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Medical Affairs Services: bridge between the medical and commercial groups. Medical Writing Training Solutions - WorkSure™ Medical writing, an integral part of clinical research and medical communication, is an upcoming and lucrative field.

Medical Writing Training Solutions - WorkSure™

A recent market analysis estimates the global medical writing market size to be approximately $700-800 million with India poised to gain significant market share in this area. Medical writers work very closely with pharma and biotech industry and play a key role in rightful evaluation, presentation and marketing of the drugs. However, the major challenge that industry faces is dearth of skilled manpower with expertise in all therapeutic areas. There are limited trained medical writers in the market who have technical understanding besides being timelines and quality compliant. More and more medical writing work is being outsourced to India, thereby increasing the demand; however the supply has not kept pace with it.

Clinical Research Training Solutions - WorkSure™ We provide services to Pharmaceuticals, Biotechtechnology, Nutraceuticals, Medical Device Industries, CROs and hospitals We create and deliver effective and successful training programs for clinical, scientific, marketing and sales personnel.

Clinical Research Training Solutions - WorkSure™

Our programmes help people to acquire new knowledge, skills or behaviours, and build their confidence and careers. Onsite/Web-Based Customized Programs for Scientific training of Sales forceMedical Writing TrainingTraining of Clinical Research Team (ICH-GCP, GDP, GLP, PV etc)Statistical training of medical and research teamSoft Skills training such as Effective Business Communication, Persuasive Presentation Skills, Train the Trainer, Stress Management & Time Management etc Site best viewed in Internet Explorer 7.0 and above © 2009 - 2015 WorkSure™ MedPharma Consultancy India Pvt.

Medical Content Development Services - KOL Development. We provide services to Pharmaceuticals, Biotechtechnology, Nutraceuticals, Medical Device Industries, CROs and hospitals We develop and design promotional inputs to improve the visibility of the product, provide expertise in KOL management and scientific activities.

Medical Content Development Services - KOL Development

We also prepare strategies and communications to bridge the gap between the sales team and the health care professional. Medical Affairs Management - WorkSure™ We provide services to Pharmaceuticals, Biotechtechnology, Nutraceuticals, Medical Device Industries, CROs and hospitals Medical Affairs (MA) plays a key role in addressing the medical needs associated with products, therapies and disease states, and strikes a balance to bring about improvement in patient outcomes, in line with commercial objectives.

Medical Affairs Management - WorkSure™

WorkSure™ MA provides consulting services to sales & marketing, clinical trials, pharmacovigilance, regulatory and legal. Medico- Marketing & business development. Clinical Data Management Services. We provide services to Pharmaceuticals, Biotechtechnology, Nutraceuticals, Medical Device Industries, CROs and hospitals The Data generated by Clinical Trials or Medical Research eventually make a product useful and marketable in disease therapy.

Clinical Data Management Services

WorkSure™ offers a specialized package for managing clinical data from development of data management plan to its extraction for analysis and final reporting, with supportive statistical and medical writing services. Development of data management planDesigning CRF with focus on data cleaning and data processingOnline and offline database developmentStudy setup and application validationData entryDCF generationMedical Coding ServicesCollecting, coding, reconciling adverse event dataQuality control and assurance through SOPs, training and regular database auditsDatabase locking and unlockingData cleaning and validationStatistical analysisMedical writing supportAccess control and data security Realted Informations.

Medical Writing Solutions - Medical Writing Services - WorkSure™ Medical Writing plays a central role in the communication of scientific ideas and is therefore a key aspect of research, education and promotion.

Medical Writing Solutions - Medical Writing Services - WorkSure™

We at WorkSure™ support in planning, performing and communicating research through preparation of various clinical, promotional, regulatory and educational documents. Preclinical & Clinical Scientific Research Support Protocol, CRF, Investigator brochure, ICF & other trial related document preparationEditing and review of sponsor prepared documentsInvestigator meetings & study result meetingsSOP preparation, developing QA/QC planClinical study reportsAbstracts and publication writingPoster/PPTs for conferencesMeta-analysis / Systematic Review Complete Pharmacovigilance System and Process Solutions Statistical Solutions Sample size calculationPreparing statistical analysis plan (SAP)Data Analysis and InterpretationMeta-analysis / Systematic Review Regulatory solutions Our Special Services.

WorkSure™ : Our Clients. WorkSure™ - Medical Service KPO. Medical Writing Services. Medical Writing Services: Medical writing services: Delivering medical information to general public, physicians or regulators. Medical writing has become established as an important function in the healthcare industry, since it requires specialized knowledge and skills to be able to write scientific documents in a clear and lucid manner.

Medical Writing Services: Medical writing services: Delivering medical information to general public, physicians or regulators

Medical Affairs Services - Medical Affairs Consulting Services. Medical Affairs is responsible for developing and implementing medical tactics and strategies for promoting a brand or therapeutic area.

Medical Affairs Services - Medical Affairs Consulting Services

Personnel in the medical affairs department work in close association with sales/ marketing and healthcare professionals with a key function to promote brands/products specific scientific and medical information for an organization. Medical affairs manage clinical experts to work for the benefits of pharmaceutical organization by improving scientific knowledge base of a product, a discipline called key opinion leaders management (KOL management). Medical Writing Agencies - Medical Writing Agency - Medical Writing Company. Biomedical researches, conducted by various organizations are required to be documented in accordance with regulatory and public requirements.

Medical Writing Agencies - Medical Writing Agency - Medical Writing Company

Medical writing is a specialized technical writing that generates explicit documents as per standard operating procedures to suit target audience. Various organizations, termed as medical writing agencies share this onus with sponsors by dealing with the services related to both regulatory and commercial conceptualization pertaining to clinical as well as marketing phase. Medical Legal Cases. In today’s world, medical practitioners often unexpectedly meet up with medico legal issues.

Medical Legal Cases

This is due to the fact that every registered medical practitioner is expected to perform some medico legal duty. Several cases of criminal negligence are being registered against these professionals. The rise in medico legal cases (MLCs) is owing to decrease in patient’s faith and trust on doctors. A medico legal case/issue can be any case in which a person is harmed or injured in any way and involves legal authorities. Clinical Research. Clinical research involves investigational studies conducted upon human volunteers, intended to unravel new therapeutic options to medical world.

When a new product or an approach is introduced, it is always being investigated whether it will be helpful, harmful or similar to available alternatives. In addition, the safety and efficacy profile of the intervention is also evaluated to measure certain outcomes in the participants. Every clinical study is led by a principal clinical investigator who heads a team of doctors, nurses, other health care professional social workers. Medical Writing Companies. Medical writing conveys clinical findings from research labs to the masses in form of articles for publication, regulatory documents, and content development for pharma-healthcare magazines, newsletters and websites.

The criteria of writing the medical content mainly depends upon the need of the end users for examples documents for the medical journals, physicians, healthcare organisations, pharmaceutical companies, etc. Planning an article should begin with appropriate literature search and identification of reliable source of information. In order to frame and construct a quality manuscript, it is recommended to apprehend the topic well by thorough literature review.

Literature search thus ends up with a collection of unorganized raw information which is further shaped and constructed in a defined order. The framed material should be glued together in meaningful paragraphs, enabling the medical writer to convey the ideas effectively to the reader. Medical Communication Companies. Clinical research generates huge amount of knowledge which is supposed to guide clinical judgement and decision making when implemented wisely. Studies show that a huge gap exists between the knowledge generation and its use in clinical practice. Therefore, in order totranslate knowledge into practice, knowledge generators must ensure that an uninterrupted access of end users to this knowledge. This could be achieved by an efficient channel of communication. Medical communication involves disseminating the medical knowledge mainly among the healthcare professionals and the public but largely among all the stakeholders including policy makers and managers.

Transfer or sharing of the medical knowledge among doctors and patients is thus an important step to improve the current status of medical awareness in any geographical area. The healthcare industry covers the global area conceptualized by the pharma healthcare industries where new therapies are being emerged on the regular basis. Medical Marketing. Medical-marketing or pharma-marketing is a term used for implementing the advertising strategies by pharmaceutical/biotech/medical device organizations for the promotion of their brands and products and meet the sales target. Besides, it also helps to regularly update the pharma-healthcare professionals about safe and effective use of the new drugs and devices available in the market. A pharmaceutical sponsors who invests a huge amount on discovering a drug, expects monetary profit in return.

Well planned marketing strategies and enthusiastic sale is required to promote the product in market which fetches corporate profit to the sponsor. However, scientific knowledge is required not only to support the marketing but at very first step, to provide the rationale of marketing. Clinical efficacy, safety and toxicology profiles of a marketed product form the basis of marketing claims of its superiority over competitors. Clinical Data Coordinator. Clinical trials generate an extensive amount of statistical data.

With the increasing complexity of segregated data collection, it is imperative to have an effective system to manage and to statistically analyse the data to produce end result. Clinical data management system (CDMS) is used for this purpose.Clinical data management (CDM) includes database entry, verification, quality control and validation of the clinical trial data. Clinical data services division ensuresa consistent flow of data and constant communication with the project teamto comply with Good Clinical Data Management Practice (GCDMP) and Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) standards.Data management team prepares application for the data entry, design edit checks to protect against entry errors, generate and resolve the data queries.

Medical Billing and Coding Outsourcing. Clinical Trial Data Management Ensuring regulation and accuracy of clinical trial data. Clinical Data Management Outsourcing India. Clinical Data Validation Ensuring the integrity of the Data. Clinical trials services translate fundamental research into medical care. Medical Writing Solutions - Medical Writing Services - WorkSure. WorkSure™ - Clinical Research Organization.