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Welcome to the World Air Cargo News – Here you can get the guidance on all the three segments of Air Cargo – Airlines, Airport and E-fright.

AIR. Aviation Reads. About Us. World Air Cargo News has been associated with the air cargo industry for years and understands the intricacies of the aviation industry.

About Us

We keep you updated about every new development and major turn of events in the freight industries. From mergers to huge aircraft acquisition, if it’s new worthy then we are covering it. From the industry giants to startup wonders, a lot has been happening in the industry over the years and our job is to bring that information in the forefront for our readers. World Air Cargo News-Latest News. Aerospace One Chief Jaideep Mirchandani Signs Food Contract. Aerospace One, the famous aviation company chief Jaideep Mirchandani is all set to sign a food supply contract with an airlines.

Aerospace One Chief Jaideep Mirchandani Signs Food Contract

According to the sources, the contract will let the aviation giant Mr. Jaideep Mirchandani’s food arm to supply food for the elite class passengers of the airline company during the travel. The sources have confirmed it and the contract is yet to be signed, they added. People who were aware of the matter have told that this is really a new step in the business life of Mr. Mirchandi. Aerospace One Chief Jaideep Mirchandani Signs Food Contract. Jaideep Mirchandani. Aerospace One is known for its dedicated services in both passenger and freight services.

Jaideep Mirchandani

Their services are not limited to one state/providence or a country, they are a global company serving peoples and companies across the globe. Every year they do a lot of social service and development programs.