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Jason Daszkewicz

Jason Daszkewicz is a professional web developer and a writer by hobby.f He Works for Wordsuccor Ltd., a WordPerss Development Company. He loves sharing tips and tricks about WordPress development services.

Wordpress Development

WordPress Development. WordPress. How to Create and Publish Books with WordPress & PressBooks. Top 5 Most Popular Multipurpose WordPress Themes. This is a Guest Post by Jason Daszkewicz.

Top 5 Most Popular Multipurpose WordPress Themes

If you would Like to Be a Guest Writer for This Blog, Check Out the Guidelines Here. The use of a multipurpose WordPress template always proves right for every type of website that is going to be built. A multipurpose WordPress theme often serves well when it comes to satisfying the expectations of a complex client.

Here are top 5 highly famous multipurpose WordPress templates that you should definitely be aware of. All of these 5 multipurpose WordPress themes provide pre-designed web layouts and websites which are ready to fit the topics and themes of the deliverables. 1. The Core is one of the top-most multipurpose WordPress theme packages of the time as it comprises of 16 themes presently and many others are coming soon. It is a responsive, retina-ready and WooCommerce template that costs only $59 that is certainly a reasonable costing as you get more than what you investment. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Q1. Conclusion- About the Author (Author Profile) Expected Top 10 Programming Languages of Next Century. In the recent times, there has been a rise in the use of the smarter Programming Languages to create different kinds of applications.

Expected Top 10 Programming Languages of Next Century

With technology, a number of advancements have entered into the Programming Languages thus making it easier to write, integrate as per the requirement and with fewer errors. Today the developers are more focused towards the languages, whose interface are user-friendly and offer seamless integration. All these features have contributed towards the development of newer languages which not only accomplish the purpose but are helpful in developing a wide range of simple to complex applications.

In the coming years, the Programming LanguagesPopularity is sure to increase by leaps and bounds with better options coming your way. There are lots of languages which will definitely make a vast change in how codes are written thus opening newer opportunities. Common WordPress and PHP Errors to Avoid. WordPress is one of the most common applications to be used when it comes to webpage designing.

Common WordPress and PHP Errors to Avoid

These days’ bloggers and business enterprises are using this particular application in order to make their presence felt over the internet. There are various reasons which have made WordPress so popular. It is easy to use and have a very simple mechanism. When it comes to designing customized websites, WordPress is the ideal solution. Besides, what makes is so popular is the fact that it can be used by anyone who don’t have any ideas on the technicalities of web page development. Ways to Use Wordpress to Start Online Business. WordPress is an open source, online tool which is used for creating websites.

Ways to Use Wordpress to Start Online Business

It is written in PHO. These days, WordPress is the most common tool used in web development when it comes to CMS, or website content management system and blogging. Why use WordPress for web development? There are many reasons which have made WordPress so popular these days. Tips To Secure Your Woo-Commerce Website. Keeping an eCommerce store safe is a crucial and foremost thing that every e-store owner should give priority to.

Tips To Secure Your Woo-Commerce Website

Those website owners who do not understand the value of customer data and do not give value to its security often lose their customers to their rival companies. Customers who experience a data loss from a shopping site during or after a payment transaction feel disappointed and never business again with them. The most complicating thing about website security is the ever changing technology which makes things harder for one to keep up things on right track. Luckily, it is not the case with a WooCommerce website design because of multiple powerful WooCommerce security plugins that help sorting all types of WooCommerce security issues for website owners. The best thing about WooCommerce website design is that you can safeguard your website even if you are not a technical savvy. WooCommerce comes up with more and more advancements. Bottom Line. Using JavaScript in WordPress Development Project. Improving WordPress with These Newly Released Plugins. Whether you’re a plugin geek or not, you’ve got to admit there is almost nothing as fascinating as WordPress plugins.

Improving WordPress with These Newly Released Plugins

From setting up a full featured ecommerce website to adding different minor elements to your website, WordPress plugins are extremely useful for website owners. As WordPress continues to grow in popularity, new plugins are developed and launched every day. Keeping up to date with these latest releases can be difficult. In this post, I’ve compiled a list of newly released plugins that can really skyrocket your website traffic and sales. WordPress Trends to Follow in 2017. 5 Simple Tips to Optimise Your WordPress Website for SEO and Increase Conversions.

What good is a killer portfolio and a beautiful theme for your online business if it’s not Search Engine friendly?

5 Simple Tips to Optimise Your WordPress Website for SEO and Increase Conversions

Well, major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and more do not care about your beautiful web design and visual content. They care more about the user experience on your website, it’s structure, keywords, file names, ALT tags and more. In order to rank higher on the search engines, you need to optimise your website for search engines as well. If you have up and running WordPress website and still cannot drive enough organic traffic to it, you certainly need to check the SEO friendliness of your website. Best Plugins for Creating Booking Site For WordPress. WordPress is used for almost every type of website, be it a health website, an ecommerce platform, an informative blog or a technical site.

Best Plugins for Creating Booking Site For WordPress

Nearly 24% of websites are created using WordPress as their main platform and the number is still growing. Where every niche of website is being creating using WordPress, booking site is no exception. 6 Little-Known Factors Influencing Your Website Design. Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes A website design is one of the major factors that makes or breaks the first impression of a website.

6 Little-Known Factors Influencing Your Website Design

Website designing is not as easy as a pie. It takes a lot of time, efforts and knowledge to come up with a design that appeals everybody. A good first impression will significantly increase the number of visitors on a site and a bad first impression makes a visitor navigate away in no time. In addition, there are many factors that directly or indirectly influence the overall look of a website.

Here in this article, we are going to list 6 little-known factors that affect your website design. 1. Top 10 Little-Known Facts About WordPress. WordPress is a great blogging platform that comes with amazing benefits.

Top 10 Little-Known Facts About WordPress

From SEO-friendly environment to easy integration, WordPress has everything to help you create unique and appealing websites. WordPress has grown in popularity since its first inception in 2003. Millions of contributors and volunteers have associated with it to bring out the best in WP. 5 Most Powerful & Best Landing Page WordPress Plugin of 2016. This is a Guest Post contributed by Kerin Miller from Stellen Infotech. Landing pages are the essential part of any website. In fact, these are a useful tool to bring out the best in your site and boost your conversions. Landing pages are most useful when your aim is to drive visitors to a personalized sales page. Thus it is not only imperative to create attractive and efficient landing page/pages for your website but also the need of the hour.

Top 5 Benefits of HTML to WordPress Conversion. Before the introduction of various content management systems and programming languages like PHP, and more, websites were created in static HTML files where all the files had the same design and layout except for the content. In fact, after few years, even styles and scripts also came into the picture, which actually gave a bigger problem for websites such as slow loading pages because of the repetitive code being downloaded every time a website is opened. Therefore, a new innovative way was found to get rid of all the problems associated with static HTML sites and gave birth to HTML to Wordpress conversion. The conversion has gained a lot of popularity since then. And why not? After all, the conversion has so many benefits to offer. Let's explore some of these benefits in detail: 1.

3 Major Signs That Indicate Your Business Needs Outsourcing Service by Emily Johns. By Emily Johns Technical Writer at Wordsuccor Ltd. Businesses are growing at a rapid speed, and more businesses are turning up with the passage of every day. These businesses spend a lot of time, efforts and money to determine how to grow their company in a meaningful manner. And certainly services drive better profits and ROI than certain product sales. However, the efforts, risk and cost of launching and maintaining a service business are not by means less than opening a product business.

You need resources, knowledge and the right strategies that help you grow your business. The world is changing and those days are gone when everything was done through a bricks-and-mortar office. Add Value to your Blog with WordPress Custom Plugin Development by Wordsuccor. Over many years, Wordpress has evolved from merely a blogging system to a fully content management system which can be used to create any type of website. Though Wordpress itself comes with a lot of functionality to build a fully functional website provided you have a feature-rich Wordpress theme, there are times when even the inbuilt functionality of Wordpress doesn't satisfy your website's requirements and needs.

This is where Wordpress plugins come into the picture. Plugins are usually custom features and functions that help the webmaster extend and/or add to the existing functionality of the website. Plugins are designed to fulfill specific needs and specifications of the webmasters. How To Convert A Static HTML Site To Responsive WordPress Site? How To Convert A Static HTML Site To Responsive WordPress Site? A Guest Post By Jason. Responsive website design has become an important aspect of the website design today. According to a recent report, it has been shown that more than 45% of the websites’ traffic is driven by smartphones.

And the number is growing every day. The evolution of various devices and screen sizes has taken the online world by storm. As per a survey conducted by Google, more than 82% of the websites leverage this extremely useful technique to render amazing user experience and user interface across a range of devices, differing from giant desktop computers to small screen mobile phones. So if your websites are built using static HTML and are not responsive, you probably be looking to convert it to the most popular responsive platform – WordPress. How to Get more Clients using your Portfolio Website? What is one thing in common among many lucrative freelancers? 3 Major Factors influencing WordPress Theme Development – Medium. Gone are those days when you had to travel to a bricks-and-mortar store for shopping. Today, the evolution of the online world has given birth to a whole new way of shopping, socializing and other important things in our life.

5 good enough reasons Why use WordPress for website. This article is a guest article written by Mr.Jason. The evolution of WordPress has taken the online world by storm. 5 Smart Ways of using Linkedin to Maximize your Business. LinkedIn needs no introduction. With 450 million users, LinkedIn has become the world’s largest professional social network. Why you should consider WordSuccor when you need to hire WordPress developer? - WordSuccor Ltd.- WordPress Development Company. Today numerous websites are powered by WordPress across the world. How Outsource WordPress Development can Enhance your portal's outlook? - Technokida.

10 Excellent WordPress Tutorials to Improve Your Website. WordPress has come a long way since its inception. It has evolved from a simple blogging platform to a full-fledged Content Management System. WordPress has become so popular that it powers more than 24% of the websites today. A Step-by-Step Guide to Fix Internal Server Error in WordPress - CodexWorld. A Handy Guide on WordPress Theme Customization With Child Themes - Emily Johns's deck. Posted 7 months ago. Top 10 WordPress Theme Frameworks in 2016. Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid to Become a Professional Blogger – WPColt. You spend hours researching for the right topic, writing a comprehensive blog post, optimizing it for the search engines by adding the right keywords at the right places, and even share them on social networks. You have followed every expert advice you came across including posting at the optimum frequency, keeping your content to the recommended length and strictly adhering to the mantra “content is king, and distribution is queen”.

Top Ticket System WordPress Plugins for Customer Support Service -Design Bump. 8 Funny and Inspirational 404 Error Page Design Ideas - total-toolbar. How WordPress Theme Development Service Influences Your Online Success? by Wordsuccor. Why you should Custom Build a WordPress Website from Scratch? Practical Tips to Build an Engaging Custom WordPress Template. A Guide for Professional Photoshop to WordPress Conversion for Your Business – Medium. WordSuccor reinforces your business's WordPress Multisite development - Wordsuccor Ltd.

8 Must have WordPress Plugins for 2016 Business Startups - A Prettier Web. How to Automatically Share Older WordPress Posts? The importance of not bloating your WordPress website with lots of plugins - How to optimize your WordPress website for Speed and Performance. A List Of Top WordPress Development Service Providers in 2016. How has HTML to WordPress Conversion Service Evolved? WPSecurityLock - malware removal & WordPress security services. Wordsuccor Ltd. #Top 5 Tools to Test the Responsiveness of your website - Blogging Nuts. Tips to Design a Better Home Page for Your WordPress Website. Hire a Professional WordPress Theme Developer to Get Exclusive Website Developed. 5 Easy Hacks To Enhance Your Photography Website Traffic. 6 Reasons Why Your Coupon Website Needs a Mobile App. 10 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Website Developer.

5 Best Sources to Getting High-Quality Images for your WordPress. Wordpress Calypso. 5 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Business Website. 6 ways to Reduce Bounce Rate of Your WordPress Website. How To Recover WordPress Websites Without a Backup. 10 of the best WooCommerce plugins - Wordpress and WooCommerce Plugin Development Company. 5 Best and Handy PDF Plugins for WordPress – TheBigBuzzBlog. How To Design A Better Home Page For Your Website. Power Up Your Business With Professional WordPress Developer for Hire. 5 Free and Useful Android Apps for Designers - EPiTConsult. How Micro-interactions Help you Improve your Website Design? How to Make Money with a WordPress Website? Reasons That Make PSD To Wordpress Conversion An Obvious Choice.

Top PSD To WordPress Conversion / Theme Service Providers [Updated] Top 10 Joomla to WordPress Conversion Service Providers - Cr8tive Chaos. How WordPress Is The Right Platform For Your Next e-store? – WordPress Development Services. Top 10 Joomla to WordPress Conversion Service Providers. WordPress Errors? Here are the Best Solutions to 10 Most Common Errors In WordPress. Top 5 Benefits of HTML to WordPress Conversion.

Why WordPress is Most Popular CMS in Industry. Is there any need to convert PSD designs to WordPress theme? How to Build a Unique Brand Identity Online with Wordpress Customization Services? 8 Distinctive Web Design Ideas to make an appealing Website - My Internet Designz My Internet Designz. Things to know while Outsourcing your WordPress Development Work. Selecting an Accurate Content Management System (CMS) for Your Website - Emily Johns's deck. Developing WP Plugins! Discover What they are and How They work? 8 Most common WordPress Errors and How to Fix Them. How to Improve the User Experience on Your Website?

10 Responsive Food WordPress Themes 2016 to Establish a Successful Food Website - MyTemplateStorage. How to Build an eCommerce Website With WordPress? Drupal Vs. Wordpress: Which one to Choose? Why does your Business need a Web Development Company? - WordSuccor Ltd. The History of WordPress Updates - How many and What is the Difference? Top 7 Reasons That Will make You To Use WordPress. 4 Steps for Success with Your Mobile App Startup Business - BusinessTown. How To Choose The Perfect Wordpress Theme For Your Blog. How to Prevent WordPress Website from Hacking. 10 Responsive WordPress Themes for Your Beauty Salon & Spa Start-up. Things To Consider While Hiring A Dedicated WordPress Developer. How to Improve your WordPress Website Template - Wordsuccor Ltd. 10 Best Responsive WordPress Themes. Build a unique brand with WordPress Customization Service.

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website Performance? – Social Techy. How To Promote Old Blog Posts on WordPress. 5 Best Wordpress Photography Themes of 2016 to Consider - MyCity-Web. How to enqueue Scripts and Styles in WordPress? 4 Ways To Protect your WordPress Website from Hackers. 5 Ultimate Tips for your WordPress Website Safety.