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Wifi sensors esp8266

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ESP8266 - NURDspace. "File:" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki.

ESP8266 - NURDspace

Building the gcc toolchain have a look at the github wiki Code examples Running the module The modules pins only allow 3.3v (use a multi meter to check your serial lines if you are not sure) Connect CH_PD to VCC to make it boot Uploading code The modules pins only allow 3.3v (use a multi meter to check your serial lines if you are not sure) see links Internal space links External. Raspberry pi gpio interrupts python. NodeMCU Documentation. NodeMCU is an eLua based firmware for the ESP8266 WiFi SOC from Espressif.

NodeMCU Documentation

The NodeMCU firmware is a companion project to the popular NodeMCU dev kits, ready-made open source development boards with ESP8266-12E chips. Up-To-Date Documentation¶ At the moment the only up-to-date documentation maintained by the current NodeMCU team is in English. It is part of the source code repository (/docs subfolder) and kept in sync with the code. We encourage you to help transferring the outdated translations (see below) into the repository. Outdated And Sparse Documentation¶ The following translations are based on outdated documentation, use them with caution. Chinese, 中文Russian, русскийSpanish, español. You're 30 seconds away from downloading the eBook. Three Channel WiFi Relay / Thermostat Board. The Three Channel WiFi Relay / Thermostat Board is a open software/hardware multi-purpose relay board based on the ESP8266 WiFi SoC.

Three Channel WiFi Relay / Thermostat Board

It can control up to three AC or DC loads over the Internet using web UI or MQTT. Highlights Powered by the popular ESP8266 WiFi SoCOn-board power supply unit (optional)Up to three high quality 10A relays for switching AC or DC loads (see DC switching notes)Built-in web server with mobile device friendly UI and HTTP API to control the relaysThermostat function with weekly schedulingManual relay control via the UIMQTT supportNTP for network time and scheduling functionalityWeb server settings, including HTTP port and basic HTTP authentication setupBroadcast relay/sensor data using HTTP GET to services like ThingSpeak or emonCMSIntegration with ThingSpeak for charting/analytics visualizationTemperature sensor support (one of them, not both at the same time) Board schematic & layout Board Schematic Board Layout Design The PCB is 2mm thick with 35 micron foil.

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Alibaba Group

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Unterputz Funk-Schalter für Rolläden, Garagentore, usw, In-Circuit Online Shop. Radino based Blinds Control Program your own Arduino based blinds controller and transmit your data via radio interface!

Unterputz Funk-Schalter für Rolläden, Garagentore, usw, In-Circuit Online Shop

Integriated universal AC/DC mains adapter: input: 180 - 260V ACoutput: 10.7V not galvanically isolatedribble voltage: max. 100mVoutput power: 1,2W constant loadshort-circuit-proof Features: suitable for all radino Modules2x relais (1x on/off switch & 1x toggle switch in series)switching capacity: max. 250V/6A ACmax. 30V/6A DC2x inputsRGB LEDtemperature sensorArduino kompatible ATTENTION: Read the Schematics and Documents carefully. Radino Watch - Arduino mit Funk, TFT, 9-Achs-Sensor, Lipo-Lader, In-Circuit Online Shop. Radino Watch WiFi, mit radino WiFi Modul Einzelteile der radino Watch: watch mit radino, Akku, Display, Gehäuse radino watch shield bestückt mit radino Funkmodul radino Watch mit Rechteckigem Gehäuse The radino Watch shield is a breadboard-compatible developmentboard for radino.

radino Watch - Arduino mit Funk, TFT, 9-Achs-Sensor, Lipo-Lader, In-Circuit Online Shop

It has Bosch's BMX55 9-axis sensor and a LiOn batterieloader. We offer free radino Watch demos in our Arduino library. Radino Spider, Entwicklungsboard für radino Module, mit RP-SMA Antennenanschluß, In-Circuit Online Shop. lThe radino Spider RP-SMA is a low cost evaluation board for all radino modules with RP-SMA connector.

radino Spider, Entwicklungsboard für radino Module, mit RP-SMA Antennenanschluß, In-Circuit Online Shop

It connects all radino pins to two pin headers with 2.54mm pitch. Radino WiFi mit ESP8266EX, In-Circuit Online Shop. RFToy (Arduino Compatible with OLED Display) RFToy is an Arduino-compatible microcontroller board for interfacing with Radio Frequency (RF) modules, including common 433/315MHz RF transmitters, receivers, and the nRF24L01 transceiver.

RFToy (Arduino Compatible with OLED Display)

Aasaver21_manual.pdf. ESPlorer – esp8266. Package Description The essential multiplatforms tools for any ESP8266 developer from luatool author’s, including a LUA for NodeMCU and MicroPython.

ESPlorer – esp8266

Also, all AT commands are supported. Required JAVA (SE version 7 and above) installed. Supported platforms. ESP8266 + MicroPython – esp8266. Код micro python Добрые люди портируют MicroPython на ESP8266.

ESP8266 + MicroPython – esp8266

Python, как язык программирования, является одним из самых легких в изучении, даже для начинающих. Причем легкость освоения языка не идет в ущерб функциональным возможностям. Код достаточно краток и логичен. MicroPython это тоже интерпретатор, как и большой Python, только заточен под микроконтроллеры и позволяет выполнять файлы, находящиеся во флеш памяти.