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Sydney’s Best Pest Control Service Providers. Prevention The first step in protecting a house is to prevent termites from gaining access.

Sydney’s Best Pest Control Service Providers

This is achieved by placing a barrier under or around the house. Barriers are designed to deter termites or bring their presence out into the open. Barriers can be physical or chemical in nature. Specialized Company for Pest Control Services. Specialized Termite Pest Control Services in Western Sydney. Subterranean termites or “white-ants” are highly organised and destructive timber pests, causing major structural timber damage to buildings in the Western Sydney region.

Specialized Termite Pest Control Services in Western Sydney

Falls Pest Control has more than Twenty years practical experience in termite protection of buildings in the Western Sydney region – phone 0415413229. A major economic pest: Recent industry surveys suggest about one third of all unprotected properties in NSW are subject to attack by subterranean termites. Most homes are at risk in the Western Sydney – particularly in built-up urban areas or where well established gum trees are within a 100 metre radius of the building. The problem is getting worse: Severe termite damage to homes in the Western Sydney region is on the increase since the removal in 1995 of the long lasting soil barrier chemicals; the more common use of softwood building and landscaping timbers in the garden area which termites find irresistible eg timber mulch and railway sleepers.

Cost Effective Pest Control Services Penrith. Picton’s Best Pest Control Solutions. Insects and pests find our houses as a perfect breeding area for them.

Picton’s Best Pest Control Solutions

There are many insects that cannot be found until its too late like wood-destroying organisms such as termites these disrupt the enjoyment and safety of your family. Falls Pest Control is providing the pest control service for over 20 years and are experts in the most fields of the pest control. High Standard Termite Control Treatments. Affordable Termite Treatment Services Sydney. High Quality Termite Treatment Services. Termite Inspection Services by Experts Picton.