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PVC Decking

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Do you want good quality PVC decking at an affordable price? WoodEvo offers you a wide range of PVC decking to elevate the look and functionality of your garden. Now call your friends and enjoy a good time grilling on the PVC deck installed by us.

PVC Decking | Best Decking | 03 90524788. 03 90524788 [email protected] 8 reasons to choose PVC decking for your space by admin_woodevo Dec 19, 2022 Having an outdoor deck adds special touch to your exterior space. Australian families love using outdoor decks for assorted celebrations. Table of Contents PVC decking: An alternative to wooden decks Wooden decks were once the most popular choice among Australian families. This decking is creatively designed for gardens keeping environment friendly factor in mind. . Why choose PVC decks over wooden decks? Planning to install a new deck at home? • High maintenance cost• Damage due to moisture and pressure• Less resistant to heat and water• Gets stains and scratches easily• Rotten corners and spaces of deck Also wooden decks smell bad and get slippery in rainy seasons because of the pressure of water on the surface of the decks.

On the contrary, if you use eco decking you can see a different outcome even after using it for years. Myths about PVC decks High cost decks- not always Quick Enquiry.