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Aryabhata Astrology In Ancient India. (आर्यभट्ट) is counted among the world's greatest Astronomers. (476-550 CE) was born in Kusumapura or Pataliputra (today's Patna).

Aryabhata Astrology In Ancient India

At that time there were so many countries of the world who did not even know the true meaning of mathematics. At the same time, Aryabhata presented the mysteries of the universe in front of the world. The first person to tell about the relation of the earth and the sun was Aryabhata. However, Nicolaus Copernicus is credited with solving the mysteries of the Sun and Earth in science.

But Aryabhata had solved this secret thousands of years ago. Had said: - 1 Kalpa = 14 Manvantara. 1 Manvantara = 72 Mahayuga. 1 Mahayuga = 4 Yuga (Satya, Kali, Treta, Dwapara). revolves around 1,58,22,37,500 times in the Mahayuga. All these things show how great was astronomer Aryabhata. History Of Yugas. The Four Yugas Of Hinduism As we all know there are four Yugas:

History Of Yugas

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. History Of Hinduism. Nizam Of Hyderabad. You must have heard the name of Nizam-UL-Mulk.

Nizam Of Hyderabad

The Nizam of Hyderabad used to have immense wealth at one time. Mir Qamar-ud-Din Siddiqi founded an Asaf Jah dynasty. At that time he used to be Viceroy in the Mughal Empire (1713 of 1721). Mir Qamar-ud-Din Siddiqi declared himself independent in Hyderabad when the Mughal Sultanate had ended in 1724. Mir Kamar-ud-Din Siddiqui declared himself independent in Hyderabad when the Mughal Sultanate (Kingdom) had ended in 1724.When the Mughals began to weaken.

Four Ancient Vedas. (1) Rigveda (2) Yajurveda (3) Samaveda (4) Atharvaveda Our Veda is one of the oldest and first texts in our culture.

Four Ancient Vedas

Through Vedas, we can acquire knowledge of high degree, Which includes astrology, mathematics, medicine, , music, Astronomical science has been explained in almost all the subjects. Five Mysterious Temples Of India. Five Mysterious Temples Of India Konark Temple The temple was built around the 13thcentury and around 1200 artisans were engaged in the construction of this huge temple.

Five Mysterious Temples Of India

The temple is situated in Konark, India. The temple is composed as a chariot with 24 wheels pulled by 7 horses. Friendship Of Krishna And Sudama. Sudama was a Hindu Brahmin and was a very good friend of Lord Krishna.

Friendship Of Krishna And Sudama

As has been said in the Bhagavata Purana, once Sudama went to Dwaraka to meet his friend Krishna. Son Bhandar Caves Bihar. Mystery Of Son Bhandar Cave In Bihar, Nalanda district has a very important city named Rajgir.

Son Bhandar Caves Bihar

Chandragupta Maurya The Warrior. Ashoka The Great. Ashoka was a great ruler of the Maurya Empire, and he was known as Ashoka the Great.

Ashoka The Great

Ashoka was the only ruler who ruled in almost every part of India, even till today’s Afghanistan was the kingdom of Ashoka. Ashoka's reign lasted from 273 B.C.E. To 232 B.C.E. Ashoka had dedicated his entire life to Buddhism and had set up many huge and grand monuments in the time of Shakyamuni Buddha. After this Ashoka devoted himself completely to respecting Buddhism and spent his entire life in its protection and transmission.

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Hospital Furniture Suppliers

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Hospital Semi-fowler Beds

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