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Wordpress India is a leading wordpress development company provides wordpress design, customization, plugin, maintenance and module development services.

10 Best WordPress Plugins To Boost Your Business Website In 2017. WordPress is an acclaimed platform used for creating high-quality websites for e-commerce businesses.

10 Best WordPress Plugins To Boost Your Business Website In 2017

It is enhanced with useful tools and features that serve ideally to build flexible, secure, and high-performance web solutions. In addition to the core features, the platform is powered by a variety of versatile WordPress plugins. These plugins can be used to add unique functionalities to the e-commerce websites. From animated pop-ups to social sharing, analytics, search engine optimization, and more, there are plugins to handle virtually any feature you can think of. Empower Your WordPress Site With Social Media Integration. Social media forms a vital element of digital marketing strategy because you cannot entirely rely on search engines to fetch traffic for your website.

Empower Your WordPress Site With Social Media Integration

These networks can be used to generate formidable revenues by bringing in more buyers. Moreover, they do not require much investment to be put in. Empower your online store with a perfect Woocommerce theme. The success of an online business greatly depends upon the overall appearance and functionality of the e-commerce store it runs.

Empower your online store with a perfect Woocommerce theme

If you are running a WordPress-based store, WooCommerce serves as a great solution to equip it with all the features of a successful one. Setting up a WooCommerce store is a simple and straightforward task, but it is actually the choice of the right theme that is the big question. While the looks that a theme provides for the website are important, they should not be considered in singularity. Trends That Are Influencing WordPress E-Commerce Development In 2017.

The choice of platform is of key significance for merchants who want to step into the e-commerce space.

Trends That Are Influencing WordPress E-Commerce Development In 2017

A platform has to possess features such as user friendliness, scalability, customization, and responsiveness to build a high-performance online store. One such platform that has emerged as a winner for e-commerce web development is WordPress, which has an amazing array of rich features and functionalities. A lot has been about the relevance and usability of this platform. At the same time, it is better to keep abreast of the current trends to add value to a WordPress-based store. Here are the trends that are shaping the design and development of WordPress e-commerce sites in 2017. Creative Designs Since the competition in the internet space is fierce, there is a need to be outstanding. Why Should You Add Live Chat To Your WordPress Site. Your WordPress site may be impressive-looking and highly informative but this may not be enough to bring in more visitors and convert them.

Why Should You Add Live Chat To Your WordPress Site

Customer support is one feature that can make all the difference. For those looking to power up their WordPress site with reliable customer support, adding the Live Chat feature makes a great option. A number of business surveys have shown the value of this feature as a part of the customer support process. According to a survey by Forrester, nearly 44% of the consumers reiterated the importance of live chat during the process of online shopping.

Taking Your Fashion Brand Online With WordPress. The fashion industry is no longer confined to brick-and-mortar stores as it is riding the online wave.

Taking Your Fashion Brand Online With WordPress

E-commerce stores are becoming an enticing opportunity for sellers as they help them attract a large number of buyers and build brands. A majority of fashion brands are taking this chance by investing in creation of their online stores. Customize your WooCommerce Store for the End Users. WooCommerce is the WordPress plugin which helps the merchants to sell anything.

Customize your WooCommerce Store for the End Users

It is an e-commerce toolkit that transforms the WordPress website into an e-commerce store at free of cost and also provides enterprise-level functions and features. The small startups may conveniently rely on WooCommerce Development Services, and start their online with less investment cost which could be expanded in future as required. The stores enable the sellers to sell physical, virtual, downloadable and the affiliated products too. All the business dimensions could be explored to the core with this simple yet the powerful plugin. The Power Of WordPress For Creating Business Websites. WordPress has come a long way.

The Power Of WordPress For Creating Business Websites

From a simple blogging platform to a versatile CMS, the evolutionary transition of this platform has been commendable. While it was used to create blogs, to begin with, WordPress is now being employed for building websites as well as mobile apps. And if these facts are not impressive enough, there are some top brand names that have the acclaimed platform behind them. These include the big ones such as eBay, Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Ford, Sony, Time Magazine, and more. Why WooCommerce is Good For E-Commerce Business. Looking to set up an e-commerce store?

Why WooCommerce is Good For E-Commerce Business

Well, WooCommerce and e-commerce make a great pairing. Expand Your Horizons with These Popular WordPress Multilingual Plugins. When you invest in creating quality content for your website, you would want it to reach to the maximum number of people.

Expand Your Horizons with These Popular WordPress Multilingual Plugins

Language can be a barrier as most of the content available online is in English. This means that a major proportion of world population is unable to access it (only 26% of internet users are native English speakers). The solution comes in the form of a multilingual website. Going Multilingual can Boost Business for your E-commerce Site. The advent of e-commerce has opened up the global market for businesses. In this scenario, it is vital to communicate with prospective customers to increase your market reach. When it comes to communication, language is the key. You cannot be just confined to English as only 26% of online users are native English speakers. Features That Your WordPress Theme Must Have. Wordpress Themes and Templates Customization Services India. WordPress Introduces VR and 360° Content for your Website. Virtual Reality is becoming popular everywhere, especially for e-commerce business.

The business persons today are imbibing the technology for their website and the mobile apps as well to allure more customers. The early birds who wish to experiment with VR content online have the way now with WordPress website too. WordPress, the most popular Content Management System (CMS) till date is deployed by several small-sized businesses for e-commerce.

As a sync with Christmas eve, the WordPress has accommodated Virtual Reality. It has released its new plugin (on December 16, 2016), which needs just a few lines of code for its integration. You are able to create and publish VR content on any of the WordPress site with this newly released plugin. The posts could be augmented with VR content just by uploading the content to the site and present it in either 360° or cinema mode and publish using the ‘vr’ shortcode. 8 Must-Have Marketing Extensions For Your Woocommerce Store. One of the prime needs of an e-commerce site is effective marketing. An e-commerce site which is not marketed well faces the possibility of low traffic and consequent failure. This makes it vital for an e-commerce venture to employ an effective marketing strategy and deploy functionalities which aid the strategy. 5 Essential Plugins For Your Wordpress Business Website.

WordPress Plugins to ease the user-experience for specially abled – WordPress Design and Development. Today, WordPress development in India and across the world is a rage. Mainly, because the platform boasts of numerous popular features like flexibility, extensibility, publishing tools, and easy user management. However, one of the lesser known features of the platform is its support to accessibility. In other words, your WordPress site can be made accessible to internet browsers who are suffering from any disability such as low vision or color blindness, hearing loss, limited movement, cognitive limitations or a combination thereof. WordPress offers guidelines to create a disabled-friendly theme on the basis of four principles including: Perceivable: A site must be easily perceivable to everyone.Operable: The site navigation should work under a variety of circumstances.Understandable: The site content and navigation should be easily understandable.Robust: The site should be easily read by assistive technologies.

Perceivable Operable. Incorporate Google's Translate Widget to your WordPress website for a wider reach. The good news for WordPress users is that Automattic, the company behind WordPress, has added a new widget to their CMS and it is powered by Google Translate. It would prove to be a great help to the bloggers and millions of other users who employ WordPress for their content management needs. This move would allow the administrator and the visitors to translate the websites’ content to more than a hundred different languages.

It would mean an easy flow of communication and a wider mass appeal owing to the large number of users who would be able to interact with the website easily. It is easy installing this new widget on your website and you can use it just minutes after installation. Can you utilize WordPress for your eCommerce store. Nearly 70% of all websites are built using WordPress, which account for more than 60 million installations. It is the most famous content management platform and is used by all types of industries, small and big, to manage their online forums. It is completely free and open source, with enormous contributions from its community. Wordpress Design and Development - Wordpress design & development. Blog. Today, blogging has become a profession for many. However, most professional bloggers start out as hobbyist bloggers. And while the blogging journey varies for different people, there are several stages of the journey when a blogger thinks of shifting from their existing blogging platform to a new one.

3 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Your WordPress Site – WordPress design and development. 6 Features That Your Wordpress Theme Must Have. 5 Ways To Welcome Your Blog Visitors This Diwali. Revamping your blog according to a festive season not only throws a warm welcome to visitors but also energizes your blog with cheerful newness. And since Diwali is around the corner, it’s time you dazzle your WordPress blog with some festive glitter.

Here are five ways which can help you render the much-cherished festive feel to your blog, this Diwali : Let A Pop-Up Do The Greeting Pop-ups are in. 4 Plugins That Can Optimize Your Website For Mobile Users. Mobile devices are fast emerging as the most favourite tool for internet browsing for a majority of us. Mostly, because of the comfort and convenience these devices stand for. However, unless your website is not optimized for mobile devices, mobile users cannot experience the desired comfort while browsing it, further, leading to an increased bounce rate. Why WordPress Is An Ideal Choice For Building Non-Profit Websites? Like any other organization, an NGO needs an online presence too. An NGO, though, needs to ensure that the development cost of building a website is a bare minimum.

Considering this need, a non-profit must choose a website building platform that offers minimum costs of development. Additionally, the platform must also offer themes and functionalities that are relevant to a not-for-profit organization. 2 Measures For Your Wordpress Website That You Must Not Ignore – Medium. Top Ten Reasons to Use WordPress for your Next Project. Sep 18, 2016 WordPress is the most popular Content Management System preferred by the bloggers, corporates, merchants, academicians, and so forth. Wordpress design and development: 5 Essential Plugins For Your Wordpress Business Website. 7 Measures That Can Get Your WordPress Website Good Search Engine Rankings. What Makes BuddyPress A Popular Way To Build A Social Network? WordPress Support Services: Why Should You Be Excited For The Upcoming Release of Wordpress 4.6?

Simple Tricks to Speed Up Your WordPress Website – PAPIYON. Custom WordPress Plugin Development Company India. PSD to WordPress Responsive Theme Design Service. Wordpress Development, Design and Customization Company in Gurgaon, India. Custom Wordpress Development. PSD to Wordpress Conversion Service. Wordpress Plugin Developers India.