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Get the best OCR scanning software to extract text from images and PDFs only with Wise Trend, we are here to provide you only the best OCR scanning software that provides fast processing times & accuracy. If you want to know more then please visit us today only at our website.

DigitEYE The Fastest Way To Scan Your Documents. DigitEYE innovative live presenter and document scanner assists teachers and educators to present physical materials and objects effectively in an online classroom.

DigitEYE The Fastest Way To Scan Your Documents

Ability to scan documents, take pictures and selectively record live video segments and name and organize them efficiently makes online classroom more efficient. August 25, 2020 — WiseTREND Advanced OCR & Data Capture, Inc. (, a fast- growing document conversion and online image recognition company, today announced a new inexpensive online presentation device especially adapted to ease the online education efficiency in the school year 2020.

This live presentation tool demonstrates how easily an online classroom can be enhanced with live notes, presentation of various interactive materials, and “whiteboard” effect of a physical classroom. DigitEye Smart Desk Lamp & Document Scanner. DigitEYE desk lamp + live presenter + document scanner has been customized and adapted for use in online education to bring hands-on “white board” experience to online classes for the year 2020.

DigitEye Smart Desk Lamp & Document Scanner

During presentation the materials can be recorded as pictures or video with a single button click. DigitEYE functions a full document scanner to share materials during or after class. DigitEYE - DigitEye Fastest Document Scanner. DigitEye Smart Desk Lamp & Fastest Document Scanner. DigitEYE acts as a desk lamp and can automatically monitor the desk surface and detect any placed underneath paper documents for fast and efficient scanning and filing into folders.

DigitEye Smart Desk Lamp & Fastest Document Scanner

A document can be scanned with one click and in under one second. DigitEYE uses the latest ABBYY FineReader Engine ™ OCR technology to extract text-based content and use it intelligently for document identification, naming, saving and search and retrieval. Documents can be processed in over 190 languages, including automatic language detection. Advanced imaging tools provide powerful background noise cleanup capabilities, auto-rotation detection, skew correction, and adaptive binarization.

DigitEYE is developed by WiseTREND. Get Best OCR Software Solution By WiseTREND In USA. For companies that process IRS forms, speed and accuracy are incredibly important.

Get Best OCR Software Solution By WiseTREND In USA

With WiseIRS, the data capturing and entry steps in the process are more accurate and take a fraction of the time that it takes to manually capture and enter the information. If your company is able to quickly and accurately process IRS forms, you will reduce your time spent on this task and be able to focus it in other areas. Not only do companies that process IRS forms benefit, but the clients they serve benefit from WiseIRS as well. Right Digital Solution At Wise Trend. WiseTREND And WestFax Partner For Healthcare Industry. Get Backfile Conversion With Document Scanning.

Chances are that the backfile conversion went something like this: 1.Files were prepped and organized into bundles or batches of similar documents. 2.The contents from each file cabinet were scanned into a folder with a certain naming convention: a.

Get Backfile Conversion With Document Scanning

HR File Cabinet A-B i. HR File Cabinet A-B ii. Employee Files iii. 3.The original documents were shredded. If that was your version of a backfile conversion, then you are missing out on many efficiency gains provided by today’s technology. WiseTrend’s BackFile Conversion process will return fully-searchable, high quality PDF’s. This is what you get when trying to search on a basic image (Sample of a non-searchable PDF): Best Outsourced Data Verification or Outsourcing Services.

We might even be able to point out some tips or suggestions on how to streamline the process since we do this for a living.

Best Outsourced Data Verification or Outsourcing Services

By outsourcing services to us you rest at ease and focus on internal growth. Our employees are highly trained and ready to go at moment’s notice. We will document your business rules and stay current with your projects even when you don’t need us. We will be ready to go “as-needed” resources to take on your unexpected volume increases i.e. recurring peak volumes, staffing variances, production gaps, processing license shortages, seasonal staff overhead and cases where you may want to hand off some or all your pending projects to our highly qualified team. Data Capture Processing Technology. (510)754-9866 Service Bureau How it Works Our highly qualified team can manage your entire project for you, letting you focus on what you do best.

Data Capture Processing Technology

Learn More >> Get Smart Form Design Services Document Processing By WiseTREND. Get Best Invoice Scanning Software & OCR Scanner By WiseTREND. Standalone Installation PC with Intel® Pentium®/Celeron®/Core™2 Duo/Quad/Xeon®/Core™ i5/Core™ i7, AMD K6/Turion™/Athlon™/Duron™/Sempron™ with a minimum clock speed of 2 GHzOperating system: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8/8.1, Windows Server 2003 SP2, Windows Server 2008 SP2+ Desktop Experience, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1+ Desktop Experience (for localized interfaces, corresponding language support is required), Windows Server 2012Memory: 512 MB for each CPU core, but no less than 1 GBHard disk space: 1,5 GB (including 1 GB for installation)Scanner supporting TWAIN, WIA or ISISVideo card and display with a resolution of 1024×768Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Distributed Installation Servers Application Server.

Get Best Invoice Scanning Software & OCR Scanner By WiseTREND

Best OCR Solution To Scan ID Cards Like Passports. Best Software For Healthcare Claims Processing. The health claims processing software from WiseCLAIM is incredibly beneficial to all organizations that enter data from health care claim forms, UBs and EOBs.

Best Software For Healthcare Claims Processing

There are many companies that have full-time staff that are spending a large percentage of their time dedicated to the task of processing health claims. If you are looking for a solution that will allow your team more time to dedicate to other tasks and save money in the long run then automated forms processing is the simplest solution. When entering all of the data from the CMS-1500, UB-04 and EOB forms manually, you are also at a much higher risk of errors being committed. With automated medical claim processing, you get the most accurate data entry from all of the forms that you submit, both hand printed and typed. Get Best OCR Software Solution By WiseTREND In US. Get OCR Software For Transportation By WiseTREND.

The ABBYY FlexiCapture Plugin for Transportation Companies.

Get OCR Software For Transportation By WiseTREND

Get Best WiseACCORD Plugin For ABBYY FlexiCapture By WiseTREND. The process of inputting and classifying new ACORD applications has always been tedious. With the manual entry of ACORD forms and applications being the only solution, prior to now, more employees and hours spent on manually entering information was the only solution. Our WiseACORD plugin provides a better solution for everyone going forward. Whether working with the ACORD Form 125 or ACORD Certificates, our WiseACORD OCR software creates a simplified management process through automation. With both data extraction and the verification process, this plugin will help increase accuracy and greatly reduce the overall time needed to complete the process. Get OCR Survey Software & Save Your Time. With WiseSURVEY, a plugin for ABBYY FlexiCapture, there is now a way to automatically scan survey documents and enter the information into the appropriate channel. Using ABBYY OCR technology to increase speeds, this software processes and distributes information, therefore improving productivity.

WiseSURVEY provides incredible accuracy and will be sure to help your company better serve your clients. This is the future of data capturing and can provide your company with true value right now. Get Software To Simplify Purchase Order Processing By WiseTREND. Trying to figure out if WisePO is for you? Think about how much time your business is spending on the processing of purchase orders. If you have a significant intake of purchase order forms, then manually recording the data, entering it into correct location, and transferring it to the proper channels, can take many hours. If you or your employees are having to spend late hours on this processing, you could be missing out on other things your business needs to do. SBA PPP documents automation and OCR processing solution for lenders - Wisetrend.

WiseTREND Advanced OCR & Data Capture provides powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in partnership with ABBYY™ software powered by Artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the capture, collection and processing of images, as well as performing data extraction and data validation. Our software is pre-configured to process forms like IRS940, IRS 941, and all other documents required by the process.

Best Invoice Scanning Software -

OCR Software Solution For Processing IRS Forms. WiseTREND and WestFax Partner for Healthcare Industry. Finding OCR Software Online? Having an efficient stub OCR software is incredibly important in today’s market. Being competitive is all about spending time in the most effective places, and streamlining any process you can. If you want to be at the top, then spending employee hours on check processing and verifying the accuracy of checks is probably slowing you down. ABBYY OCR Plugin and Software. There are a few key components to using WiseEOB for companies processing Explanation of Benefits forms. With EOB forms, people’s healthcare and lives are hanging in the balance so accuracy is of the utmost importance. Even the most dedicated professionals make mistakes and it could cause an issue for someone waiting on an important procedure.

WiseEOB is able to gather accurate information through automated scanning and processing of the forms, which reduces the possibility of errors significantly.

What is the need to Document scanning software in the organization?

What you need to know about Flexicapture solution? High Quality Document Scanning Software. One of The Best Law Scanning Software by Document scanning software: Get the best output. What is the need to Document scanning software in the organization? Paper Survey Software Online. Software To Simplify Purchase Order Processing. ABBYY Softwar Online For Checking Accuracy. Get The Best OCR Scanning Software -