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Create Animated Videos & More With Animatron. Animatron is a nice tool for creating animated videos and images.

Create Animated Videos & More With Animatron

I learned about it from Larry Ferlazzo a couple of weeks ago and I finally got some time to try it this morning. The concept behind Animatron is similar to that of Wideo and Powtoon. You drag and drop characters on a background scene and then choose how long each character will be displayed on the screen. You can also set the length of time for each character in a scene to be in motion. By using Animatron's timeline editor I was able to make objects appear and disappear from a scene. Scenes created in Animatron can be downloaded as videos and or as GIFs. Applications for EducationAnimatron could be a good tool for students to use to bring written stories to life in animated videos. Draw and Tell: Create Animated Screencasts with Elementary Students. This is a guest post from Tom Daccord (@thomasdaccord) of EdTechTeacher, an advertiser on this site.

Draw and Tell: Create Animated Screencasts with Elementary Students

Thanks to a recent partnership with Khan Academy, Duck Duck Moose has made its terrific Draw and Tell iOS app completely FREE. With Draw and Tell, young students can easily create an animated screencast complete with voice, drawings, images, and objects. As a result, it's simple for emerging learners to create digital stories or presentations on any number of topics. With Draw and Tell, students can draw, color, and insert stickers or stencils onto a scene.

They can do so on a blank scene, or a formatted coloring scene, and have a wide variety of colors, objects, and backgrounds from which to choose. As shown in the adjacent image, students can choose stickers, stencils, a pencil, a coloring brush, or coloring pens from menu items in the right column. At the top of the scene, a microphone is available for students to record themselves. Del 3: Serier/animeringar. I stort sett alla elever kan associera till serietidningar, tecknade serier och animerade filmer.

del 3: Serier/animeringar

Just därför är tecknade serier ett redskap som är ypperligt att använda i undervisningen. En annan stor fördel är att serier går att använda i de flesta/alla skolämnen och med alla åldrar. Ett lätt sätt att komma igång om man aldrig använt serier i undervisningen tidigare är att introducera ett av nedanstående verktyg och sedan ge eleverna i läxa att skapa en serie inom det som ni håller på med i ämnet just nu. Nästa lektion använder ni elevernas läxor som ett bra diskussionsunderlag.

Ett konkret exempel: eleverna får i läxa att skapa en uppgift i matematik i form av en serie till nästa lektion. Comic Life 2. StoryTop Story Maker - Create Simple Image Based Stories. StoryTop is a good web-based tool for creating digital stories and comics.

StoryTop Story Maker - Create Simple Image Based Stories

StoryTop features an easy-to-use drag and drop tool for creating your story. To use Story Top simply select your background, characters, and text bubbles from the menu and drag them into your story box. After selecting the basic story elements you can then add additional elements like plants, animals, and vehicles. When your story is complete you can save it in your Story Top account or send it to friend. City Creator. Bästa verktygen för att att dra ett namn. Dart Board Selector Här kan du kopiera klistra in dina elevers namn och sedan kasta den virtuella pilen.

Bästa verktygen för att att dra ett namn

Du måste registrera dig för att kunna använda det. Classtolls Random Name Picker Random Name Picker är gratis att använda och inte kräver en registrering på Du kan återanvända dina sparade listor. Random Name Selector är ett enkelt verktyg för att dra ett namn från en lista som du har skapat. Fruit Machine.

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ABCya! Animate for iPad. Reflections on “California school integrates play with learning” [] California school integrates play with learning – from Excerpts: STUDENT: I really like school now.

Reflections on “California school integrates play with learning” []

Like, I’m actually psyched to come. STUDENT: It just makes me feel good. STUDENT: I wake up every morning and I’m just like, yes. APRIL BROWN: These students have been taking part in a new experiment in educational innovation known as the PlayMaker School. APRIL BROWN: And, if nothing else, they have figured out how to make kids like Isaac Prevatt look forward to school. ISAAC PREVATT, Student: At my old school, I dreaded it every single day. From DSC:Tony Wagner’s recent keynote mentions the importance of play, passion, and purpose in education. I have it that we need to create learning environments and pedagogies that cultivate situations whereby students at least like to learn. Why? Because most of us are now required to be lifelong learners in order to remain marketable.