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Wordsuccor is an offshore WordPress development company. With more than 5 years of experience in wordpress development, WordSuccor loves to strive at the client's satisfaction. We offer all wordpress related services including wordpress website development, PSD to Wordpress Conversion, Joomla to Wordpress Conversion, HTML to Wordpress Conversion, Drupal to Wordpress Conversion, Wordpress Theme Customization and many more others.

How to Use and Manage Code Snippets in WordPress? Though WordPress has a solution for every problem in the form of WordPress plugins, there are various WordPress developers and webmasters who prefer writing their own codes to extend or change the functionality of their WordPress websites.

How to Use and Manage Code Snippets in WordPress?

The reasons can be many. To start off, it drastically improves your page load time when you decide on reducing plugin usage. Moreover, you can customize the functionality of the feature as per your needs and requirements by writing a customized code. Whatever the reason may be, code snippets have many benefits associated with it. However, oftentimes a webmaster forgets about the code snippet he/she added in the website after a while. Managing a library of code snippets can prove to be extremely beneficial when doing similar chores in the future.

How to managed code snippets? Well, where WordPress has a plugin for everything, managing code snippets is no exception. Primary Features of Code Snippets CPT: Author Bio: Top 10 WordPress Maintenance Service Providers - How to Quickly Delete Spam Comments in Bulk? Since WordPress has become the most preferred choice of many webmasters around the world, it is extremely vulnerable to spams and hackers.

How to Quickly Delete Spam Comments in Bulk?

Though there are various ways to combat spam comment in WordPress such as installing Akismet plugin, there are times when these spam comments make their way to your site. Moreover, an unsatisfactory visitor may use inappropriate tools to post hundreds of thousands of unnecessary comments on a site which often lead the site to crash. Whatever the reason may be, it is always suggested to remove spam or inappropriate comments from your website to prevent it from crashing after a server overload. We have listed 3 ways in this tutorial to help you delete bulk spam comments from your site without overloading the server. 1. However, the whole process of deleting hundreds or maybe thousands of comments through this method takes a lot of time and can cause slow web server. 2.

How to Become a Dedicated WordPress Developer. March 15, 2016Shelly Singla No Comments WordPress has taken the world by storm and there is a small barrier between working with and using WordPress.

How to Become a Dedicated WordPress Developer

WordPress is the most popular content management system which is built on HTML, CSS, and PHP. So, anyone who is familiar with these three languages can immediately start using WP as per their needs and specifications. But if you want more from WordPress than just working with it, you have to be an over-achiever. In addition, if building a strong business, establishing a better brand identity and gaining respect is what you aim at, learning to work with WordPress is the only solution. Simply because there are many other professional and highly skilled and dedicated WordPress developers available who are also putting their efforts in the same industry to engross clients and earn a buck. Fortunately, WordPress doesn’t let anyone down. WordPress Theme Tweaking and The Concept of Child Themes. Top 10 Responsive E-Commerce Wordpress Themes - WebSpeaks. The internet has opened many gates for bricks-and-mortar businesses to reach out to a wider audience and improve their ROI.

Top 10 Responsive E-Commerce Wordpress Themes - WebSpeaks

In fact, today it has become quite necessary to establish a strong online presence. However, the most important thing to consider when starting out an online business is its look and feel. After all, nobody would want to visit an online store that does not have appealing looks. It is essential to not only provide high-quality products but also an enticingly appealing platform that engages your visitors and converts them into customers. In a nutshell, you website should be fully functional, organized, clean and engaging. Place to Get World-Class HTML to WordPress Conversion Services.

Looking to get best HTML to WordPress Conversion Services.

Place to Get World-Class HTML to WordPress Conversion Services

ShoutingBlogger:Howto Tutorials. Web hosting is one of the most important factors of running a successful online business, which is often overlooked.

ShoutingBlogger:Howto Tutorials

Hosting your website with the best hosting provider can drastically improve your conversion rate and your site's SEO. There are numerous types of web hosting options to choose from like dedicated hosting, VPS, shared, free and managed Wordpress hosting. Top 5 Wordpress Theme Customization Plugins. WordPress has been making a lot of noise lately.

Top 5 Wordpress Theme Customization Plugins

Nearly 24.7% of the websites are being developed using WordPress and this number keeps growing day by day. The huge community of WordPress’s developers and contributors offers hundreds of thousands of themes and plugins, improving the experience for both users and website owners. WordPress ready-made themes and plugins make it a lot easier for both technical and non-technical users to get started with developing a WordPress website. However, there are times when need you to customize the appearance and functionality of your theme to extend your brand image, add certain unique features to your website or perhaps stand out from the rest.

Whatever the reason may be, customizing a theme can be one heck of a job if you are not familiar with HTML and CSS. But just like any other problem, WordPress also has a solution to this problem in the form of theme customizer plugins. 15 Content Marketing Tips To Boost Traffic And Engagement On Your Website. Content has the power to build a huge fan base for any website.

15 Content Marketing Tips To Boost Traffic And Engagement On Your Website

As a matter of fact, content is the king when it comes online marketing. Whether you are running an e-commerce site or completely an informative one, content plays an important role in boosting traffic and engagement. There are as many ways to promote your content on the internet as there are people in the world. However, it all depends on how you craft, implement and execute your promotional strategy. Best Practices for Registration Forms - How Not to Lose a User? - Web Tricks & Treats. There may be numerous reasons for making a user register on your website such as growing your email list for boosting email marketing, the sale of products or so much more.

Best Practices for Registration Forms - How Not to Lose a User? - Web Tricks & Treats

However, for users, filling out forms is boring and annoying. Registering on the site is not slightly less frustrating than filling out paper forms. According to Forrester Research, more than 11% of US users intentionally left a website simply because of their complex and lengthy registration process. Whether you run a blog and planning a webinar and want users to sign up for it or your e-commerce site simply needs guest users’ email addresses for their abandoned carts, whatever the reason may be – you need users to register. Top 10 WordPress Booking Calendar Plugins 2016. There is no denying the fact that WordPress has certainly revolutionized the way businesses establish their online presence today.

Top 10 WordPress Booking Calendar Plugins 2016

In fact, the online world is becoming a better place day by day for the webmasters as well as for the web users, thanks to the ever-growing open source software WordPress. From building professional websites to online stores, WordPress has got you covered. Difference Between Static and Dynamic Web Pages. With every bricks-and-mortar business turning to the internet to reach out to a wider audience, it has become quite necessary for almost every business to establish a fully functional website. A website not only helps you to stay in touch with your targeted audience around-the-clock but also increases your conversion and ROI. Web sites are available in a variety of sizes and shapes but they can be easily divided into two main types – static websites and dynamic websites.

There was a time when only static websites exist but with the advancement in the web technologies, you can now build dynamic websites. When it comes to building a website, the type of website you choose to build plays a major role. It can also make a huge difference in the functionality of your website. Responsive Website Design – The Future of Online Business. Sep It’s probably clear by now that more than half of the traffic originates from mobile phones, tablets, and iPhones. As a matter of fact, technology grows and so should we. Why Hire WordPress Developers for Custom Plugin Development?

If you are running an online store or maintaining a blog, chances are you have heard of Wordpress. Well, Wordpress has become the buzzword of the online world today. Almost every webmaster, developer or blogger is aware of Wordpress regardless of the type of website they want to build. Top 5 Benefits of HTML to WordPress Conversion. Before the introduction of various content management systems and programming languages like PHP, and more, websites were created in static HTML files where all the files had the same design and layout except for the content. In fact, after few years, even styles and scripts also came into the picture, which actually gave a bigger problem for websites such as slow loading pages because of the repetitive code being downloaded every time a website is opened.

Therefore, a new innovative way was found to get rid of all the problems associated with static HTML sites and gave birth to HTML to Wordpress conversion. The conversion has gained a lot of popularity since then. And why not? 8 WordPress Security Tips to Protect Your Websites. Getting your website hacked is not fun. It's a serious matter that needs to be handled with care and intelligence. WordPress is gaining popularity with each passing day. Millions of websites are being powered by WP every minute of the day. However it's popularity is what makes it so vulnerable to hacking and security threats. Hackers find it easy to hack your WordPress websites through a majority of entry points. Hacking is something that cannot be stopped but it is something that should be prevented.

There is a reason why premium plugins are not free. Make your WordPress website load faster. March 5, 2016Shelly Singla No Comments. Business issues News: Address Your Online Business Issues With Wordsuccor's Web Development Services. Elkhart, United States, March 03,2016/ -- “Today, the important of launching an online has become the necessity of the time. Having a website means having an opportunity to reach a wider audience and improving your conversion rate,” said Rohit Gupta, the co-founder of Wordsuccor, a leading web development company based in the USA. WordPress Optimization Tips to Improve Website Performance. The loading speed of your website determines its success. It also significantly influences your visitors and subscribers.

Pre-Made vs. Custom WordPress Theme – Which Is One To Choose? – WordPress Development Services. Highest conversions News: Get Highest Conversions from your Online Business with Wordsuccor’s Web Development Services. Elkhart, United States, March 03,2016/ -- Wordsuccor is one of the fastest growing web development companies that has been around for past many years. Address Your Online Business Issues With Wordsuccor's Web Development Services. Difference Between A Responsive Website And An App. The ceaseless evolution of smartphones, the launch of new mobile operating systems on a daily basis, a variety of options for mobile applications and high-speed internet connection have certainly changed the way people use their smartphones.

3 Major Signs That Indicate Your Business Needs Outsourcing Service by Emily Johns. By Emily Johns Technical Writer at Wordsuccor Ltd. Businesses are growing at a rapid speed, and more businesses are turning up with the passage of every day. 5 Tips For Improving Custom WordPress Templates oOf Your Website. WordPress Plugins That Lead Your WordPress Website To The Success. March 1, 2016Shelly Singla No Comments Building a website is no laughing matter especially in the world of this ever-increasing competition.

Moreover, if your website does not have the appropriate design and functionality, you are just playing in the dark. Top 5 Reasons To Have Responsive Website Design - SEOTechyWorld. The use of mobile phones, smart phones, iPads, iPhones, tablets and laptops has increased dramatically over the last few years and so has accessing internet on these platforms. According to a recent survey, 35% of Google search results originated from smart phones. Grow Website Subscribers, Wordpress Plugins to Grow Website Subscribers. How to Build Your Email List with a WordPress Blog? Best Author Bio Plugins for WordPress - Social Positives.

6 Quick and Easy Tips for Enhancing Your Website Design. Key Factors to Keep Into Account when Developing a Customized Wordpress Website. 10 Ways to Enhance User Experience on a Mobile Website. Be wary of these 5 Website Design Trends. Lead the Online industry with WordPress Web Development – WordPress Development Services. Add Value to your Blog with WordPress Custom Plugin Development by Wordsuccor. Get Highest Conversions from your Online Business with Wordsuccor’s Web Development Services. 6 Free Coming Soon WordPress Themes and Plugins – Corpocrat Magazine. A Complete SEO Guide For Wordpress Users. 7 Essential Magento Extensions for your e-Commerce Business - Magento Host Solution. Top WordPress Newsletter Plugins to Get More Email Subscribers. How To Block WordPress Referrer Spam? Learn Why You Need to Hire WordPress Developer for your Next Venture – WordPress Development Services.

3 Major Factors influencing WordPress Theme Development. 8 Best HTML5 Features You Should Check Now - WCF Tutorial. A Handy Guide on WordPress Theme Customization With Child Themes - Emily Johns's deck. Easy and quick guide to finding reputable WordPress experts. Essential WordPress Security Tips and Plugins. Why Having a FREE website is bad Choice. Wordsuccor Successfully Completed 5 Years in Web Industry. Successfully completed News: Wordsuccor Successfully Completed 5 Years in Web Industry. How many WordPress Plugins you should Install. Wordsuccor Successfully Completed 5 Years in Web Industry. Wordsuccor Successfully Completed 5 Years in Web Industry by Wordsuccor. Wordsuccor Successfully Completed 5 Years in Web Industry by Wordsuccor. Untitled. How WordPress Theme Development Service Influences Your Online Success? by Wordsuccor. Does your business needs WordPress Customization Services? – WordPress Development Services. Getting Started with Drupal to WordPress Migration.

10 Best Social Media WordPress Plugins For 2016. Commercial WordPress Plugins That Are Actually Worth Investing In. How to Install and Configure Yoast SEO Plugin for your WordPress Website - Lion Blogger. Top 5 WordPress Mobile Design Trends - TeckStack. Step by Step Instructions to Develop a WEBSITE on Wordpress platform! A simple, orderly guide! Bring-out the Best in a WordPress Plugin Development Service. 5 Key Aspects of Converting PSD to WordPress. How to Block Comment Spam in WordPress. Top 3 Feature-rich and Quality Photo Gallery WordPress Plugins. Wordpress customization News: Wordsuccor Ltd: A Noteworthy Company Offering the Best WordPress Customization Services. Converting Drupal to Wordpress – Why it is Essential? How has HTML to WordPress Conversion Service Evolved? 10 Best Spa, Beauty, Tanning, Hair Salon WordPress Themes 2016. Untitled. Wordsuccor Ltd: A Noteworthy Company Offering the Best WordPress Customization Services. Give Your Website a New Look with HTML to WordPress Conversion - Design News Blog.

Top 8 Free Resources For Your Next Website. Adding the Skype Share Button in WordPress. Enable BreadCrumb Navigation Links in WordPress. Top 8 Appointment and Booking Plugins for WordPress Website. Get Fastidious Developed Website with PSD to WordPress Conversion at Wordsuccor. Bump up your Business Conversions with Custom WordPress Plugin Development. 10 High Priced WordPress Themes You Might Have Missed - Tonjoo Studio. Build Your Online Store with WooCommerce Default Widgets. Top 6 best and most popular Multipurpose WordPress Themes - InRaMS Tech. Build a Unique Brand Image of your Business with WordPress Customization Services – WordPress Customization.

20 Graphic Design Podcasts To Make You a Better Designer. Get Fastidious developed website with PSD to WordPress conversion at Wordsuccor. Wordpress conversion News: Get Fastidious developed website with PSD to WordPress conversion at Wordsuccor. What is the Smarter Choice for your Website: WordPress or Drupal? How to add CSS animations to your WordPress Website Without Writing a Code? Untitled. Untitled.

5 Key Principles to Follow when Building an awesome WP e-Commerce Site - Tricks Panda. Online Business Really Need Managed WordPress Hosting? How Micro-interactions Help you Improve your Website Design?