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We are a professional large-scale manufacturer of wooden dummy , integrating development and production together. High quality wooden dummy, or called wing chun dummy, for Martial arts enthusiasts. Physical fitness for people of all ages. Free shipping worldwide FedEx or DHL.

Wooden Dummy For Sale - Oak Wood. Why struggle with technique when you can have a Wing Chun Wooden Dummy For Sale in your own home?

Wooden Dummy For Sale - Oak Wood

Using a dummy allows the practitioner to learn how to correctly position their body in relation to the opponent. This way both arms can be used simultaneously. It allows better judgment and correct distance. Your accuracy in a split second movement could make all the difference to you being able to escape an attacker or not. Kung Fu Wooden Dummy - Lychee Wood. The Kung Fu Wooden Dummy is great to teach timing and how to flow smoothly from one technique to another.

Kung Fu Wooden Dummy - Lychee Wood

This can make an enormous difference to the amount of work required to be successful. Wing Chun Kung Fu is a system that stresses the development of skill and co-ordination rather then strength and brute force. Wooden Dummy - Elm Wooden Arms. Most of us have heard the saying that practice makes perfect and in the case of Wing Chun you need something to practice on.

Wooden Dummy - Elm Wooden Arms

Humans get sick, bored, tired and can be unreliable. This never happens with a dummy. Kung Fu Wooden Dummy – Lychee Wood $980.00. LEARN MARTIAL ARTS BY USE OF KUNG FU WOODEN DUMMY. The Kung Fu wooden dummy is a phenomenal training gadget.


It toughens the arms for blocking, it toughens the palms for striking, and it is an adversary that never stops, however dependably loses. Sadly, it costs excessive, so here are two or three contrasting options to help the wooden dummy devotee. The kung Fu wooden dummy is well known in many martial arts, however the principle craftsmanship is Wing Chun Vying Stun) Gung Fu. This workmanship has drilled with the wooden man for the longest, and even has a complete structure for overwhelming it. Wooden Dummy For Sale. 来自 @giphy. Wooddummylychee's Site on Strikingly. Wooddummylychee's Portfolio. Wooddummy lychee on ReferralKey. Woodendummy for for Martial arts enthusiasts. by wooddummylychee1. Wooden Dummy For Sale. Where to Find The High Quality Wooden Dummy for Sale. LEARN MARTIAL ARTS BY USE OF KUNG FU WOODEN DUMMY on imgfave. An overview of wooden dummy for Chinese martial arts enthusiasts on imgfave. Wooden Dummy For Sale – Oak Wood on imgfave.

Check out new work on my @Behance portfolio: "The handful benefits of Wing Chun Training Dummy" Wooddummylychee (@wooddummylyche1)