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Interactive Game of Thrones Map with Spoilers Control. Artist Turns Disney Animals Into Humans And The Results Are Amazing. Ever wondered what your favorite Disney animals look like personified?

Artist Turns Disney Animals Into Humans And The Results Are Amazing

Well, Japanese illustrator Chaico's Ghibli-esque portraits of Disney animals imagined as people put an end to that thought, just by how perfectly she nails them. There's Mickey and Minnie... Big eyes, big bow, big ears, and gloves. Disney Game of Thrones. PlaceIt by Breezi - Generate Product Screenshots in Realistic Environments. Fleex – Un outil pour vous aider à améliorer votre anglais en matant des films et des séries. L'idée derrière Fleex est simple : Vous aider à améliorer votre anglais grâce aux sous-titres de vos films, séries et conférences préférées.

Fleex – Un outil pour vous aider à améliorer votre anglais en matant des films et des séries

À l'origine, il n'y avait que Fleex Streaming qui comme son nom l'indique, permettait de regarder une sélection de vidéos en streaming. Fleex mixait alors selon un réglage de votre choix, les sous-titres en français avec les sous-titres en anglais. Génial, mais la sélection de films / séries / conférence étaient limitée et on se désintéressait vite du service. Sauf que maintenant, Fleex c'est aussi et surtout une application pour Windows qui utilise VLC, qui va chercher automatiquement les sous-titres FR et US de n'importe quel film ou série et qui les mixe selon votre niveau d'anglais. Django Trigger Happy un IFTTT like , en images. BonjEllo ! Je ne vous referai par « l’article » j’ai déjà longuement détaillé ce petit projet ici , je vous montre juste ce à quoi il ressemble pour le moment, dans une version très « toute neuve » ;) SublimeText, iTerm, and Chrome setup. - Damian Le Nouaille. Yesterday I shared some tips about the importance of your desktop and your global physical conditions.

SublimeText, iTerm, and Chrome setup. - Damian Le Nouaille

Today, I want to share my actual setup for frontend and Ruby development. RC Mania! Toy car, truck, heli & plane reviews. Miniflux - Minimalist and Open Source News Reader. How To Convert Prezi To YouTube Videos. Anyone who has used the Prezi platform would know that creating a Prezi and uploading it to is easy enough, however when it comes to converting it to a YouTube video, there seems to be no native method of doing so.

How To Convert Prezi To YouTube Videos

While you can convert PowerPoint to video formats using a native PowerPoint feature, the same cannot be said for the Prezi application. However, you can convert Prezi to YouTube by using a workaround. Capture Prezi With A Screen Recording Tool As Prezis are zooming presentations, you can neatly capture your presentation using a screen capture tool.

There are many handy screencast tools for various platforms that can be used across various types of operating systems for this job. Convert Prezi To Video Format Once your Prezi presentation has been recorded, you can use the native option within your screen recording tool to convert the captured screencast to a desired video format. Upload Recorded Prezi Presentation To YouTube (1 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5) Papertoys - pour débuter. Bois + Tech + Design. Pixabay - Images du domaine public. Parlons enfin du NFC. NFC ou Near Field Communication est terme que l’on entend prononcer de plus en plus.

Parlons enfin du NFC

Tous les jours, de nouveaux modèles de “mobile NFC” deviennent disponible pour le grand public, et ce depuis 2006 avec le Nokia 6163. De nombreuses initiatives, notamment Citizi en France permettent à des utilisateurs de vivre l’expérience NFC. La technologie NFC permet la communication et l’échange d’information entre une puce et un lecteur. Cependant, le Bluetooth, les QR-Codes et le moins célèbre WifiDirect sont déjà déployés, alors pourquoi un système de plus ? Avant, y’avait le RFID. The sound of the dialup, pictured. If you ever connected to the Internet before the 2000s, you probably remember that it made a peculiar sound.

The sound of the dialup, pictured

But despite becoming so familiar, it remained a mystery for most of us. What do these sounds mean? (The audio was recorded by William Termini on his iMac G3.) As many already know, what you're hearing is often called a handshake, the start of a telephone conversation between two modems. The modems are trying to find a common language and determine the weaknesses of the telephone channel originally meant for human speech. Talks by Nima Izadi. Papertoys - pour débuter. Build living stories of your travels. MMORPG et free to play - mmo-génération. Foldify. Popwings. LIFX: The Light Bulb Reinvented by Phil Bosua » Updates.

It's been a pretty exciting couple of weeks at the LIFX office.

LIFX: The Light Bulb Reinvented by Phil Bosua » Updates

As more and more backers start to receive their bulbs and share some (awesome) pics of how they are being used, its really heartening to hear good reviews coming back. We have 7,000 bulbs on a plane to the US at the moment with an ETA from our logistics partner that these will leave the US distribution warehouse around the 10th of Dec. We have upgraded everything to air freight (at a painful cost increase) to get these to you as fast as possible. TwitterViz. How to Write a Spelling Corrector. Oh GoogIe, You So Mean! [Pic] The Soft Side of the Dark Side [Pics] It’s hard to imagine Darth Vader or Boba Fett turning all squishy at the sight of a bunny or a lamb. But for Nashville, Tennessee artist Kelly Kerrigan , the juxtaposition seemed clear. Kerrigan was inspired by her husband’s love of the film “Harvey” starring Jimmy Stewart. He passed away in 2010, but he always said bunnies were his “spirit animal.” The couple had also bonded over “Star Wars” films while in college, so these paintings also help Kerrigan pay tribute to her geeky other half. AR Drone et Kinect. Classification des jeux par genre. Revue de presse : A la une presse journaux.

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