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FIGHT CLUB Writer to Script Trent Reznor’s YEAR ZERO Miniseries at HBO. Last September, we learned that Nine Inch Nails frontman and composer Trent Reznor was going to turn his lyrics and music from his band’s album Year Zero into a TV series.

FIGHT CLUB Writer to Script Trent Reznor’s YEAR ZERO Miniseries at HBO

The album has been described as a musical chronicle that criticizes contemporary policies of the United States government by presenting a dystopian vision of the year 2022. We haven’t heard anything about the series since last year, but now THR has learned Fight Club screenwriter Jim Uhls will write the project which is now a miniseries set up at HBO and BBC Worldwide. When the project was first announced, Carnivàle writer Daniel Knauf was said to be writing the series, but apparently the job is now Uhls to take. If it has the same grit and tone as Fight Club, then this should be a great miniseries for HBO down the road.

The story takes place in the United States in the year 2022, which has been termed “Year 0″, by the American government, being the year that America was reborn. Year Zero : le scénariste de Fight Club planche sur la minisérie adaptée de l’album de NIN. HBO et BBC Worldwide Productions ont choisi Jim Uhls, le scénariste de ‘Fight Club’ pour développer la minisérie, ‘Year Zero’, adaptée de l’album conceptuel éponyme de Trent Reznor de Nine Inch Nails, sorti en 2007.

Year Zero : le scénariste de Fight Club planche sur la minisérie adaptée de l’album de NIN

Celui qui a récemment décroché un Oscar avec Atticus Ross pour la bande originale de The Social Network continue donc de convertir le tout-Hollywood à son univers. Il poursuit en parallèle sa collaboration avec David Fincher et se charge actuellement de la bande son de l’adaptation du premier volet de la trilogie de Stieg Larsson, Millenium l’homme qui n’aimait pas les femmes, qui sera écrite par Steven Zaillian (La Liste de Schindler, American Gangster). Dans le trailer dévoilé début juin sur la toile, on découvrait un premier aperçu de son nouveau travail avec Karen O. de Yeah Yeah Yeahs sur la reprise d’Immigrant Song de Led Zeppelin (voir notre article).

Articles sur le même thème. [the official nine inch nails website] Nine Inch Nails iPhone App. Sometimes it isn’t necessity that breeds invention, but boredom.

Nine Inch Nails iPhone App

In a blog article by Wired magazine, musician Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) explains how he came up with the idea to use a twitter iPhone application to upload and broadcast photo and video footage from his concert tours for avid fans while waiting impatiently to go on stage. It was then that Reznor realized fans were doing their own photo and video sharing via social media networks. He collaborated with Apple, Inc. to design a twitter-like application specifically for Nine Inch Nail fans. The free application has a tentative release date of April/May 2009. Fans will be able to tweet to one another and share photos in the twitter-like feed. According to Wired, “over the past year, has quietly evolved into a series of interlocking services designed to deliver maximum benefit to the fans at minimal expense to the artist.

What are the issues at stake? The biggest issue that Reznor faces is his strive for freedom. NIN Google Earth: In The Drain Pipe. What a night!

NIN Google Earth: In The Drain Pipe

Last night I read about some crazy NIN Google Earth geocache adventure where a lucky fan found a pass to a private dress rehearsal NIN concert scheduled for next week before the upcoming Lights In The Sky tour. The Nine Inch Nails Google Earth map shows all the announced tour dates and updates them automatically. Download it at It updated on the 4th of July with a "? " in Burbank and the words "Under the rock. " After I got home tonight, I pulled up the NIN KML on Google Earth to see if there was another question mark. Holy shit! Jumped in the car. We parked, jumped out of the car and ran. We kept running. Kept running. We took off again. I jumped down in the ditch, not knowing how far I'd fall or what I'd be landing in. There was a drain! I broke out my cell phone to use as a flashlight to see inside. I couldn't believe it. TTRNIN - Tapulous - Social Apps for iPhone.