was Han shot another TIE fighter, one that wasn't doing anything. Vader's the one in the middle, not exploding. At that moment, Darth was still free to blast Luke from existence. At the sight of another ship getting blown up (in a battle where that has happened dozens of times already), he panics... ...swerves... ... and crashes into Darth Vader. He literally shouts "Look Out! " 7 Classic Star Wars Characters Who Totally Dropped the Ball. Here at Cracked we don't hesitate to hold our leaders accountable for bad decisions.

7 Classic Star Wars Characters Who Totally Dropped the Ball

Even if those leaders are childhood heroes. And are entirely fictional. For instance, such decisions abound in the original Star Wars trilogy, to the point that the entire plot is basically driven by people using the worst judgment possible. How else can you explain... Admiral Motti Insults Darth Vader In Episode IV, Admiral Motti, riding high on the whole "Death Star" thing, finally decides he's going to tell Vader off just like he practiced over the phone with his mother. Relative Anonymity: Ages 4 & up. Why It Was a Bad Call: Destroythedeathstarp1.gif from Banksy_02.jpg from Death Star Destroys Enterprise - a Film &TV video. 7 Quotes That Could Have Saved The Star Wars Prequels.

8 Lines That Would Have Ended Star Wars Real Fast. The 10 Jerkiest Things Obi-Wan Kenobi Ever Did. While the Rebellion would have you believe that Obi-Wan Kenobi was an excellent mentor, a highly-regarded General, and arguably one of the greatest Jedi Masters ever, the truth is, he was a bit of a douche.

The 10 Jerkiest Things Obi-Wan Kenobi Ever Did

In fact, he was such a massive jerk that the hardest thing about writing this list was narrowing it down to just the ten jerkiest things he ever did. 10) Calling Darth Vader a "Master of Evil" Although he's always been a smug bastard, Obi-Wan took it to a new level when he came face to face with his old apprentice and ex-BFF on the Death Star, calling him a "Master of Evil". Hey Obi-Wan Jerknob-i: when the last time you met, you cut off someone's arm and both of their legs and threw them in to molten lava, you don't get to make a call about who's evil and who's not. 9) Always cutting off everyone's arms 8) Training Luke Although Obi-Wan used the Force for loads of things, he used it most for backflipping like crazy on his opinions. 7) Not helping Luke on Hoth 6) Not training Leia.

What if Darth Vader was a good father ? - 12 illustrations from Darth Vader and Son. How Return of the Jedi Should Have Ended. If I May - Set Phasers To LOL: Sci Fi and Fantasy LOLs. Kristen Wolfe: Dear Customer Who Stuck Up For His Little Brother. You thought I didn't really notice.

Kristen Wolfe: Dear Customer Who Stuck Up For His Little Brother

But I did. I wanted to high-five you. Yesterday I had a pair of brothers in my store. One was maybe between 15 and 17. He was a wrestler at the local high school. The boys had been taking awhile, so their father eventually came in. That's when big brother stepped in. They checked out and left, and all I can think is how awesome big brother is, how sweet little brother is, and how Dad ought to be ashamed for trying to make his son any other way.

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