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Wirana Shipping Corporation

Wirana Shipping Corporation is one of the largest vessel cash buyers for recycling. Leading ship recycling company of Singapore that has many customers from India, China, Pakistan, UAE, Bangladesh & Turkey. Most Successful cash buyers of vessels for recycling having a team of experts & professionals to carry out operations.

About Wirana Shipping Corporation. Facebook. Wirana Shipping Corporation : wiranaVCB. Wirana Pte Ltd - Cash Buyer of Ships, vessels for Recycling, Wirana is largest cash buyers of vessels for recycling & most Successful cash buyer. Shipping Conferences, Maritime Events. Wirana has become known for Performance, Integrity and Quality Home / About Us / Conferences Attended and Sponsored by Wirana Conferences Attended and Sponsored by Wirana Wirana attends & sponsors many Shipping / Offshore related conferences as well as ship recycling conferences around the world to promote green recycling.

Shipping Conferences, Maritime Events

Jan 2015 – Astrup Fearnleys Shipping and Offshore Conference, Singapore Mar 2015 – Tradewinds Ship Recycling Forum, SingaporeJune 2015 – 28th Annual Marine Money Week New YorkJune 2015 – 3rd Marine Money Geneva Forum Oct 2015 – 17th Annual Marine Money Greek Ship Finance Forum Oct 2015 – 9th Annual Korea Ship Finance Forum Dec 2015 – ACI’s 3rd Ship Recycling Summit, Brussels Dec 2015 – Greek Shipping Awards 2015 – Sponsored Award for Shipbroker of the Year About Us. Turkey Ship Recycling & Processing. Pakistan Ship Recycling & Processing. Bangladesh Ship Recycling & Processing. Wirana Shipping Corporation. Wirana Shipping Corporation on Strikingly. Green Ship Recycling Company in Singapore. Some Traits of the Most Successful Cash Buyers of Vessels for Recycling The companies there within the ship recycling industries are given the term “Cash Buyers” when they buy the vessels or ships with 100% cash.

Green Ship Recycling Company in Singapore

The cash buyers, in turn, sell the ships to the recycler in any of the ship recycling countries. India Ship Recycling & Processing. India for long has been the biggest market for recycling ships.

India Ship Recycling & Processing

Most of the recycling is done in Alang which is in the state of Gujarat on the west coast of India. Alang has about 175 ship recycling yards making it the market with the largest number of yards.More than 100 yards have ISO 9000, 14000 and OHSAS 18000 and about 50 yards have fourth Certificate ISO 30000 certification.India can handle all sizes and types of ships.India pays better value for specialized ships like reefers, LPG, PCC, dry ships.India recycles about 350-400 vessels annually.India has a naturally suitable beach for beaching of vessels with about a 10 deg slope.India pays higher value for vessels due to the ability to pay better prices for usable second hand machinery, ship spares, non-ferrous items. Green Recycling - Wirana Shipping Corporation – Maritime Vessels Provider. Wirana understands that ship recycling carries a great responsibility of protecting environment as well as people who work to dismantle the ship.

Green Recycling - Wirana Shipping Corporation – Maritime Vessels Provider

As a Cash Buyer, Wirana has been continuously encouraging and guiding the shipping yards to improve recycling standards to meet the most stringent requirements for green recycling for major ship owners like Stolt Nielsen, MOL, NYK, K-Line, Odjfell, Jo Tankers, Bergessen, Gear Bulk HoeghAutoliners. Wirana is very well placed in experience and resources to offer green ship recycling in China, Turkey and India. Wirana’s commitment to green recycling is demonstrated by the fact that R L Kalthia Ship Breaking Yard, commercially, a Wirana group company (not legally), is among the first yards in Indian Sub-Continent to get a Hong Kong Convention (HKC) Compliance Certificate for safe and environmentally sound recycling of ships. Ship Processing Testimonials Wirana. Learn what it is like to work with Wirana Shipping Company— One of the largest vessel cash buyers and top ship recycling companies in the world.

Ship Processing Testimonials Wirana

“We confirm and attest that the delivery of the subject Vessel to the Principles of Wirana Shipping Corporation (Singapore) was done smoothly and in a timely manner and the Vessel was taken over and delivered cleanly as per the terms of the contractual documents. Wirana have conducted themselves with a great degree of professionalism and integrity throughout this transaction.” NAFTOMAR Vessel: Gaz Suez. Ship Demolition Cash Buyers in China. Qualified Team to Work on Green Vessels. Professional Managers & Operators. Team of Qualified Professionals. Wirana Shipping Corporation. Why Wirana – One of the Largest Vessel Cash Buyers Performance Wirana negotiates between 100-150 vessels annually.

Wirana Shipping Corporation

Till date Wirana has done more than 2200 vessels with more than 75 MDWT perhaps producing industry records. Wirana has been mentioned twice in the Guinness Book of World Records for the purchase of the largest vessels sold for recycling, at those times. In 2002, we purchased ULCC Kapetan Michalis (516,423 DWT) and in 2003, we improved our own record by purchasing the ULCC Sea Giant (555,051 DWT). The World's LARGEST Cash Buyer of Ships. Wirana: Ship Demolition Cash Buyers.