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7 Secrets to Writing Persuasive Back Cover Sales Copy by Casey Demchak. By Casey Demchak (@caseydemchak) I met Casey at the recent Author U event in Denver, Colorado.

7 Secrets to Writing Persuasive Back Cover Sales Copy by Casey Demchak

It’s not every day you run into someone whose specialty is back cover copy for your book. This is one of the most important pieces of copy you’ll write, since it has a lot of work to do representing your book and showing people what’s unique, interesting, or especially valuable about what you have to offer. I asked Casey to point out the big things authors ought to be thinking about when it comes to the back cover, and here’s his response. Every author knows the importance of a well-designed book cover can never be overstated. If your cover is good enough to grab readers, your back cover copy needs to convince them to buy. Here are seven essential tips that provide you with a success formula for creating back cover copy that motivates your crowd to take action. 1.

Headlines have two simple goals: capture the attention of readers and drive them into your body copy. 2. How to Improve Your Description Copy to Sell More Ebooks. Your book description on retailer sites like Amazon is one of the most important ebook marketing elements at your disposal.

How to Improve Your Description Copy to Sell More Ebooks

Your cover and title will catch potential readers’ attention, but your description is what will make the sale. The strongest part of your description should be the first 150 words. But what can you do to pack a bigger punch into such a small space? At BookBub, we often run split A/B tests to see what blurb copy resonates most with our subscribers. In this post we’ll share the biggest takeaways so you can incorporate these findings into your own book descriptions. How we tested our blurbs Before diving into the results, let’s review how we collected this data. It’s important to note that we tested the copy only in emails to our own members, so while these results are good indicators as to what copy BookBub readers prefer, implementing the findings from these tests won’t guarantee an increase in sales. Copy that sells based on actual data Bestseller type.

Related Posts. How I Wrote & RE-WROTE Cover Copy for My Novel. I recently read How to Write Fiction Sales Copy by Dean Wesley Smith, and it is excellent.

How I Wrote & RE-WROTE Cover Copy for My Novel

Excellent! I can’t say enough good things about it. In the course of writing “blurbs” or cover copy for my own stories, I’ve perused a lot of how-to advice for same. Some advice proved helpful. (And I needed a lot of help! But Dean has succeeded in bottling lightning – or come very close to it, indeed. In How to Write Fiction Sales Copy, he lays out two general guiding principles and then proceeds to describe seven patterns or “formulas” – the structural bones – for writing sales copy. I learn best by example, so this was pure gold for me. But the bottled lightning? So what are Dean’s two guiding principles? 1 • Stay out of the story’s plot. Readers read a book to experience the plot in all its magnificence, told with all the skill that the storyteller can manifest.

How do you know you are down in the plot? If you see a lot of “and then this happened,” you’ve done it wrong. J.M. Anyway, here it is!