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BibViz Project - Bible Contradictions, Misogyny, Violence, Inaccuracies interactively visualized. Symbols & Sigils. Metaphysical & Paranormal podcasts. Mysticism, etc. Magickal Reference. Other books of info. OCCULT PORTALS. Mythology. The Greatest Fake Religion of All Time. Some other will have to finish it... best by creating a refutation of his work Flagged Why refutation?

The Greatest Fake Religion of All Time

Anyway, it's been almost a couple of decades since the last part was published. I don't see a great chance of it being ever completed. A shame, since they were very good books. By refutation I mean someone having fun by pretending his work is serious scholarship and writing counter-arguments to any points real or otherwise RAW might have been making. Wilson actually wrote plenty of serious non-fiction, as well, meant to discuss his philosophy a more matter of factly, instead of relying on Operation Mindfuck all the time. But Historical Illuminatus Chronicles is a series of novels that doesn't really lend itself well to that kind of thing, in any case. Magick. Vodou. The Intenders of the Highest Good. Godchecker - your guide to the Gods. The Intention Process. The Labyrinth. My Akashic Journey. I began reading my own Akashic Records in January of 2010.

My Akashic Journey

Once I became comfortable with the records, I began reading them for close friends. Over the past two years, I have witnessed how these readings have helped change my friends and myself for the better. On this page, I will share some of our story, to show others who are curious how the records can help them better connect in a world that was once so separated, but is now finding its way back toward the light and unity consciousness.

What ARE the Akashic Records? I first learned the term “Akashic Record” about four years ago, when I began studying crystal healing. Before I begin sharing my journey through myAkashic Records, I thought it may be helpful to first explain what they are in the very simplest of terms. What they are Maybe it’s best to start with what the Akashic Records are NOT. In all seriousness, the records are most likely kept with your higher self. How to access the records How you know you’re “in”

The Craft

Tarot. Santisima Muerte: Most Holy Death. I first met La Santisima Muerte -- "The Most Holy Death" -- in Austin Texas, down at Cantu's Herbaria.

Santisima Muerte: Most Holy Death

I saw a row of statues of what seemed to be a typical European "Grim Reaper" rather unexpectedly holding a balanced pair of scales and standing with one foot upon a stylized Aztec skull. Underneath the figure, when i picked up a statue, i could see an assortment of embedded lucky charms: lucky Abrus precatorius red "beans", grains of wheat, and a lucky trunk-up elephant.

Another statue had a cross of Carava charm, some rice, and a pinch of magnetic sand inside. I was intrigued by the lucky charms encased within what seemed to be a dire and forboding figure, and so i asked who "he" was, but i was quickly corrected: La Santisima Muerte is a SHE. The shop owner, Mrs. Later, down in San Jose, California, at Dos Aguas Botanica, where i bought my first statuette of Santisima Muerte, i was told that "women perform a novena to her to keep men faithful.

" So who was this Holy Death? LA SANTA MUERTE. The Santa Muerte Mexican Goddess of death and the dead The Santa Muerte also known as Santisima Muerte is the beloved goddess of death who's origins date to the Pre Hispanic period of Mexico.


The Mexica knew her by another name MICTECACIHUATL "Lady of the Land of the Dead" another spelling may be MICTLANTECIHUATL, she was believed to be a protector of souls residing in the dark underworld. Mistress to MICTLANTECAHTLI Lord of Mictlan Land of the dead Lord of Darkness . The Mexica depicted Mictecacihuatl as a woman in traditional Mexica female garb adorned or decorated with flags which were put upon corpses prepared for cremation, she wears a skull mask with a beak portruding from the nasal cavity of the skull mask, or perhaps it is a knife or blade thereof. The holiday was moved in post-conquest times by the Spanish Priests to coincide with All Hallows Eve, a vain attempt by the priests to convert this sacred day to a Christian holiday. La Huesuda ( the Boney Lady) her various forms.

Curanderismo - Magic or Trabajo of healing art, Ritual and Spiritual healing, Psychic readings and Witchcraft. Many who have heard of Curanderismo have a narrow view of what it really is and what it involves.

Curanderismo - Magic or Trabajo of healing art, Ritual and Spiritual healing, Psychic readings and Witchcraft.

This misunderstanding probably comes from the Spanish word itself, "curar", meaning "to heal". Shamanism.