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WINHMS PMS, ERP software for Hospitality Industry, provides complete solutions for entire Hotel industry. PMS + POS + SPA + F&B + Back office + CRS.

WINHMS - Gate Pass Management System. The WINHMS Gate Pass module monitors and maintains gate registers for materials, visitors and company vehicles.

WINHMS - Gate Pass Management System

Returnable and non-returnable pass types are supported for both inward and outward movements. In the case of returnable gate passes, the original gate pass transaction is always referenced so that the pending returnable details can be obtained from the system at any point of time. Materials dispatched may be from user departments or material stores. When materials are routed through a store, store issue documentation is referenced during gate pass creation. The system automatically generates unique gate pass sequence numbers individually for inward and outward gate passes. Reports are provided for registers such as material inward register, pending gate pass register, vehicle movement register and vehicle availability status. WINHMS - Engineering Management System. The Engineering Module tracks complaints from the front office and housekeeping modules and automatically converts these into work orders/requests which are tracked until resolved.

WINHMS - Engineering Management System

Preventive maintenance scheduling for rooms, venues, machines and buildings is possible and the system helps execute maintenance in a timely manner. Work requests can be created from internal requests and pending work orders/requests are clearly highlighted thereby ensuring expedited resolution of requests. Work orders can be directly created or created in reference to a work request. Work orders/requests can be created for both corrective and preventative works. When work orders are created both labour and materials can be assigned and tracked against actual usage of these items. The system provides detailed maintenance costs for rooms, machines and assets thereby providing management with crucial information relating to overall maintenance expenditure of the property. WINHMS - Human Resource Management System. The WINHMS Human Resources (HR) Management system is a stand-alone module that features a number of sub-modules which can be grouped as per the client's requirements to form a comprehensive HR management package.

WINHMS - Human Resource Management System

The individual sub-modules are as follows:Employee Self ServiceEmployee Management Time, Attendance & Leave ManagementRecruitmentAppraisalTraining Provided below is a brief description of the features provided in each sub-module. The employee self-service module is a web based system where each employee is provided with a login/password to access employee accessible information via a web browser. Through this interface the employee can apply for leave and check the status of leave requests. The employee profile displays accrued leave and the ability to amend personal information such as permanent address, contact address, telephone number etc. Amended information is submitted automatically to HR department for approval prior to the system being updated. Show More.. WINHMS - Hotel POS System. WINHMS - Inventory Management System. The WINHMS Inventory / Material Management system is a comprehensive tool that enables management of multiple stores and locations.

WINHMS - Inventory Management System

Both Moving Average Rate and FIFO stock valuation methods are provided. Stock management options include expiry item-wise inventory, re-order based inventory, minimum and maximum stock control. Upon receipt of goods validation the system validates the good received against the purchase order generated. It is also possible to receive goods with cash purchase receipts. WINHMS - Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable Software. The WINHMS Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable module is an advanced module that manages both the payable and receivable components of back office operations.

WINHMS - Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable Software

Accounts payable is a productive accounting solution that maintains strong financial control, prevents duplicate entries and ensures timely payments. Support is provided for cheque printing for party payment advances and other payments. It is possible to track multiple payments and expedition of supplier payments can occur by consolidating several bills on a single cheque. Partial payments are also supported. The system generates automated payment advices based on a specific due date thereby providing finer control of payments. Prior approval for payment advices is possible prior to cheque printing.

WINHMS - Financial Accounting Software. The WINHMS Accounting module labelled the "General Ledger" is one of the core modules featured within the back office software segment.

WINHMS - Financial Accounting Software

Financial accounting is provided via the General Ledger module which efficiently handles all the accounting needs of the property. Advanced accounting features are supported and seamless integration between all relevant modules provides real time financial analysis Support is provided for both codeless and coded ledger accounts. Unlimited divisions are included within the company and division-wise financial analysis, books and reports are included. In regards to management of transactions, bank reconciliation with realisation date of funds is supported. Further analytical tools include accounts receivable and accounts payable reports, ageing, income vs expenditure graphs and ledger analysis graphs with the ability to drill down up to the voucher level. WINHMS - PMS Front Office Software. The Front Office System is the heart of any property as it is the primary guest facing system.

WINHMS - PMS Front Office Software

The critical success of the front office system is its ability to perform quick and accurate check-in and check-out functions. WINHMS has been deployed in properties exceeding 500 rooms where the speed in which guests can be checked-out and in is crucial to quick turnaround of guests at reception. Within the front office system the reservation module intuitively handles client reservations, various types of tariff (including room tariff, corporate discounted tariff, member discounted tariff, guest discounted tariff, foreign current tariff etc.) and plan sales.

Settlement is quick and easy and includes many features such as bill splitting, summary bill generation and a variety of settlement methods including foreign currency. The system incorporates a tape chart which provides a view of room status and availability over any period of time. Show More..