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Rebecca Stevens

Thoughtful solutions to Tricky Challenges- To find people who are passionate for their work are not easy to find. Executive Coaching is right way to do proper Job Analysis before recruitment.

Difficult Conversation At Work. Is there a conversation you’ve been avoiding having?

Difficult Conversation At Work

Perhaps a member of your team isn’t performing as they should. Or perhaps they’re simply not up to the job. You know you need to sort the problem but facing it head on is scary. Maybe you’ve had similar conversations in the past that didn’t go to plan. Having a difficult conversation can feel like a confrontation. That’s why, so often, people avoid having them at all. But avoiding the problem does no one any favours. Recruitment Solutions Stockport, Manchester - Work Brighter. How would you tackle these HR dilemmas in my New Year’s quiz? – Work Brighter. The life of an HR manager is not an easy one.

How would you tackle these HR dilemmas in my New Year’s quiz? – Work Brighter

Not a day goes by without some sort of people-based dilemma needing your response. From the crying interviewee to the disappointing manager. From the new employee who’s not pulling their weight to the irate applicant who didn’t get the job. How would you deal with these dilemmas? New Piktochart. Public.

New Piktochart

Employee Training And Development. What does the phrase ‘development centre’ mean to you?

Employee Training And Development

I think, for many, it sounds rather negative, rather scary. Some sort of gulag you get sent to if you’re not performing satisfactorily. A room full of people in white coats with clipboards, assessing your every move. Perhaps it’s time for a new name. Because actually they are much more positive than that. New Piktochart. " And while online interactions are less tangible than objects, that doesn’t mean we don’t become connected to them emotionally.

New Piktochart

We form attachments to online brands we like or online systems that work for us. " Computer says no: The impact of technology on the candidate or employee experience. The impact of technology on employment, recruitment and development – Work Brighter. Not a day passes at the moment without a new report or article on how technology will affect our working lives in the not-too-distant future.

The impact of technology on employment, recruitment and development – Work Brighter

A recent CIPD report, for instance, predicted that by 2030 one in six public sector jobs would be done by robots. Automation is already fulfilling distribution roles, even those call centre operatives you speak to on the phone aren’t always human. In the age of the machine, what is the impact of technology on employment, recruitment and development? Job Analysis Stockport - Work Brighter. Occupational Psychologist Assessments. Recruitment Solutions We can help you hire or promote the right person who fits the job and fits in the team in terms of behaviours, motivation and attitude.We can help you put in place tools for large scale recruitment campaigns and sift large volumes of applications.

Occupational Psychologist Assessments

Half-day or full-day face-to-face deep-dive assessment comprising at least one personality and motivation assessment, intelligence testing and at least one behavioural simulation exercise with a tailored executive report of strengths, development areas and risks for the hiring manager and candidate, with a follow-up coaching and development session for the successful hire to help springboard their impact in your business. BESPOKE PACKAGES to meet your specific needs, such as: New Piktochart. Development Areas In work. New Piktochart. Competency Framework Examples UK. Done well, the competency framework is a hugely valuable tool.

Competency Framework Examples UK

It sets out a common understanding of the behaviours an organisation desires from its employees. Many organisations are creating values frameworks – another way of describing desired behaviours based on the values of that organisation. This feeds into and shapes discussions about individual and team performance, personal development, recruiting the right staff for the business and improving the brand and customer experience. So often, however, the time and effort that goes into designing the framework is wasted. New Piktochart. New Piktochart. Building Effective Teams - Three Practical Exercises. Ever worked with a team of people which operated like anything but?

Building Effective Teams - Three Practical Exercises

Teams that are simply a collection of individuals, doing their own thing. Teams where people know everyone’s name but not much else about them. Teams where one person works all the hours god sends, while another leaves early because they don’t have enough to do. I know I have! Recruitment Companies Manchester. New Piktochart. Understanding your learning style. Why is it that so often you go on a training course but what you’ve learnt just doesn’t stick.

Understanding your learning style

For a few days afterwards you think you’ve got it. But a month later and you’re back to square one. Is it the quality of the training? The trainer? Strengths Based Interview Questions. Increasingly employers want to know more about their job candidates. Not just – can they do the job? But also – will they love the job? Savvy employers know that if an employee enjoys what they’re doing they’ll do it better, give more discretionary effort, stay, be a better representative of the company and provide better customer care. Curveball Interview Questions And Answers. As if job interviews weren’t nerve-wracking enough, why do recruiters feel it necessary to throw in curveball interview questions that seem designed to make interviewees sweat? Questions that seem completely left field. Recruitment Methods, Tips – Work Brighter.

We all know recruitment can be something of a minefield. There’s so much to consider – is your process reliable and fair? How are you supporting diversity? How are you addressing unconscious bias? Are you hiring the right person for the job? Products & Services – Work Brighter. Business Psychology Manchester - Work Brighter. Rebecca Stevens “When I was growing up my Dad said to me that I should enjoy my work as it’s where you spend most of your time in life.I truly believe that if you focus on changing your approach to recruitment and development in your business, then you can create a workforce of happier, more productive employees improving your businesses customer service and your profitability.So you’ll understand then, when I say my passion is to help people love their work; by helping you understand, select and keep the right people for your business.”

—Rebecca Stevens B.Sc. (Hons), MSc., C.Psychol, AFBPsS Business Psychologist & Director Rebecca Stevens is a Business Psychologist specialising in selection assessment and employee engagement. Rebecca helps organisations tackle problem roles looking at the end-to-end employee life cycle. Helping them implement improvements to their recruitment approaches and tools, as well as identifying and addressing existing people problems in the target role.