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The Nerdbastards Christmas List- The Stuff You Want, The Things You Need and Everything You Can’t Have. Twas the morning of Christmas and all through the house,Shredded wrapping paper, lay, like a ripped teenage prom, blouse,The stockings were plundered, the treats were laid bare,Santa’s half eaten cookies and milk, sat just over there,The children were worn out, as still as the dead, While visions of next Christmas, danced in their heads We’ve all been there.

The Nerdbastards Christmas List- The Stuff You Want, The Things You Need and Everything You Can’t Have

Christmas morning, shredded wrapping paper litters the floor around you. Your fingers throbbing from paper cuts while you stare at the pile of presents in front of you as that last trickle of Christmas excitement sweat rolls down your back. Socks, Underwear, a box of betamax movies bought at a yard sale by your aunt because, “You like movies,” ten non-consecutive issues of Rom-Spaceknight, and a wall calendar that features “Cats throughout history.” While the flux-capacitor hasn’t been perfected and we can’t help you fix any past Christmases, maybe we can help you get this Christmas off to a good start. 1. 2.

Sumo Urban Lounge Gear: The Tome Show. Role Playing Public Radio's recorded RPG sessions. Role Playing Public Radio. RPPR Episode 98: I GM Therefore I Am News: Caleb and I will be at Fear the Con this year!

Role Playing Public Radio

We will both be running games and attending events there. I will be at PAX East this year, as part of Pixelscopic, showing off their new game, Delver’s Drop. (Have I mentioned I’m working on it? I totally am!) Synopsis: After reading the Angry DM’s article on the 8 types of fun, I thought it would be interesting to discuss our philosophies towards running games and what kind of fun we get out of it.

Shout Outs Snakehead: A fascinating book about the complexities of human smuggling from China to the United States.True Detective: This. Song: Load Bearing Fungus by Salkovich. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:39:44 — 68.5MB) Game Designer’s Workshop: Posthuman Studios Interview Back during Gencon 2013, Caleb and I hung out with the talented members of Posthuman Studios and talked about many a topic, including game design and the tabletop RPG industry.

The Linux Link Tech Show MP3 Feed. Forensic 4cast. CyberSpeak's Podcast. The Bear Swarm! Podcast. Geekson! The Linux Link Tech Show MP3 Feed. Technolust since 2005 » Episode 607 – Build a free SSL VPN on Linux or Windows. This time on the show, bypass restrictive firewalls with a free and open source virtual private network server for windows and linux that will have you connecting back to the home or office with just a web browser!

Technolust since 2005 » Episode 607 – Build a free SSL VPN on Linux or Windows

Download HD Download MP4 Download XviD Download WMV Thus far we’ve only spoken about implementing Virtual Private Networks using Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol. While PPTP is a ok protocol for secure tunneling, at least in my experience it comes with a few gotchyas. Namely firewalls. VPNs based on Secure Sockets Layer or SSL technologies are less encumbered by these restrictions. You can think of SSL VPNs as the Webmail of email.

SSL Explorer is a web based SSL VPN server. Windows Install Can be sorta tricky so Lars Werner made an awesome installer using NSIS-Installer. Download, Run, Next, next, next, install, next, Create certificate, Install Service, browse to from client, Login as admin and follow the certificate creation wizard. Install Java JDK and configure paths.