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Get More with Fido XTRA - Wireless DNA. What is Fido XTRA?

Get More with Fido XTRA - Wireless DNA

Fido is offering perks to its eligible mobile and internet postpaid clients on it’s app that have an account in good standing, through Fido XTRA. These benefits include deals on food and beverages, discounts at certain restaurants, getaways, hotels, apparel brands and more. This service also hosts contests and rewards that allow you to win some amazing gifts. New deals are available every Thursday and there is something everyone. Just redeem your Fido XTRA code and make the most of it. How to Redeem Offers? To get the Fido XTRA rewards you must have Fido’s postpaid mobile or internet plan. Download the latest Fido app and complete the registration processTap on the Fido XTRA banner in the app to find out all the perks available for youCheck new deals every Thursday Fido offers all the support its customers need to redeem maximum number of benefits.

Furthermore, Fido XTRA perks are offered through businesses across Canada. Fido Home Internet - Reliable & Reasonable - Wireless DNA. Having a reliable internet access is moved from being a luxury to a necessity in today’s work-from-home world.

Fido Home Internet - Reliable & Reasonable - Wireless DNA

Changing work culture and increasing online study options is driving a sharp increase residential internet market in Canada. So, it is no surprise that more and more Canadians are subscribing to faster and more comprehensive internet packages. Home internet has become an important utility and that’s a fact we simply cannot escape from. Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission said residential internet revenues reached $9.8 billion in 2018. In that year, residential subscriptions exceeded 13 million.

Unlike DSL, a broadband internet through landline phone wires, cable internet runs through an underground coaxial cable network. Rogers Ignite TV: Watch Your Favorite Shows Anytime, Anywhere - Wireless DNA. What is Rogers Ignite TV?

Rogers Ignite TV: Watch Your Favorite Shows Anytime, Anywhere - Wireless DNA

Rogers Ignite TV is built around Comcast’s X1 platform, the latest in content delivery platforms. Ignite TV assembles different entertainment services onto a single platform allowing you a range of functionalities with unparalleled ease. Rogers Ignite TV has been created with the intention of making it an integral part of smart homes of the future. With the flexibility to start, pause, and rewind shows, along with the ability to access all your OTT platforms through it, this is one thing you need to have to access a complete television viewing experience. Why Choose Ignite TV? Powered by the Rogers’ unmatched Canada-wide internet service, this subscription will allow users to have seamless access to cable TV. The customers can watch their favorite programs across several devices as long as they have access to WiFi.

Rogers Ignite TV has many such small but significant features that make accessing TV shows easy. Magic Voice Command Remote. Rogers Wireless, Internet, & iOT Solutions for Businesses. All You Need To Know About Phishing Scams - Wireless DNA. Types of Phishing Scams Email Phishing Here the scammer sends a generic email aimed at collecting personal information of the victim.

All You Need To Know About Phishing Scams - Wireless DNA

The email readsas if it is from a well-known organization. The victim can be asked to verify their personal information as a way to check for suspicious activity or transaction at an institution. It can also claim that certain company is giving away gifts or, the most common, that you have won a huge sum of money or a prize as part of a lottery. You can be asked to click on a link that will then route you to a form that will require you to fill in personal details which may include credit card numbers, social security numbers or even passwords. Smishing & Vishing In this case, the email is replaced by text messages but the end target stays the same – to collect personal information of the target.

Fixed Wireless Access – A Boon to Businesses - Wireless DNA. Running a business is a tough ask even in the best of times – but to keep a business running with unreliable internet is unimaginable in these times.

Fixed Wireless Access – A Boon to Businesses - Wireless DNA

As the lockdown ease businesses have begun to embrace the new normal, with renewed faith internet connectivity! Optimize Transport With Rogers’ Fleet Management Solutions ? - Wireless DNA. A comprehensive fleet management solution or process can help your business keep all data, right from the acquisition to the dispatching stage, organized.

Optimize Transport With Rogers’ Fleet Management Solutions ? - Wireless DNA

Fleet management is no longer solely the domain of shipping and courier companies. Any business that has a number of vehicles operating at the same time needs this service to optimize their management. With the changing trends and technology, fleet management has taken the next step towards a focused IoT-fueled management solution. Canada is Going 5G– An All New Level Of Connectivity - Wireless DNA. We have seen some massive changes in wireless technology in our lifetimes.

Canada is Going 5G– An All New Level Of Connectivity - Wireless DNA

From the first generation or 1G we have moved to the fifth generation or 5G in less than 4 decades. The Communications Research Centre (CRC), the primary research facility for the Government of Canada for telecommunications has made it a prime focus to bring the 5G technology to Canadians. With the increasing pressure on wireless networks all over Canada thanks to increased usage, 5G poses the best solution to help Canadians and Canadian businesses up their game through cutting edge connectivity.

Tracing the Evolution of Wireless Communication 1G – The first generation of wireless internet was introduced back in the 1980s through initial rudimentary mobile communications, or wireless phones. 2G – Launched in early 1990s, this form of connectivity saw better sound quality, better security and way more capacity for mobile phones. The How and the Why of Fibre Internet for Businesses - Wireless DNA.

Businesses today have gone digital.

The How and the Why of Fibre Internet for Businesses - Wireless DNA

This digital economy is evolving at a breakneck speed, propelled by an ability to collect, analyse and use enormous amounts of machine readable information/data about practically everything. Our collective understanding of what constitutes a business has changed greatly with sales channels for goods and services shifting online. Various businesses run their internal systems on internet connections and flexible data plans which includes shipping software, inventory management systems, phone systems, warehouse and more. Most businesses have already made the shift to cloud storage and digital data management systems, and the rest are speeding up the transition.

Leverage Office 365 and Teams to Increase Organizational Efficiency - Wireless DNA. The pandemic has highlighted the growing importance of working from home for professionals in a variety of fields.

Leverage Office 365 and Teams to Increase Organizational Efficiency - Wireless DNA

While at face value, work from home can seem like quite the cushy gig, but there is a delicate balance that comes with managing your daily tasks and work duties. A balance that can be thrown out of whack if you are even a little underprepared. A daily work from home environment has made professionals and corporations acknowledge the need and importance of cloud-based collaborative tools. This march towards the adapting such cloud-based communication tools has been led by Microsoft with the inclusion of Microsoft 365 and Teams which has aided offices and firms worldwide to collaborate and execute work seamlessly. On its release in 2017, Microsoft Teams has established itself as one of the primary remote operation tools out there. Today, nearly 80% of businesses around the world have adopted cloud based collaborative tools, and have seen marked increase in efficiency. Home Office Solutions in a WFH world - Wireless DNA.

The pandemic that begun in the first quarter of 2020 has hastened the adaptation of a lifestyle very different from the one we are used to.

Home Office Solutions in a WFH world - Wireless DNA

Working professionals especially have had to pivot to a completely work from home environment, requiring individuals and businesses to weigh options previously never considered. A work from home option comes with its own set of trials and tribulations. While it may seem all hunky dory at first sight, not having the right set up, or even the right mindset, may make your job that much more difficult. Phone Plans & Internet Solutions for Individuals & Businesses.