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Data Sources - Economy and Social Issues. 2011: Year of the Currency Intervention. European sovereign debt crisis and fears of a worldwide economic slowdown have led to Central banks around the world to try to “rescue their beleaguered currencies” in 2011.

2011: Year of the Currency Intervention

Selling dollar reserves, lowering interest rates, and enacted new regulations are all part of an unprecedented series of protectionist currency interventions in emerging markets. Currency Intervention Anyone? Click for larger graph. The Best of CBPP Graphs: Guideposts on the Road Back to Factville. My CBPP colleagues contributed many important graphics to the debates of 2011 in lots of different areas, including fiscal, poverty, inequality, health care, and more. But which ones to highlight in this end-of-year look back at the best of 2011? I generally used a market test: these are the ones that were most widely circulated. Tiny bits of commentary where necessary, though more importantly, I’ve tried to provide links to the underlying docs. Arm yourselves with the knowledge herein, and you’ll be immune to the fact-free hand-waving that too often passes for debate these daze.

Think of them not as wonky graphs, but as guideposts on the road back to the land where facts matter. Summer Reading: Top charts for 2011 - Today’s Summer Reading collates the most interesting and provoking charts posted on MacroBusiness throughout 2011: First we have Rumplestatskin’s chart comprising the real (adjusted for inlation) after tax – RAT – returns on term deposits for Australian investors, showing have savers have been punished for over 10 years: As The Unconventional Economist shows, this secular shift in lower rates and thus savings has now reversed back to the long term trend – but will rates?

Summer Reading: Top charts for 2011 -

The Prince then showed US military expenditure since 2001: Rumplestatskin shows why a Sovereign Wealth Fund, modelled off the Norwegian version, is not a current (sic) option for Australia just yet: Delusional Economics back in August showed how Australia’s housing market was in a slow melt, which has continue apace throughout the year, contrary to pundit’s expectations: ECB Statistical Data Warehouse. DATA. Data. DataSources for Vis. Knowledge & deep Search engine. Browsing the web of data. The art of data visualization. Statistical Data.