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26 iPad Apps to Transform Your Teaching. A Splendid Collection of Apps and Tools for Enhancing Kids Creative Thinking. Crear Apps. Creative Apps. Eight Great Apps for Educators to Create, Display and Share. Nancy White/Flickr By Kathy E. Gill, PBS MediaShift For educators looking to integrate iPads, iPods and other mobile devices, here are eight must-have apps that will make life easier to do things like move files, capture lectures, read PDFs, and much more. 1.

COPY, Freemium With cloud file storage, there’s no need to email yourself a copy of that Powerpoint lecture or video clip; just save it to the cloud and access it later from campus. In the U.S., our markets tend toward duopoly and oligopoly: FedX and UPS; Apple, Microsoft and Google; Facebook and Twitter. And none as easy to use as Dropbox — until now. In mid-May, security company Barracuda Networks tripled the free storage on its fledgling cloud service Copy from 5GB to 15GB. Copy makes it easy to share files or folders, to share publicly or privately, and to share view-only (student assignments) or sync-and-edit (collaboration).

Kahn Academy has spotlighted the possibilities inherent in recorded, screen-captured mini-lectures. 5. 6. Handouts for a Perfectly Paperless Classroom. 22 Aug Handouts is a paperless student/teacher platform for tablet-centered classrooms. With this app teachers can create handouts to distribute to students by taking a picture of a paper activity sheet or importing digital files they’ve already made. Teachers can select which handouts they want to distribute and send them to the whole class or individual students. Once students are sent handouts they can open them on their tablet and use their finger or a stylus to complete the activity. Visit Handouts’ website to learn more about this workflow solution for iPad and Android tablets! Like this: Like Loading... Tags: assessment, student work, workflow. iCreate Apps. Add notes and 30 second videos to an image using ThingLink .Even more features are available when using the web tool.

You will need to set up an account the first time you use this app. Students create a character, import a photo background, and create a 30 sec. video to save, email, or embed. Search for Collins Big Cat books in the App Store. Students will love the Story Creator feature to create their own story or re-tell the story from the book. ThingLink was used to create this page. The apps on this page are great to use for "App- Smashing! " This is just one of 8 free books. Read more on "app-smashing" Instruktioner till en favoritapp – Explain Everything | gunillaalmgrenback. Recension av Aurasma - Förstärkt verklighet som eleverna själva skapar.

Användningsområden Aurasma låter dig enkelt och snabbt tagga bilder, objekt eller byggnader och låta dessa få liv med hjälp av ditt eget digitala innehåll. Låter det krångligt? Det är det inte och eleverna kommer älska möjligheten att inte bara publicera sitt material via länkar och hemsidor utan även genom att placera ut bilder och video geografiskt eller knutet till en viss symbol eller bild. Så här kan det se ut när man hittar en sk. Aura med digitalt innehåll. Bildkälla: Låt mig ge dig ett exempel på hur Aurasma skulle kunna användas i ett projekt i skolan. Eleverna sätter sen upp sina bilder på en vägg i klassrummet. Filmen nedan visar hur elever och lärare på Shaw Wood Primary School använder sig av Aurasma. Vill du testa? Ett tips är att märka saker som är kopplade till en Aura med en symbol, förslagsvis det lila A som är logotypen för Aurasma. Funktioner Tänk utanför appen Man kan även ha skattjakt. Undervisningens syfte. Seesaw: The Learning Journal Overview.

The Creativity and the Common Core Collection by Linda Nitsche. The Maker/Coding Apps Collection by Elizabeth Espinoza. Useful iPad Apps and Activities to Teach Social Studies. Using iPad apps to create | guest post on by @BookChook | #digitalliteracy #weteach. The following guest post is written by the amazing and incredible Susan Stephenson, of The Book Chook. Susan is my Australian friend who has tons of fab ideas on children’s literacy, learning, and more. Using iPad Apps to Create, by Susan Stephenson I love what the iPad offers young learners.I’m especially excited about opportunities it gives to create their own content, whether that be in the form of text, images, video and other media, or combinations of these.Creative thinking is incredibly important to children’s future learning, and finding opportunities for kids to create rather than consume via technology is fantastic.Even pre-schoolers can create on the iPad, and an iPad Mini is kinder to little hands.

The camera is a built-in tool that little ones love exploring with. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of apps that older kids can use. Combining apps is a wonderful way for children to get even more from the iPad. Other posts in the series: Comments comments. Using the Aurasma App in the Classroom.

Last week, I posted a couple of articles on how to use the free Aurasma app ( Using the Aurasma App and Using the Aurasma App, Continued ). I also recently posted some Holiday Cards that I created with the app (and the help of a few other free apps). I promised to gives some ideas about how Aurasma can be used in the classroom, but we are still not there quite yet… First of all, let’s talk about sharing. You can use the Aurasma app to create an “aura”, and the newest version of Aurasma actually allows you to make your aura public.

You can share by e-mailing the link to someone. You can also share by making your aura public when you save it, and then making sure the other devices are logged in to the same Aurasma account. Another way that you can share is to create an Aurasma channel. Things may have changed with Aurasma’s recent upgrade, but the following instructions for obtaining a channel are from Aurasma’s Forum: Video Tutorials for Teachers on Using Augmented Reality App Aurasma. July 3, 2014 Talking about augmented reality technology in teaching and learning the first thing that comes to mind is this wonderful app called Aurasma. Since its release a few years ago, Aurasma gained so much in popularity and several teachers have already embraced it within their classrooms.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with how Aurasma works and how to use in it in your class, the video tutorials below will help you out. Aurasma is an augmented reality app that’s changing the way millions of people see and interact with the world. Bring tagged images, objects and even physical locations to life with interactive digital content, such as video, animations and 3D scenes ( called Auras). 1- Aurasma demo 2- Aurasma iPad App tutorial 3- How to create and publish and Aura 4- How to create and view a location based aura 5- Creating and using 3D models 6- Teaching with Aurasma 7- Example of how Shaw Primary school uses Aurasma.

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