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Find NFL Games with PlayOn/Roku As valuable as I've found it to cut the cord and switch to using a Roku player, it's no secret to sports fans like myself that live sports such as the NFL are hard to come by. Fortunately, if you have the PlayOn channel, you can actually find your favorite NFL team's games without paying an additional fee. The streams won't be in high definition, but it's sure worth watching, especially if your favorite team was rarely ever featured on paid cable or your local NFL affiliates! Install PlayOn Scripts The first thing to do after purchasing PlayOn (more details about that in this article) is to go to the PlayOn Scripts website. Find NFL Games with PlayOn/Roku
Roku-GoogleTV-PlayOn Channel List: Playon Channel Information Add Channel Code: MYPLAYONChannel Category: Internet TV Submitted: 2011/03/05Verified: 2013/12/30 Requires PC activation of channel: No Roku-GoogleTV-PlayOn Channel List: Playon
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Dad's Army - The Test - Part 1
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