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Get your hands on the latest way to design your home. Wooden Street presents impressive range of home furnishings to reflect your style statement. Inspired by the top trends, our product range caters elegant and stylish options for furniture, home furnishings and home accessories. @

Wooden Street

Fabric Bed - Get Wapner Upholstered Bed Online India from Wooden Street. Kitchen Cabinets : Buy Beauford Kitchen Cabinet (Mahogany Finish) Online - Wooden Street. Chaise Lounge - Shop Crocus Chaise Lounge Online at Wooden Street. Woodenstreet.kinja. When it comes to furniture, a sofa is the biggest and permanent investment one has to face.


It is just like the purchase of a car. Even if you are buying one for temporary use, it will last long from your living room to the family room then to the basement and finally to the waste item room. There are different categories of sofa available based on styles , options, brands and much more. So when it comes to comparison with other sofas and with these categories 3 seater sofa wins the race. A comfortable, high quality and well feature three seater sofa is as much part of your living as other things in your life, and when you buy it right then, it will be something that brings a smile on your face daily.

Single all the way: An Overview of one Seater Sofas. Procurement One seater sofas in India, are a new trend and are thus available only at high-end furniture stores or online.

Single all the way: An Overview of one Seater Sofas

Buying one seater sofas online is more advisable versus offline procurement. Reason being, sofas available at high-end stores are quite exorbitant, and the seldom offered discounts are too small to make a significant difference. Transportation and installation are also chargeable. Design and style options available are limited. On the other hand, online forums offer a broad range of wooden and upholstered one seater sofas, crafted from premium quality wood, foam and fabric. Two seater sofas- sofa for two, with space of three – Home and Stuffs. Sofas are an investment which no one wants to regret after buying.

Two seater sofas- sofa for two, with space of three – Home and Stuffs

Different people have different tastes, preferences, lifestyle and budget. Depending on that, everyone wants a perfect piece. Two seater sofa is a popular choice for having larger comfort in a compact size. This is a stand alone piece of furniture which can be mixed up with a couple of things easily giving an ultra modern look. Home and Stuffs — An Essential Guide To Buy a Luxury Piece of... Dining Furniture Guide: To help you take a wise Decision – Home and Stuffs. Arguably the most crucial pieces of furniture during regular working days or during the holiday season are the dining room furniture.

Dining Furniture Guide: To help you take a wise Decision – Home and Stuffs

Whether they are present in the front or the corner or are positioned in the middle of a formal dining space, the dining room furniture sets are a gathering spot and are the focal point. But beyond being a standard furniture piece, the dining furniture needs to be sturdy as a rock, comfortably accommodating and, in some instances, even flexible in shape and size. Dining room sets are designed in an assortment of designs, which makes them very versatile. They add a sense of class and sophistication in the house. But there is a lot to consider when shopping for dining room furniture. Bring comfort and style to the living room with one seater sofa. Home and Stuffs — Make the most of the outdoor space with the...

Kids Study Room - Buy Study table for Kids Online. Magazine Rack: Buy Magazine Stand online in India at Low Price. Get Enthralling Hotel Furniture online at Wooden Street. What can we offer?

Get Enthralling Hotel Furniture online at Wooden Street

You name the type of furnishing you fancy, and there we are, with the extensive rationale and elegant solutions to make your hotel an ultimate “stay-cation Paradise”. Styles Choose your favorite style from a picturesque collection to boost the appearance of your hotel on the whole. Wood Keeping in mind, the durability and elegance, we offer a lucid collection of solid wood. Fabric To sprinkle life on the bold, lush wooden carvings, some exceptionally designed fabrics that we offer, are a must. First step towards child’s growth- Kids Bed – Home and Stuffs.

Whether its your toddler’s first bed or you are planning to re-decor your kid’s room, buying kids bed is an exhilarating experience.

First step towards child’s growth- Kids Bed – Home and Stuffs

Buying a kids bed is not as easy as it sounds like. There is a lot more to do than just going to the market or buy kids bed online. It is not at all just a simple purchase. While buying other furniture items, you need not think that much, as you are required to plan before buying a bed for kids. From bed time stories to late night pillow fights, most of the childhood memories of your kid wander around a bed.

Buy Study Chairs Online In India at Low Price. Stools and ottomans online with latest designs at Wooden Street. Embrace the outdoor space with Balcony Furniture. Almost every home has a balcony.

Embrace the outdoor space with Balcony Furniture

Even the smallest of the apartments have one. A balcony is a place which helps you in connecting with the surroundings with the comfort of your house. You need not step out of the house to enjoy monsoons, take a sunbath or just sit and relax on Sunday morning. Spending so much money on the whole interior and leaving the balcony empty is not a right decision. Bedroom Cabinet - Buy Bedroom Cabinet Online in India. Buy Balcony Sets Online In India at Low Price. Optimise the space efficiently with Kitchen Cabinets. Breakfast Tables - Buy Breakfast Bed Table Online India. Diverse Spectrum of Wine Racks to boost the party zeal inside your home. 1.

Diverse Spectrum of Wine Racks to boost the party zeal inside your home

Over the table holding style: This attractive, tabletop element iscreated to stack a small collection or more minor part of yourcollection of the table, while you dine or speak with your familymembers or guests. They artistically mold various imaginary shapes ofholdings for the limited number of wine bottles to be kept on thedisplay. These bottles, must be the best from your collections toforce your guests to be envious of your collection. It would bereadily available and convenient to grab the bottle and say cheers! 2. 3. 4. An essential guide to place wingback chair in a house: woodenstreet. Are you looking for the occasional chairs?

An essential guide to place wingback chair in a house: woodenstreet

Have browse all the furniture pieces for comfortable and stylish sitting but find none? Then not to worry because wing chairs are the most enduring piece of furniture that will solve all your problem. A wing back chair is also known as wing chair is a natural and traditional piece of the chair with wings rising from the armrest and meeting at the back at an angle of 90-degree or wider. This kind of chair is designed to protect the face and head from both cold drafts and heat of the fire. From functional to elaborate, wingback chairs are available in various styles, making the interior of the house a luxurious and stylish one. 1. 2.Entryway: Placing wingback chairs at the entry is the best signal for all guest who enters that comfortable and cosy house where they can sit and relax. 3. Buy Arm Chairs Online In India at Low Price. Bar stools: less on space, high on versatility, aka a living room must haves for every home: woodenstreet. Use of bar stools was so far limited to places like pubs and clubs.

Bar stools: less on space, high on versatility, aka a living room must haves for every home: woodenstreet

But the various options available, their designing and positioning versatility, have forced the world to sit up and take notice. Usage of bar stools is no longer restricted to bars and saloons. Since the turn of this decade, their domestic usage is now widespread. Bar stools are a type of narrow, high chairs. Buy Metal Chairs Online In India at Low Price. Storage Furniture - Buy Wooden Storage Furniture Online.

Living Cabinet Online : Buy Living Cabinet Online India. Home Design — Bring in a Velvet Sofa And Give your Home a Royal... Home improvement. Round Dining Sets - Buy Round Dining Table Online @ WoodenStreet. Computer Table :Upto 60% on Wooden computer table online in India. Bathroom Cabinets - Buy Bathroom Cabinet Online India. Kids Beds - Buy Wooden kids bed online India upto 60% off. Buy Balcony Chairs Online In India at Low Price. Buy Rugs And Carpets Online In India at Low Price. Upholstered Beds Buy Wagner Upholstered Bed Online at Wooden Street.

Wingback Chair - Sevilia Wing Chair Online in India @ Wooden Street. Making of Wingback Chair - Buy Wooden Coral Wing Chair @ Wooden Street. Double Bed - Buy Vanesa Poster Bed Teak Finish Online In India @ Wooden Street. Bed Online - Buy Harden Bed Without Storage Online @ Wooden Street. Double Bed - Melisandre Low Floor Double Bed Online @ Wooden Street.

Fabric Sofa - Buy Lucian Fabric Sofa with Center Stool Online. Wing Chair - Buy Sevilia Wing Chair Online in India @ Wooden Street. Bar Cabinet - Buy Robina bar cabinet Online In India @ Wooden Street. Bar Stool - Buy Auld Loft Bar Stool Online in India @ Wooden Street. Bar Cabinet - Buy Bosnia Bar Cabinet Online @ Wooden Street. Bar Cabinet - Buy Auric Bar Cabinet Online @ Wooden Street. Bar Stool - Buy Goofy Bar Stool Online In India @ Wooden Street. Bar Cabinet - Buy Zainey Bar Cabinet Online in India @ Wooden Street. Beds - Buy Swirl Bed Online In India @ Wooden Street. Bed online - Buy Damon Low Floor Bed Mahogany Finish In India @ Wooden Street. Bed - Buy Douglas Bed Teak Finish Online in India at best price from Wooden Street. Beds Online - Buy Lynet Bed Honey Finish Online In India @ Wooden Street.

Bed Without Storage - Buy Gayle Bed Without Storage Online @ Wooden Street. Single Bed - Buy Jude Single Bed Online @ Wooden Street. Wooden Beds of your choice with any style & budget. Bunk Beds Online - Buy Hercules Bunk Bed With Storage @ Wooden Street. Double Bed - Buy Pamela Double bed Online @ Wooden Street. Wooden Beds of your choice with any style & budget. Sofa Cum Bed - Buy Wooden Sofa Cum Bed Online and Get Space Saving Furniture For Compact Home. Sofa Cum Bed - Buy Betty Wooden Sofa Cum Bed Multi Utility & Space Saving Living Room Furniture. Kitchen Cabinets Online - Buy Foster Kitchen Cabinet Online @ Wooden Street. Cinch Bedroom Furniture ideas to make it the Best place to wake up to. Tips to Clean a Bar Trolley Much Lesser And use it a Way More – Medium. Cleaning is the most important and the most time-consuming task in our house. It is always easy to buy things and decorate our houses with the help of them, but it is a slightly more than twice as much difficult to sanitize them and make them look new-like each day.

However, this does not mean that we will have to stop decorating our home or stop buying things in our home that add a surplus to our convenience. . We must find some techniques and adopt them, and that make cleaning and maintenance a lot easier task. Since a bar area inside the home is mostly visited by the guests, which is why it demands to be cleaner. Bar trolley, which forms a crucial feature of the bar area in our home, must also be taken good care of so that our guests get a good impression of our lifestyle. So, following are some suggestions that can help you keep you bar trolley cleaner: Clear the counter-top: Make it a habit to keep the counter top clean as a mirror. Kids Bed - Buy Pearl Kids Bed Online and get new designs @ Wooden Street.

Sterling DIY ideas to decorate your kid’s Chairs. Just like any other important furniture product, kid’s chair too plays and essential role in adding sumptuous decor to our kid’s room. It is something that will define the comfort of our squad, which is why we must take care of it just the way we do for the rest of the furnishings in our home. Let your kids flaunt your creativity, in all the comfort and happiness. Children are small bundles of joy, and everything they possess naturally gets up-scaled on the cuteness meter, just because they use them.

Kids seriously love when they get gifted with the things that will completely belong to them, because this makes them feel like they are ‘grown ups’ and are responsible enough. Also, giving them their stuff is the best way to teach them how to act responsibly. So, kids Chairs, will not only get a fancy seat to your young ones but will also give them the feeling of pride for owning their furniture product. How to maintain the life of Mattresses over your trundle beds? It takes all your tears and hours of hard work, on trying to figure out the best kind of trundle bed for your room. But the struggle does not end here; we still have to run periodically for their cleaning and maintenance, to ensure their longevity. Despite all the effort we spend on buying the trundle beds or taking care of them, we can not deny that they serve us with the maximum space, comfort, and convenience. So, that keeps us going and continuing the use of this incredible piece of furniture.

But, not many of us know that there is a certain process that must be adopted and followed conventionally so that the whole tiring process of cleaning the trundle bed becomes easy and manageable in a matter of some time. Top 10 Most Influential Types Of Single Beds. Single beds come up to be the best solution when you do not have sufficient space for the double bed, or you have two children who share the same room, unwillingly to share the same bed. At Woodenstreet, you can find an assorted variety of single beds to quench the decor needs of your room, as well as to leave no stone unturned in providing uncompromising comfort. Beds, being an influential furniture product, demand a lot of vigilance and consideration to be undertaken, so that you do not end up having a huge sorry figure right at the center of your room. Take charge and select the wood quality, fabric type and the finish and dimensions all yourself, in short, get the furniture customized according to your usage.

Apart from doing all those, take a look at the beautifully architectural single beds, that might enliven up your room decor: 5 Beautiful Color Options To Embellish Your... Various Types of Raw Material used for making Garden Chairs. How To Choose Kitchen Cabinets That Spice Up Your Kitchen Space? UPHOLSTERED BEDS - Buy Upholstered Bed Online In India from Wooden Street. King Size Beds - Explore & Buy Valledor King Size Beds Online on Wooden Street. How Can You Take Care Of Your Kitchen Genie: Kitchen Trolleys? Kitchen trolleys have been a very crucial furniture product that has been successful in making its presence important, since invention. Only the people who use it on the regular basis can explain how simple it becomes to handle the kitchen and dining purposes, having a best design kitchen trolley by your side.

Many times, when we buy the furniture product for our homes, we tend to forget about its maintenance and just keep using it to make the most of it. But, some products, especially the furniture products that are placed inside the kitchen, need maintenance and cleaning, which would be a way to saying thanks to the ease they introduce in our lives because of their presence. In the kitchen, there is this lots of oil mark formation and grease accumulation, because of which germs get to stick to the furniture surface making it appear ugly and smelly.

Following are the basic and very general ways , following which, you can improve the life of your Kitchen Trolleys: Here Is Why It Is Important To Have Shoe Racks In Your Home - ashokswami's blog. Cleaning Tips For A Sheeny Shiny Chest of Drawers. Seriously, we can steal some time from our daily life schedule to realize how would we have managed the things we have managed so far, had there been no storage facility? Everything we own had been kept outside in open, always. Behance. Kids Furniture - Buy Premium quality Kids Furniture @ Wooden Street. Balcony Furniture - Buy Stylish Balcony Furniture at Wooden Street. Buy Bar Trolley Online India At Best price - WoodenStreet. Woodenstreet : An ideal companion on your furniture journey - ashokswami's blog. Wooden Street - Wooden Street. ​Chest of Drawers is usually kept at the corner of our rooms, which is why we often we tend to forget how crucial it is to maintain their look like we do with the other furniture items ion our home.

It would have been very difficult to store various small things that we can lose very easily, had there been no drawers. So, let us thank our old chest of drawers today and give them a new look on the whole: Fancy fabrics on the side of the drawers:If the entire wooden chest of drawer looks alright and not too much denting painting is required, then, in that case, one can make an action on the sides of the drawers that are visible only when the drawers open up. If the sides have worn out or have started looking dull, then you can use the printed fabrics and stick them on those sides, this can elevate the overall look of the chest of drawers. Outdoor furniture - Buy Stylish Outdoor Furniture at Wooden Street. Some Mandatory Things To Know Before Buying Corner Sofas. Benches Online - Shop for Bench Online in India @ Wooden Street. 20 Types Of Foam Used For Making Fabric Sofas, One Must Be Aware Of!

Dining Tables - Dining Tables Online in India at low prices @ Wooden Street. Some frequently pondered questions related to Trundle beds. How To Optimize Your Purchase Of Sofa Cum Beds? All you need to know about a pop-up trundle bed. Ever since human society has been established, the necessities and curiosity of a man have always helped him to rise his level of standards a higher each time. He has been working day and night for the betterment of the things he has and the life he lives. This unstoppable willingness for more and better has lead him to the discovery of trundle beds. But to make it even more convenient, Pop-up trundle beds came into existence. L Shaped Sofa Online - Buy Corner Sofas Online from Wooden Street. Fabric Sofa - Buy Stylish Fabric Sofa Online from Wooden Street. Trundle Beds: The best game changer of Beds without Storage. The trundle beds are very functional and very fashionable beds that have a wheeled bed underneath the main bed, so as to increase the bedding space on the floor.

The best part of having trundle beds is that you can roll back the coaster bed, underneath the main frame, if it is no longer in use. As the kids grow, there is always an increasing need of spare space inside the kid’s room, so as to facilitate the storage of his ever increasing number of books and clothes, or other items like kids chairs etc. And if you are fortunate to have two kids sharing the same room, then there are even more serious clashes regarding spaces inside the room. So, in that case, it becomes indispensable to make a way out, by reducing the usage of floor space to the minimum and making way for other things that are prior.

And there, trundle beds are a superb space-saving option, that expand as and when you need to increase the surface to sleep, and then can be folded back under the top bed. Fabric Sofas : Buy Nicolas Fabric Sofa Online from Wooden Street. Modern kitchen Cabinets : Buy Foster Kitchen... Bar Cabinet - Buy ABRIL BAR CABINET online @ Wooden Street. BAR CABINETS - Buy Wooden Bar Cabinets Online at Wooden Street. Bar Trolley - Buy Slany Bar Trolley Online @ Wooden Street.