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We bring unique IDEAS for the intellectual Entrepreneur in you! Facebook Twitter Top 5 Tips To Increase Google Plus Following Top 5 Secrets Behind Robin Sharma’s Success The Correct Way To Achieve Work Life Balance Top 16 Ways To Get Natural Links To Your Website Best Quotes From Warren Buffett Which Platform To Choose To Run Your Website? What Is Analytics? What Is BIG Data? How A Small Unknown Startup Became The BIGGEST Name In Computer History? Next Page» Sign up for the 80-20 Blog daily email, and never miss out on our most popular stories. 5 Tools to Help You Earn a Bigger Content Marketing Budget in 2015. As the leaves begin to change and pumpkins begin their annual takeover of, well... just about everything, so too comes every marketer’s favorite time of the year: planning your 2015 marketing budget!

5 Tools to Help You Earn a Bigger Content Marketing Budget in 2015

If you’re like most B2B marketers, your content marketing efforts are slated to get a larger share of your marketing pie next year. As CMI’s recent 2015 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends report found, 70% of B2B marketers are already creating more content than they did last year and all signs point to the trend continuing. Community feedback: asking is just the beginning. This morning in the always fast-paced tweet chat run by Buffer, an interesting topic came up that I feel is often overlooked by community builders and brands.

Community feedback: asking is just the beginning

The subject of the conversation was Nir Eyal‘s Hook Model, which essentially helps brands build habit-forming products. A question was raised concerning how to figure out the current pain points of users of a platform or product, and the number one answer, of course, was to “ASK!!!” Asking is, of course, the first part of the answer to this question, but it certainly isn’t the only one; and I don’t even think it’s the most important one. Having led community input efforts for’s redesign last year, I learned the importance of the next two steps of the community feedback loop. 1. It’s still important to address the fact that you can and should be asking your community about some of the pain points they’re facing with your product. 2. Some might call this step “listen.” 3. You asked, you listened, you even engaged. 6 Ways to Enrich Content and Media Online. Mmmmm, richness.

6 Ways to Enrich Content and Media Online

Media richness is defined as a reduction of ambiguity. Whereas text can be misinterpreted, images and videos provide more concise delivery of information. In an era when the average person skims content for the juiciest and most useful bits, companies have to say more with less and be very direct with content. Your web-using customer base prefers websites that specifically limit content length to six-second videos or 140-character posts, so your content should achieve brevity.

Try offering more videos, better images, and cooler media in accordance with your online presence if you’d like to reap significant benefits. Benefits of media richness It can be costly and time-consuming to up the ante on image quality, video production, and other items, but odds are the benefits will soar for customers and skyrocket for you. 1. Images and videos offer another opportunity for a gold star on Google’s algorithmic grading scale. 2.

The bottom line for most web users is convenience. 3. 3 Key Take-Aways for Content Marketers From the 2015 CMI/MarketingProfs Benchmark. “This is the fifth year that MarketingProfs and Content Marketing Institute have put together this report on how marketers use content in their marketing mix.

3 Key Take-Aways for Content Marketers From the 2015 CMI/MarketingProfs Benchmark

With changes in the industry, the report may look a little different than you remember.” Source: Content Marketing is being adopted very quickly, especially by B2B Marketers. The Content Marketing Institute together with MarketingProfs published this great report that gives many enlightening facts about the key challenges they face and how they resolve them. Among other great findings, here’s what I found particularly interesting: 1. Of course, there is not a single answer to that question but 59% of B2B Marketers publish either weekly or more often. 42% say they publish new content every day or several times a week.

The 5 Basic Landing Pages Every Content Marketer Should Consider Having. This infographic does a good job at describing 5 basic types of landing pages you might consider for your content strategy.

The 5 Basic Landing Pages Every Content Marketer Should Consider Having

Why should you use landing pages for content marketing anyway? Landing pages are a powerful way to generate leads because: 1. They help segment your audience by aligning it with a specific message. For example, we drive our own audience interested specifically in using content curation for WordPress to this page which also receives search traffic. 2. 3. 4.