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Literary Visions. Due to licensing agreements, online viewing of the videos for this resource is restricted to network connections in the United States and Canada. 1.

Literary Visions

First Sight: An Introduction to Literature This overview introduces the course content and approach. 2. Ways of Seeing: Responding to Literature A focus on critical approaches to literature is presented by the scholars who will appear throughout the series. This program also previews selected dramatic scenes from upcoming programs and excerpts from the author interviews that highlight the series. 3. 4. 5. 6. Poetry Study Guides - SparkNotes. Anthology of English Literature. Free Diploma in English Language and Literature. Course Description The Diploma in English Language and Literature gives you the opportunity to gain comprehensive knowledge and understanding of important aspects of English language and literature.

Free Diploma in English Language and Literature

It is ideal for people who have always wanted to study English language and literature in greater detail, as well as learners who are studying English as a second language. The English language modules cover the fundamentals of grammar, effective speaking, and writing skills. The English literature modules analyze literature with an emphasis on renowned authors and poets, such as Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Arthur Miller and William Shakespeare. A qualification in this free online diploma course is the ideal way of demonstrating your proficiency in the English language.

To qualify for your official ALISON Diploma, Certificate or PDF you must study and complete all modules and score 80% or more in each of the course assessments. Shared English Lit Comp. American Passages - A Literary Survey. American Lit/Comp. MR. MURRAY'S VIRTUAL CLASSROOMS. Library of Congress Aesop Fables. Famous Edgar Allan Poe Stories Read by Iggy Pop, Jeff Buckley, Christopher Walken, Marianne Faithful & More Open Culture.

In 1849, a little over 167 years ago, Edgar Allan Poe was found dead in a Baltimore gutter under mysterious circumstances very likely related to violent election fraud.

Famous Edgar Allan Poe Stories Read by Iggy Pop, Jeff Buckley, Christopher Walken, Marianne Faithful & More Open Culture

It was an ignominious end to a life marked by hardship, alcoholism, and loss. After struggling for years as the first American writer to try and make a living from his art, and failing in several publishing ventures and positions, Poe achieved few of his aims, barely getting by financially and only managing to attract a little—often negative—notice for now-famous poems like “The Raven.” Contemporaries like Ralph Waldo Emerson disparaged the poem and a later generation of writers, including William Butler Yeats, pronounced him “vulgar.” Just above, hear a lesser-known poem by Poe called “Ulalume” read by Jeff Buckley, with an accompanying soundtrack of low, pulsing, vaguely Western-inspired music that well suits Buckley’s formal, rhythmic recitation.

Related Content: The Great Stan Lee Reads Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven” Teach This Poem. Poem Hunter. Study Guides and Strategies. Spotify Classic Audio Books. Here’s a little known tip.

Spotify Classic Audio Books

If you open Spotify, click “Browse” (in the left hand nav), then scroll way down to “Spoken Word,” you will find a number of free audiobook collections–readings by Sylvia Plath, Langston Hughes, and Dylan Thomas; old time crime and sci-fi dramas; a big H.P. Lovecraft compendium and more. But that way of navigating things really only scratches the surface of what Spotify has to offer. If you rummage around enough, you’ll find many quality recordings–everything from Christopher Lee reading Dracula and Frankenstein, to Kurt Vonnegut reading four of his novels, to a 68-hour playlist of Shakespeare’s plays being performed by legendary actors.

We’ve found 75+ recordings in recent months and gradually added them to our collection, 700 Free Audio Books: Download Great Books for Free. If you need Spotify’s free software, download it here. Looking for free, professionally-read audio books from Related Content: Katherine Mansfield House & Garden. Literature Learning Ladders. WebQuests provide an authentic, technology-rich environment for problem solving, information processing, and collaboration.

Literature Learning Ladders

This inquiry-based approach to learning involves students in tasks that make good use of Internet-based resources. A literature-based WebQuest uses a book(s) as a focal point for activities. Tasks might involve the theme, characters, plot, or setting of the book. Bernie Dodge developed the WebQuest concept back in the mid 1990s. To learn more about WebQuests, check out his website at Read Internet Expeditions: Exploring, Using, Adapting, and Creating WebQuests. Start by exploring the WebQuests that others have created. Literature-Rich Connections Whether you're adapting an exisitng WebQuest or building your own, consider the following areas to bring literature alive for learners. Characters Reflection of time & place Relationships Experiences & frustrations What would it be like to be? Plot Settings Combine Content Author Approaches Historical Fiction. Excellence in Reading - Mensa for Kids. This is just a sample…

Excellence in Reading - Mensa for Kids


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