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101 iPad Tips & Tricks. Use these iPad tips and tricks to do more with your iPad Air, iPad mini and every other iPad running iOS 7.

101 iPad Tips & Tricks

This list of over 100 iPad tips and tricks is broken down by tips to help you get started, use the keyboard better, surf the web on the iPad easier, sync your photos, data and calendars as well as get the most out of your iPad with entertainment apps and services. Whether you just bought an iPad, or you’ve had one for years, these useful iPad tips and tricks will show you new ways to do more with your iPad. Most of these are already built-in to your iPad, but a few will require buying an iPad accessory, iPad apps or signing up for a service. If you want to get to know how to use the iPad like a pro with useful shortcuts that will have you typing faster, being more productive and enjoying your iPad more, this is what you need to know.

1851605.pdf?fn=GettingStartedwithiPadsTipsyouNEED.pdf&st=-S8IEaecl48vJByUyqTf7A&e=1436008720&ip=78.73.19. Allan's Blog. Powered by Traduttore When I received the invitation from the new Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, I decided to completely upgrade two seminar workshops.

Allan's Blog

Dr Ian Green from the School of Education here at Adelaide and I have used Padagogy101 (introduction to iPad in HE) and Padagogy201 (more advanced use for L&T) to train over 600 faculty from universities in Australia. For Singapore, Ian wasn’t going to be with me and I was solo, as well I needed a better way to leave resources in place for people to revisit.

However I was completely surprised at what else happened. Bloom’s Taxonomy Paint Palette. Posted by admin | Posted in Anastasis Academy, Blooms Taxonomy, Grade Level, professional development, Teacher Resources | Posted on 18-07-2013 Tags: analyze, anastasis, apply, Art, artist, blend, blooms taxonomy, create, evaluate, graphic, kelly Tenkely, knowledge, learning, paint palette, painting, remember, understand An article I read this week had me thinking about Bloom’s Taxonomy and what learning really is.

Bloom’s Taxonomy Paint Palette

It led to me coming up with a new graphic for Bloom’s Taxonomy, this one a Paint Palette. I like thinking about Bloom’s in the form of an artist paint palette because each color has equal importance. For an artist, the greatest beauty comes in the mixing of colors. At Anastasis, we encourage our students to look at learning through a variety of lenses and outcomes. iBuildApp - Create Android and iPhone App, Free, No Coding Required.