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Mappia-visuella lärstrategier. FREE Classroom Display Resources for Early Years (EYFS), Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2) Mattfolk. Multiplicera mellan 6 och 10 med fingrarna. Det finns ett smart och enkelt sätt att multiplicera de som oftast upplevs som de mest komplicerade talen (6-9) på fingrarna och idag ska du få lära dig hur man gör.

Multiplicera mellan 6 och 10 med fingrarna

Det handlar om att räkna ut tal som 6×8, 7×9, 8×7 osv. Såhär gör du: Sätt båda händerna framför dig, med tummarna inåt.Tänk dig (eller rita) siffrorna 6 på tummarna, 7 på pekfingrarna och ut till 10 på lillfingrarna.Vi tänker oss att vi ska multiplicera 8 x 7Tänk dig att du “ringar in” eller räknar, alla fingrar som går från 8:an på vänsterhanden till 7:an på högerhanden. Det blir fem fingrar. Detta är ditt tiotal, dvs 50.Räkna sedan de återstående antal fingrarna på vänster respektive höger hand. Ett annat exempel: 9 x 8 Fyra fingrar på vänster hand + tre fingrar på höger hand = 7 fingrar. Om du inte hängde med kan du se denna (eller liknande) video från YouTube: 7a02cb1ecfbfeda7c1f6fa16f4917428.jpg (1565×2047) Cc31b837b115a3287d2b542f614bfa21.jpg (736×1305) Cool 9 Times Tables Trick. My oldest daughter is in 3rd grade and is working on mastering her times tables.

Cool 9 Times Tables Trick

She has a great understanding of the concept of multiplication, now we're just working on being able to give the answers quickly and accurately. As we started practicing the times tables, I remembered this cool trick I'd learned years ago. I showed my daughter and she thought it was really helpful, so she agreed to be my hand model. Many of you might know it already, but if not, it's a good little tip to have in your bag of homework helping tricks! Pretty cool, isn't it? We hope this little tip helps some other Multiplication Fact learning kids! Oh, and for another helpful tool in your bag of tricks ... whenever we're in the car or when falling asleep at night, my daughter listens to this multiplication CD . FREE FISHBOWL MULTIPLICATION. Math Journal Sundays - Factors and Multiples. Factors, Multiples, prime and composite numbers, multiplication and division strategies ... this is my FAVOURITE math unit to teach!

Math Journal Sundays - Factors and Multiples

I absolutely love it! We've been VERY hard at work getting fluent with our multiplication facts for the past few months, so all students can experience success with this unit. This week in our Interactive Math Journals, we made an entry that gave the definition for multiples, LCM, factors, GCF, and prime and composite numbers. Under each flap, we gave the definition and a few examples. Students will be able to refer back to this entry when doing work in this unit to keep the terms straight. For the proof, I gave them a number (36). We also made math posters this week for LCM - I chose a few of the students' individual posters and put them together to make a larger poster. For some other ideas for factors, multiples, and prime and composite numbers, you can check out some of my posts from last year: Hope you're having a wonderful and relaxing Sunday!

Multi-Digit Multiplication Math Stations. I love math stations, and I think or at least hope that my students do, too.

Multi-Digit Multiplication Math Stations

Here is what we did recently during math station time to practice multi-digit multiplication. To begin, students worked in partners (I really don't find more than that as productive. One student always seems to be standing aloof or off-task). I gave them each a recording sheet which I got from my Multi-Digit Multiplication QR Code Fun resource. Students carried this around on clip boards while rotating around to the different stations.

iPAD Station Students used the apps Multi-Digit Multiplication (can't find the link :() and Lattice Grid to practice problems. Smart Board Stations Students played Multiplication Problems, a self-checking game I created, on the Smart Board. QR Code Task Card Station Using one of those preschool gumball machine toys, students chose a ball. Soccer Poke Cards Station I found this little soccer game at Goodwill. PUMPKIN MULTIPLICATION FACTS COLORING SHEET FREEBIE. <div class="deployment_message_block"><span> Hi, You need to enable javascript on your browser to use TpT.


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