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I am Director of "WiredContact Ltd". We provide bespoke hosted CRM solutions and adapt them to support each team and department so that everyone can function optimally. For more info please visit:

Sitemap. Sitemap. Sitemap. Contact - experts in hosted CRM solutions. Online CRM Experts Everything you need for a successful deployment For access to the demo system please complete the form below to receive the link Success!

Contact - experts in hosted CRM solutions

Your message has been sent. UK Contact Details. Cloud CRM & Database Solutions. Cloud CRM systems Since 1996 for most industries Automated Drip Marketing Automate the essential elements of your business to ensure compliant data handling Automatic Lead handling Make sure every lead is followed up in the preferred manner without taking on addition staff.

Cloud CRM & Database Solutions

Database systems. On-line CRM Experts Everything you need for a successful deployment For access to the demo system please complete the form below to receive the link Success!

Database systems

Your message has been sent. UK Contact Details Phone: 020 8099 3032 Mon-Fri: 9:00 - 18:00 USA Contact Details Direct: 215.641.8585 Web: Mon-Fri: 9:00 - 17:00 Social Media. Self hosted CRM Terms. WiredContact Terms and Conditions of supply Use of this website is subject to the following terms of use: The content of the pages of this website are for your general information and use only.

Self hosted CRM Terms

It is subject to change without notice. Neither we nor any third parties provide any warranty or guarantee as to the accuracy, timeliness, performance, completeness or suitability of the information supplied for your particular requirement. Self hosted CRM. Online CRM Experts Everything you need for a successful deployment It's good to talk, tell us how we can help you and we will call you back Success!

Self hosted CRM

Your message has been sent. Contact Details Phone: 020 8099 3032 Web: Mon-Fri: 9:00 → 18:00 Social Media About Us Experienced capable and reliable team of professionals who have worked together for 17 years, no temp staff, no contractors, no problems. Useful Links Latest Tweets © Copyright 2012 by WiredContact. Facebook. - Flexible Hosted CRM Solutions. CRM for Small Business - CRM for small business is probably one of the most important considerations in driving forward the growth of the company.

CRM for Small Business -

Once the need for a small business CRM system has been identified it’s worth considering what CRM system you actually need. In most cases the cost of investing in servers and software licensing is prohibitive, which is why Hosted CRM is so popular. Just because it’s a hosted CRM system it does not mean it cannot also be a bespoke CRM designed to uniquely support the way your small business needs to function. Unlike the large brand names WiredContact hosted CRM is designed with the budget of a small business in mind.

You pay only for what you need and expand at a pace that works for you. Give thought to the cost of delivering your product or serviceIt’s pointless bringing in 200 orders if you cannot process the orders efficiently. Automate where possible. Customer Retention CRM - Customer Retention CRM is a term not often used but crucially important.

Customer Retention CRM -

It is pointless filling a bucket with a whole in it. New business is sometimes acquired at the expense of keeping existing clients satisfied. Hosted CRM - Hosted CRM Solutions are often mistaken for an application where one size fits all and if you go down this route you will have little control and your costs, features and functions and you have to take what the vendor wants to offer.

Hosted CRM -

Nothing could be farther from the truth; the reality with Hosted CRM systems is that your provider needs to stay on their toes to ensure your system continues to deliver value. It’s as though you are constantly on a first date. Many Hosted CRM solutions are going to work for the vast majority of clients who sell simple services and have simple needs. This sector is often well served by free CRM systems which usually don’t come with free support although you can speak with “bob the builder” in their forums if needed. It’s when your needs are non-standard that things get interesting, of course the free systems are a thing of the past as you grow and the brand names can have difficulty keeping up with your needs without significantly increasing your costs. BPM Online CRM - BPM Online CRM – Business Process Management with Online CRM prevents “islands of data” and confusion about the status quo at any given time.

BPM Online CRM -

The reality is it’s common sense, and an old idea with a new title. Nothing new in this industry, we remember being told about Cloud Computing being the latest business must have about 5 years after we first started offering it to our Clients, now it’s all about the benefits of BPM. C R M - Customer Relationship Management - C R M – Customer Relationship Management is the acronym often used to describe Customer Relationship Management.

C R M - Customer Relationship Management -

Often misunderstood it is an essential tool to deliver outstanding sales and support services. Most companies have a C R M – system even if it’s something they bought in the 1980’s. Many have failed to upgrade it since. A C R M – system without training is a waste of money; not knowing how to use it is like buying a plane and never getting a licence to fly.

Who should buy C R M – Customer Relationship Management system? Marketing, Sales and Service professionals usually find it difficult to manage reasonable volumes of work with an excel spreadsheet. What are the options when buying a C R M – Customer Relationship Management system? 2. Automated Emails in CRM - Develop campaigns to support each stage of a customer’s engagement which could be based upon key stages being reached or dates past or pending or a mix of criteria. The scenarios below can be applied to any company with processes that can be initiated once an event has happened or is due to happen. A Hotel or Event venue Once we know the type of event that is being booked in this case it’s a Wedding and we have a date then we can start off a series of emails, letters or events. 1, An initial letter can be printed to Congratulate the couple and to point them to the online terms and conditions. 2.

A drip campaign of tips and tricks for the perfect celebration that upsell additional services. 3. 4. 5. 6. The system will stop sending out if the person unsubscribes and if other conditions are met then alternative emails can be sent. Best men or bridesmaids were easily identified at the time, so they receive separate emails to congratulate them on the roles they so gracefully fulfilled. CRM Dashboards - The purpose of CRM Dashboards is to help the user visualise key data from a variety of sources and to place it in context. Data can be pulled in from any table within WiredContact, calculations are performed at the time of pulling in the data and then the answers are displayed in a format the user is comfortable with which could be a tabular report, Pie chart, Gant chart, Spot or Hi/lo chart. The output options are endless. Because WiredContact is an open architect it is possible to use standard Microsoft reporting tools such as MSSRS, and a host of other leading business intelligence tools (search for BI tolls for CRM Dashboards) Type of CRM dashboards Company specific dashboards are going to be high level and give a snapshot in time.

Set the Scope: Will you sort campaigns by budget and ROI or shortest sales cycle by product and channel ? Limit the data: Keep it simple and it will have value. Free crm small business - For every business offering you Free crm small business solution be aware that what you should have searched for was How can I try CRM for small business before I buy. Free crm small business systems sound like a great idea so what companies do is lure you into try their solution where you can store about 100 contacts and then send perhaps 100 emails. If that’s the size of your business then go for it. CRM Systems UK - Many suppliers of CRM systems in the UK, claim to be based in the UK however the calls are often answered in Manilla or India in a language other than English. this alone is not a good reason to decline their CRM system.

Some people will rightly make a decision based on supplier location and when it’s critical to your business then having a UK based CRM supplier is probably a good idea. They broadly fall into a few simple categories. Bespoke CRM solutions for industry - Bespoke CRM is simple to achieve once you understand the essential elements and how your records will relate to each other.

Some Clients will want one Company record with many Contact records related to the “parent record” whilst others will want to retain a complete record for each contact who may in time work for many companies so the history should remain with the contact record. About WiredContact Ltd. Logo wiredcontact co uk. Web Based CRM Software.