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Theme: Graphene and salt charge. Sea salt graphene conductivity - Szukaj w Google. Pouring Saltwater Over Graphene Generates Electricity. Graphene's love affair with water: Water filters allow precise and fast sieving of salts and organic molecules. Graphene has proven itself as a wonder material with a vast range of unique properties. Among the least-known marvels of graphene is its strange love affair with water. Graphene is hydrophobic -- it repels water -- but narrow capillaries made from graphene vigorously suck in water allowing its rapid permeation, if the water layer is only one atom thick -- that is, as thin as graphene itself. This bizarre property has attracted intense academic and industrial interest with intent to develop new water filtration and desalination technologies. One-atom-wide graphene capillaries can now be made easily and cheaply by piling layers of graphene oxide -- a derivative of graphene -- on top of each other. The resulting multilayer stacks (laminates) have a structure similar to nacre (mother of pearl), which makes them also mechanically strong.

Now the same team led by Dr Rahul Nair and Prof Andre Geim has tested how good the graphene membranes are as filters for liquid water. Theme: Data visualization (DVT) Data visualizations dimensions measures - Szukaj w Google. Fidget visualize - Szukaj w Google.

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Theme: Interesting Strategy Sim. Simcountry: Welcome to the simcountry virtual worlds. Please login or join. Supremacy 1914 - The World War I real-time strategy browsergame. Astro Empires - Gratis webbaserat MMO rymdstrategispel. BattleMaster. In BattleMaster, you play one or more medieval nobles, knights who lead units of common soldiers into battle. The game is played entirely through your browser, and many events happen turn-based. There are two turns every day, one called sunrise and one called sunset. Travel, battles, tax collection, elections and many other things happen at the turns. The time inbetween is for giving orders and doing many smaller actions, such as training or recruiting more soldiers. There is an intense and important political aspect to the game. Inside a realm, players struggle for power and promotion, such as becoming one of the few dukes of the realm. Realms, in turn, fight wars and build alliances, in an effort to survive and grow.

Getting Started Our Wiki contains a special introduction for new players. We also have two tutorials. Available Help Since BattleMaster is, despite being easy on your time, a very complex game, we provide many kinds of help to make it easy for you to play. Player Support.

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Theme: Lexical describing of music. 20th WCP: Music, Emotion and Language: Using Music to Communicate. There has yet to be a culture discovered which lacks music. Making music is seen historically to be as fundamental as the characteristically human activities as drawing and painting. Many even go so far as to compare music to language and claim that music functions as a "universal language. " But it is rarely the same music, however, that all peoples respond to. What is it that we are responding to when we listen to music? Strictly speaking, music is not a language, (1) because it has neither outside referents nor easily detectable meaning. Aristotle explained 2500 years ago that music is mimetic or imitative. (5) Imitative of what? In order to understand what the basis is of our emotive responses to music, we must begin with an account of how the emotions work. What we need is an object toward which our emotion can be directed. How is it that we are moved by anything other than an event, object or person that can serve as an intentional object for our emotion?

We have two options. Describing music – in words and sound | The Cross-Eyed Pianist. Note to readers: this post started out as a consideration of the way we write about music, but has morphed into something rather more fanciful and personal. Now read on….. This week, I signed up to The Musical Adjectives Project, the aim of which is to collect and categorise adjectives to “create a reference to aid pianists and musicians in describing and understanding the emotions and character within repertoire.” As a writer as well as a musician, this interests me greatly. Describing music can be tricky, trying to convey the meaning of the music, the emotional content or what it feels like, physically, to play a certain piece is not an easy task. Thinking about the descriptive words one might apply to a piece in one’s head while considering the music can actually aid the learning process, and can help one conceive of the sound one wishes to produce. Or how about nature and the weather?

Why not try this exercise on some of the music you are working on? Playful With a Hint of Brooding. Non-technical words to describe music. Online tools and applications - Go2web20. Web Application Index Home. STORM Web responsive design & development | ecommerce | content management | web hosting & domains. What is Web 2.0. What is Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)? - Definition from Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is a method of building interactive applications for the Web that process user requests immediately. Ajax combines several programming tools including JavaScript, dynamic HTML (DHTML), Extensible Markup Language (XML), cascading style sheets (CSS), the Document Object Model (DOM), and the Microsoft object, XMLHttpRequest. Ajax allows content on Web pages to update immediately when a user performs an action, unlike an HTTP request, during which users must wait for a whole new page to load.

For example, a weather forecasting site could display local conditions on one side of the page without delay after a user types in a zip code. Google Maps is one well-known application that uses Ajax. The interface allows the user to change views and manipulate the map in real time. Ajax applications do not require installation of a plug-in, but work directly with a Web browser.

Ajax is not a proprietary technology or a packaged product. Email Alerts. Web 2.0 mind mapping software - Szukaj w Google. Web 2.0. November 2005 Does "Web 2.0" mean anything? Till recently I thought it didn't, but the truth turns out to be more complicated. Originally, yes, it was meaningless. Now it seems to have acquired a meaning. I first heard the phrase "Web 2.0" in the name of the Web 2.0 conference in 2004. So I was surprised at a conference this summer when Tim O'Reilly led a session intended to figure out a definition of "Web 2.0. " Origins Tim says the phrase "Web 2.0" first arose in "a brainstorming session between O'Reilly and Medialive International. " I don't think there was any deliberate plan to suggest there was a new version of the web. And they were right. The story about "Web 2.0" meaning the web as a platform didn't live much past the first conference.

And yet, oddly enough, Ryan Singel's article about the conference in Wired News spoke of "throngs of geeks. " Well, no. "Oh, that's Tim. I wouldn't quite call it "Bubble 2.0" just because VCs are eager to invest again. 1. 2. 3. The Common Thread Notes. WebStorm 7 — Everything you need, at your fingertips, without compromise. WebStorm 7 provides new tools to keep up with the latest and greatest web development innovations, helping you get more out of new technologies every day. Major Additions JavaScript Templates Support for EJS is now available in WebStorm 7. Enjoy EJS-specific syntax highlighting, typing assistance, formatting, and much more. WebStorm now understands .mustache and .hbs files and provides formatting and syntax highlighting for Handlebars and Mustache templates, as well as automatic tag closing.

WebStorm 7 has initial support for the cutting-edge technology Web Components. Of course, you will also have full assistance with JavaScript and HTML while working on these templates. Stylesheets and JavaScript WebStorm 7 comes with basic support for Stylus stylesheet language. Code completion formatting syntax highlighting automatic compilation to CSS For a more complete experience with Sass, there is now support for Compass. Built-in Tools Major Improvements IDE Improvements Versions History WebStorm 6.0. JetBrains :: World's Leading Vendor of Professional Development Tools.