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With €1M funding, this Dutch startup wants to unclutter the internet | Silicon Canals. This article will take you 3 minute(s) to read As spoiled inhabitants of the digital age we have started to take accessibility to all kinds of information for granted. But while all the data you could want is just one mouse-click away, it has become increasingly hard to find the relevant information you are looking for. Dutch startup aims to filter the online waste and enable people to find the information they want. “Reddit meets Pinterest meets Wikipedia” enables communities and organisations to create their own platforms in order to help people find those needles in the digital haystack. No More White Noise Founder Wim Korevaar explains he got the idea for out of his own frustration with the lack of well curated information available online.

Two types of platforms Anyone can share content on platforms. . € 1M in funding started out on the University of Twente in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Wakelet - Ocean Preservation Wake - Save, curate and share the things you love.