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Empire - US Democracy: The Power of Money. Infographic: What's the Cost of Getting Into Congress? (Scaling) Wal-Mart took part in lobbying campaign to amend anti-bribery law. The effort has intensified in the past two years, drawing on the backing of several large companies and trade groups such as the Retail Industry Leaders Association, where one of Wal-Mart’s top executives serves as a director.

Wal-Mart took part in lobbying campaign to amend anti-bribery law

It also has involved high-powered lobbyists, including former attorney general Michael B. Mukasey. The 1977 law, known as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, prohibits U.S. companies from offering fees or gifts to foreign officials to advance corporate interests. There is no evidence that suggests Wal-Mart participated in the Chamber’s efforts because of its problems in Mexico. But even as the company has pledged zero tolerance for corruption around the globe, it has been a party to an effort that, some advocacy groups argue, would eviscerate the Watergate-era anti-corruption statute. When the GOP Tried to Ban Dark Money. For a brief moment a decade ago, it was Republicans who wanted disclosure of anonymous political donations that Democrats now decry.

When the GOP Tried to Ban Dark Money

Last month, when House Democrats introduced [1] the DISCLOSE 2012 Act to try to stop the flow of secret "dark money" into the electoral process, it marked an ironic twist. A decade ago, it was Republicans who were pushing for disclosure of donors to nonprofit social welfare groups who are now pouring millions into political attack ads and House Democrats who opposed them. Now the parties have exchanged positions. The groups in question are nonprofits known as [2] 501(c)(4)s, after the section of the tax code that describes them. The best-known of the newer c4's are the Karl Rove-affiliated Crossroads GPS [3], which last year raised a $33 million war chest to support Republicans, and the Obama-affiliated Priorities USA [4], which is expected to play a similar role for the president.

Double Standards Galore. I happened to be flying on American Airlines the morning after the company declared bankruptcy.

Double Standards Galore

Exactly nothing bad happened to my flight. Nobody passed the hat to buy aviation fuel.

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The Man Behind Citizens United Is Just Getting Started. Photo: Jay Fram IN JANUARY 2008, James Bopp got laughed out of court—literally.

The Man Behind Citizens United Is Just Getting Started

The white-haired lawyer from Terre Haute, Indiana, was appearing before a federal three-judge panel in Washington, DC, to argue that his client, a small conservative nonprofit named Citizens United, should be able to air Hillary: The Movie on on-demand TV during the Democratic presidential primaries. Citizens United had produced the film to show that Hillary Clinton was a "European socialist" and ruthless political schemer—a cross between Machiavelli and Lady Macbeth who "looks good in a pantsuit," as Ann Coulter put it in the movie. How Dependent are Super PACs on Top Contributors?

Not so super PACs. Are the new funding groups bad for democracy?

Not so super PACs

Photo: matthileo How much does money matter in a democracy? Just 200 rich individuals, each contributing an average of $500,000, are responsible for over half the $182m donated to Super PACs. These fundraising vehicles came into existence two years ago, after the Supreme Court ruled restrictions on the amount of money given to political organisations violated the first amendment right to free speech. The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision has led to an explosion of campaign spending.

Photograph by Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty Images.

The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision has led to an explosion of campaign spending

Most of what you hear about Citizens United v. FEC is negative. By opening the door for corporations to spend unlimited sums in elections and to allow for the creation of super PACs, the Supreme Court has made a campaign finance system that was already flooded with money much worse. But Citizens United obviously has its defenders, and they have advanced a number of arguments to try to blunt criticism of the Supreme Court’s controversial decision: The public actually learns from the flood of negative advertising coming from these super PACs; super PACS increase competition; The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision didn’t create super PACs, so stop blaming the court for the flood of dollars and the negative campaign ads they buy.

The Dark Money Shakedown. This story first appeared on the TomDispatch website.

The Dark Money Shakedown

A bit over an hour into the five-hour drive across the ferrous red plateau, heading south toward Uganda's capital Kampala, suddenly, there's the Nile, a boiling, roiling cataract at this time of year, rain-swollen and ropy and rabid below the bridge that vaults over it. If Niagara Falls surged horizontally and a rickety bridge arced, shudderingly, over the torrent below, it might feel like the Nile at Karuma.

Naturally, I take out my iPhone and begin snapping pics. On the other side of the bridge, three soldiers standing in wait in the middle of the road, rifles slung over their shoulders, direct my Kampalan driver Godfrey and me to pull over. "You were photographing the bridge," one of them announces, coming up to my open window. Sugar Daddies. Larry McCarthy, Mitt Romney, and Restore Our Future Super PAC. Editor’s note appended.

Larry McCarthy, Mitt Romney, and Restore Our Future Super PAC

Mitt Romney, in his struggle to wrap up the 2012 Republican nomination for the Presidency, has presented himself as an outsider. During an exchange with Newt Gingrich, the former Speaker of the House, at a recent Republican debate, Romney declared that “to get this country out of the mess it’s in” Americans need leaders “from outside Washington, outside K Street.” One television ad by Romney supporters makes the same argument against Rick Santorum, the former Pennsylvania senator, calling him “the ultimate Washington insider” while showing his face in front of an image of the Capitol dome.

Romney, unlike the remaining Republican candidates, has served no time in Washington. The road to political dictatorship. John Weeks: The economic power of Wall St., if not restrained, will lead to political dictatorship - Bio John Weeks is Professor Emeritus of the University of London and author of the forthcoming book, The Economics of the 1%: How mainstream economics serves the rich, obscures reality and distorts policy.

the road to political dictatorship

His recent policy work includes an supplemental unemployment program for the European Union and advising the central banks of Argentina and Zambia. Transcript. Is US democracy being bought and sold. Has money corrupted US politics beyond repair?

Is US democracy being bought and sold

The landmark Supreme Court case Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruled that individuals working through corporations, unions, or independent political action committees, known as SuperPACs, could make unlimited campaign contributions. Now, candidates can depend on a handful of the wealthy in America to fund their campaigns even when they lack strong grassroots support. The Corruption Of Our Entire Political Class Explained In One Paragraph. Ari Berman: The politics of the super rich. Guess The Politician... And Follow The Money. A few days ago we presented a roster of the top contributors to Mitt Romney's 2012 presidential campaign as reported by OpenSecrets. Today we have done the same for two other candidates, representing two previous election cycles: 2008 and 2004. The first table shows Romney's key contributors to date. The other two are the blacklined candidates.

No One Is Above the Law, Even Megabanks. Simon Johnson, the former chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, is the co-author of “13 Bankers.” The American ideal of equal and impartial justice under law has repeatedly been undermined by attempts to concentrate power. Our political system has many advantages, but it also provides motive and opportunity for resourceful people to become so strong they can elude the legal constraints that bind others. The most obvious example is the oil and railroad trusts at the end of the 19th century. Tom Ferguson: The Devil and Rick Santorum – Dilemmas of a Holy Owned Subsidiary. By Thomas Ferguson, Professor of Political Science at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. He is the author of many books and articles, including Golden Rule: The Investment Theory of Party Competition and the Logic of Money-Driven Political Systems. Cross posted from Alternet The father of the Investment Theory of Politics reveals what pundits miss in the GOP’s failure to lead its own electorate and its evangelical problem.

Election night in Iowa was a heavenly moment for Rick Santorum. The Second Gilded Age: Has America Become an Oligarchy? - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International. At first, the outraged members of the Occupy Wall Street movement in New York were mainly met with ridicule. They didn't seem to stand a chance and were judged incapable of going up against their adversaries, Wall Street's bankers and financial managers, either intellectually or in terms of economic knowledge. "We are the 99 percent," is the continuing chant of the protestors, who are now in their seventh week of marching through the streets of Manhattan. And, surprisingly, they have hit upon the crux of America's problems with precisely this sentence.

Indeed, they have given shape to a development in the country that has been growing more acute for decades, one that numerous academics and experts have tried to analyze elsewhere in lengthy books and essays. It's a development so profound and revolutionary that it has shaken the world's most powerful nation to its core. Jeffrey Sachs: Paul Ryan, American Values, and Corporatocracy. My new book, The Price of Civilization, describes why America needs a "mixed economy," one where a more effective federal government regulates business and invests alongside the business sector. In his review of my book, Congressman Paul Ryan, an avowed libertarian, describes my book as anti-American in its values. Ryan is wrong: my book describes how we can restore politics to the true mainstream of American values, rescuing democracy from the clutches of corporate power that Ryan champions in deeds if not in words. Barack Obama Has, on Average, Attended a Fundraiser Every Five Days in 2011.

Jeff Connaughton: Obama and the Rule of Law.


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