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Sewing machines. A Site for People-Powered Sewing Machine Users. I have made this page to store and distribute useful documents of the smaller sorts - there will not be full manuals here, but attachments instructions, odd charts, and the like.Submissions welcome, please email me at to discuss Click on the links below to download a printable pdf document for each thing...

A Site for People-Powered Sewing Machine Users

Chart of the different Top-Clamping Feet dimensions Patterns for the Singer Automatic Zigzagger Cams A Singer "comic" paper False Hemstitcher Attachment instructions. Home Page. Davis Vertical Feed restoration. I got this Davis Vertical Feed 2 on eBay for $30 (plus shipping).

Davis Vertical Feed restoration

It arrived full of gunk and rust, barely moving, and smelling of smoke. Davis VF Model Identification. The Davis Vertical Feed is a fascinating sewing machine that does not have feed dogs.

Davis VF Model Identification

Fabric is advanced by the needle and presser foot, see photo at left courtesy of Susan J. This page was created by the Davis VF Yahoo group as an aid for collectors in identifying their machine models and finding out what versions of shuttles and needles they use. A tensioning trick you may not know - blog - fabric store. Did you know that your bobbin case has its own tensioner?

A tensioning trick you may not know - blog - fabric store

Many sewers don't. If you're experiencing difficulty with tensioning your machine, it might be that your bobbin tension is too loose (or, less frequently, too tight). To test your bobbin tension, remove the bobbin case and bobbin from your machine and hold the end of your bobbin thread. Swiftly pull up on the thread. Understanding Thread Tension. By Claire Shaefferexcerpted from Threads #78, pp. 39-41 Many sewers avoid the tension dials on their machines like the plague, certain they'll only make matters worse if they make adjustments.

Understanding Thread Tension

In fact, there's nothing very mysterious about setting and adjusting thread tensions on your sewing machine, whatever its make and model. What's potentially more confusing is that many apparently tension-related problems are caused by factors other than misadjusted tension dials. Let's look closely at how to identify and correct "tension" problems, both with and without touching the tension settings. Don't miss other sewing machine tutorials like this one by purchasing a print subscription of Threads magazine.

Antique Sewing Machine Vintage Sewing Machine Antique and Vintage Sewing Machines. Show N Tell. The machine is a 1904 Singer Model 27, serial number B82243, and is a good example of a (non-Singer) sewing machine shop rebuild for electrification, probably sometime in the late 40s or early 50s.

Show N Tell

My 1951 Brewers Parts Catalog shows most of the aftermarket fittings that were used to modify the machine. The low BW lug has been ground off. Not a bad job, and the light has to be just right to see it. The Singer badge plate was removed and the mounting holes filled in. A new #1552 Singer Long Shuttle Bobbin Winder Guard ($0.60) replaced the original belt guard, mounted with the original single screw in top. Results for Decals. Flea Market - Events. NEW HOME JANOME SEWING MACHINE, SEWALOT. New Home The early trademark of the New Home Company.


The sprinting greyhound Johnson, Clark & Co Established in 1860 as Johnson & Clark the company, through various buyouts and takeovers, became New Home and eventually Janome. For over 150 years they have been producing sewing machines. "I will have a New Home or a divorce. The company was originally founded as Johnson & Clark of Orange, Massachusetts. Sewing machine manual. Journal of domestic appliances. Buying and Selling Vintage Sewing Machines. Singer-model-201-sewing-machine-manual. Threading Diagrams for Industrial and Domestic Sewing Machines. Sewing Machine Booklist - Books on Sewing Machine Repair & Maintenance.

April 22, 2014.

Sewing Machine Booklist - Books on Sewing Machine Repair & Maintenance

Sewing Machine Bobbin Cases. Brother sewing machine Instrcution Manual. Singer Sewing Machines Tension Adjustment & Calibration. This article kindly submitted by Charles Day The calibration of tension on Singer sewing machines is quiet straight forward, but it does have to be performed in the correct order.

Singer Sewing Machines Tension Adjustment & Calibration

The bottom tension MUST be correctly set BEFORE the top tension is adjusted. Under normal circumstances the bottom tension does not change in use, so once set correctly it should not have to be checked again. The need to adjust the bottom tension therefore mainly applies only to second hand machines you are not used to, or if the bobbin holder is changed for some reason. The adjustment principle of the bottom tension is similar for all Singer machines whether they use the vibrating shuttle boat type bobbin case (VS, 28, 128 etc.), the horizontally mounted removable bobbin case (15, 221, 222, 301) or the oscillating shuttle carrier with drop in bobbins (66, 99, 201 etc). Lower Tension Adjusting Screw Later models used an upgraded upper tension control that incorporated a numbered dial into the adjustment nut.

Treadle On. FREE Online sewing machine manuals. BROTHER LS-2125I INSTRUCTION MANUAL Pdf Download. Historical Trade Literature in Smithsonian Collections. Singer® Sewing Company. Servicingtreadles. Servicing a Treadle A sewing machine treadle is a very basic and simple machine, beautifully so in it's way.


All it really is is a framework to hold a drive wheel, a pedal and a pitman rod that connects them. The whole is held together with large screws and bolts. When you work the pedal, the pitman rod drives the wheel through a crank or eccentric connection… that's it. Of course, a belt is connected to the wheel and in turns drives the sewing machine, but for now all we are talking about is the treadle itself.

Things you will need to service your treadle: A very large flat head screwdriver. A short, or stubby but fairly large bladed flat head screwdriver. Two adjustable end wrenches or a good set of open or box end wrenches, US Standard A pair of pliers A hammer A can of Liquid Wrench ® or kerosene A tube of Singer motor grease, or other light grease Possibly a can of really heavy grease, like water pump grease Tweezers. Singer Model 27 and 127. The Singer Model 27 and later model 127 were a series of lockstitch sewing machines produced by the Singer Manufacturing Company from the 1880s to the 1960s.

(The 27 and the 127 were full-size versions of the Singer 28 and later model 128 which were three-quarter size). They were Singer's first sewing machines to make use of "vibrating shuttle" technology. Millions were produced.[1] They are all steel and were built before the advent of planned obsolescence, and so they were designed to be repaired rather than replaced.[2] Consequently many remain today, some in collections and others still in service. In company literature they were called "the woman's faithful friend the world over".[3] Identifying characteristics[edit]