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TOUR BAR & This is about as true as it gets..
Bug - Bedside Manner
DEMONOLOGY 101: an online comic about high school and other forces of evil By Faith Erin Hicks
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Webcomic at the Speed of Light - Hunting Trip (2/3)
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- StumbleUpon - StumbleUpon Invitatul săptămânii Valentin Radu este un antreprenor implicat în marketingul online de peste 12 ani, co-fondator al RCA-Ieftin.ro, liderul pieței de asigurări online din România și CEO la Marketizator, ... Advertising Comunicare Am fost scanat, cântărit, interogat, repartizat şi transportat în New York. După 11 ore în avion şi încă 5 prin aeroporturi mă întreb dacă nu cumva oamenii care ştiu să ... Invitatul săptămânii „Mai ştii taberele alea în care-ţi dădeau ciorbă în căni de metal? Hotelurile din Neptun cu-aceleaşi paturi în care-a dormit şi bunica în tinereţe, cantinele cu ...
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Box vs. animals

Box vs. animals

Online Een online klant wil snel en goed geïnformeerd worden en de juiste site draagt daar absoluut aan bij. Hoe effectief is jouw website en hoe wordt deze door bezoekers ervaren? En wat levert je site uiteindelijk nu echt op? Wij helpen onze klanten bij het beantwoorden van deze vraagstukken. Vanaf het moment van concept tot aan de uiteindelijke bouw en lancering zijn wij nauw betrokken en denken we mee.
Bagels vs Donuts [Comic Strip]
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scans_daily | Deadpool: Herald of Galactus! scans_daily | Deadpool: Herald of Galactus! Greetings True Believers! The last issue of Deadpool Team-Up was too much. A great way to end the series. Deadpool and Galactus!
That Darn Deadpool: Now on 21 Variant Covers This Month Not to sound like an old-timer, but I can recall an age when appearing on a cover (yes, even a variant) meant a character, however limited their role, would at least grace a storyline in some small capacity. That age is dead and Deadpool killed it. Personally, I don’t mind. I drew Ed McGuinness’ DP on every third homework assignment I filled out through seventh grade. Still, I take notice when Marvel’s February line bears more than two dozen ‘Pool covers, even if most are just variants. That Darn Deadpool: Now on 21 Variant Covers This Month
The story of Superman if he ever decides to put his powers to good use - 22...
repair troll
DOGHOUSE | How We Treat Our Cars vs How We Treat Ourselves
Calvins Dad: The Original Troll Scientist
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"A Birthday Wish" by Caldwell Tanner - CollegeHumor Article
Bug - Letter
Losing is Fun Losing is Fun From Wikipedia: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dwarf_Fortress) Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress, also called Slaves to Armok II: Dwarf Fortress, but most commonly known simply as Dwarf Fortress, is a freeware computer game by Bay 12 Games for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X set in a high fantasy universe that combines aspects of roguelike and city-building games and is primarily known for its unique level of complexity and difficulty. The title of the game is inspired by its primary focus on the construction, management, and exploration of dwarven fortresses within the game world. Development started in October 2002, followed by the game’s first public release in August 2006. Developer site and downloads:http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/ The game difficulty is variable, but its slant towards difficulty is reflected in the game’s motto, “Losing is Fun.”
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Virtual Shackles - Will it Metablend?
The hardest part of any game | The Meta Picture The hardest part of any game | The Meta Picture Yes, this can be frustrating. But let’s use our nerd brains here and turn the situation around by *pretending* we haven’t made it through the puzzle. Of course, once we formulate our plan, we can start to offer up some *innocent* help. At first, it can’t work – to cover your tracks. But then, you start to give *suggestions* that make her think she’s doing it on her own.
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