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Inside Pakistan's drone country. 3 October 2012Last updated at 19:42 ET By Ahmed Wali Mujeeb BBC News, Waziristan Pakistan's tribal region of Waziristan, constantly watched and regularly bombarded by US military drones, has been called the most dangerous place on earth.

Inside Pakistan's drone country

The relentless assault exacts a huge psychological toll on the people who live there. The US missile-attacks destroy militant training compounds and cars but they also hit mosques, homes, religious schools and civilian vehicles. I witnessed the fear, stress and depression this causes for the tribal communities on a visit to the region in May. The drones do not suddenly appear over the horizon, carry out the attack and leave. They call them "mosquitoes". Continue reading the main story. Imran Khan Protest Convoy Against US Drones Heads toward Waziristan, Pakistan. Charismatic Pakistani opposition politician, Imran Khan, set out Saturday from Islamabad in a motorized convoy for a mobile protest by his Justice Party against continued US drone strikes on the tribal belt in northern Pakistan.

Imran Khan Protest Convoy Against US Drones Heads toward Waziristan, Pakistan

His convoy, made up of all sorts of vehicles, was also joined by activists from Lahore and other cities. A group of semi-official bodyguards, the “Janissaries of Imran,” intended to provide security. Imran Khan is a Panjab-born former cricketer and Pakistani nationalist of a relatively secular bent. His ex-wife is Jemima Goldsmith, a Briton of Jewish heritage. Empire’s Ways of Knowing. During the run up to the invasion of Afghanistan, three burly American classmates jeered at me.

Empire’s Ways of Knowing

They said, “We’re gonna kill Osama.” Presumably, I would be especially aggrieved at Osama’s death, since I am a Muslim, and therefore, an Osama sympathizer if not also a bomb-carrying terrorist. My classmates were full of assurance and triumphalist pride. They said: “We can hit even a coffee mug in a cave.” The cave stood for where I am from, the enemy territory, the blank space on the map, the primitive place.

US / Pakistan relations...

To sort... Pakistan - curators... Brothers - Working Mans Death. Filmmaker: Michael Glawogger "Work is often difficult to see, and therefore difficult to depict.Physical labour is probably the only real kind of work.

Brothers - Working Mans Death

"Michael Glawogger In today's technological age is heavy manual labour disappearing or is it just becoming invisible? Physical work was once celebrated with hymns of praise. The Seen and the Unseen In Pakistan's Economy. Pakistan: Reading / Resources. Pakistan 'punished' in Pipelineistan.

THE ROVING EYE Pakistan 'punished' in Pipelineistan By Pepe Escobar Before the end of 2011, Pakistan will start working on its stretch of the IP (Iran-Pakistan) gas pipeline - according to Asim Hussain, Pakistan's federal minister for petroleum and natural resources.

Pakistan 'punished' in Pipelineistan

The 1,092 kilometers of pipeline on the Iranian side are already in place. IP, also known as "the peace pipeline", was originally IPI (Iran-Pakistan-India). Although it badly needs gas for its economic expansion, faced with immense pressure by the George W Bush - and then Barack Obama - administrations, India still has not committed to the project, even after a nearly miraculous agreement for its construction was initialed in 2008. C. Christine Fair: The Road From Abbottabad Leads to Lame Analysis. Enough fresh ink has been spilled about the harrowing straits through which the U.S.

C. Christine Fair: The Road From Abbottabad Leads to Lame Analysis

-Pakistan relationship is passing. While cooler heads such as Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States Husain Haqqani and U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates are seeking to explain to audiences at home and abroad the importance of the relationship, the genuine challenges that inhere in the bilateral partnership, and imagine a workable path forward; many other commentators have taken the recent events in Pakistan as an opportunity to stoke further anger and mistrust between the wary governments and their peoples.

While the Pakistani press is rife with caricatures of U.S. policy, distorted versions of history, and outright falsehoods, American journalists are capable of equal chicanery. Mr. His piece commences with a dramatic reference to rape -- not as a crime but as a punishment -- and honor killing. What are these "forces" that killed Benazir Bhutto? Mr. Pakistanis -- more than Mr. C. Drone War Exposed – the complete picture of CIA strikes in Pakistan. Pakistani villagers at funeral of drone victim – December 29 2010- AP CIA drone strikes have led to far more deaths in Pakistan than previously understood, according to extensive new research published by the Bureau.

Drone War Exposed – the complete picture of CIA strikes in Pakistan

Some 175 children are among at least 2,347 people reported killed in US attacks since 2004. There are credible reports of at least 392 civilians among the dead. In a surprise move, a counter-terrorism official has also released US government estimates of the numbers killed. These state that an estimated 2,050 people have been killed in drone strikes to mid-August – of whom all but an estimated 50 are combatants. Fresh evidence of CIA civilian deaths in Pakistan revealed. Local people gather at the site of an October 2010 drone attack in North Waziristan/ Noor Behram Two major investigations have provided fresh evidence that civilians are continuing to be killed in Pakistan’s tribal areas by CIA drones – despite aggressive Agency denials.

Fresh evidence of CIA civilian deaths in Pakistan revealed

In a study of ten major drone strikes in Pakistan since 2010, global news agency Associated Press deployed a field reporter to Waziristan and questioned more than 80 local people about ten CIA attacks.