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Cover creators. Cover creators. - Writing Resource & Author Website. Making Money From Writing, Part 1: Short Story Markets. People write for all sorts of reasons, but today we are going to talk about how to make money out of your stories.

Making Money From Writing, Part 1: Short Story Markets

Whether you write short stories or novels, or anything in between, there are a number of different markets out there. If you are aiming to make a living from your stories, or at least supplement your income, you should be aware of all of them. Short Story Magazines You can sell a short story to magazines, both online and offline, and receive a fee in return. Rates go from nothing or a few free copies, right up to pro rates of $0.05 a word or higher.

Duotrope is an excellent search engine for short story markets. Ralan is another, more geared towards science-fiction, horror, and fantasy. The Absolute Write forum is an excellent resource for short story writers and you can get the skinny on what editors are looking for, and they way they like submissions to appear. S Tech Tips And Computer Help » Easily Create An eBook Cover in Photoshop » Print. Posted By Ruxandra Micu On March 31, 2014 @ 3:21 PM In Photo Editing | No Comments Do you want to create an eBook?

s Tech Tips And Computer Help » Easily Create An eBook Cover in Photoshop » Print

If the answer is yes, then you’re in the right place. In this easy Photoshop tutorial, I will show you how to create your own eBook cover, using basic Photoshop techniques. This tutorial is for beginners and it can be easily understood by anyone. I will show you three types of eBook covers: one with text and simple graphics, another based on the clipping mask technique, and the third one using a beautiful background photograph. At the end of each eBook cover design presented here, you’ll get a download link with the fully editable .PSD file. 1. The first thing you have to do when you start designing an eBook cover in Photoshop, is creating a new file. For this eBook cover, I’ll use a wallpaper image (image source: You can use any photo you want, as long as it has the proper resolution. Guides are very important. Top 5 Online Resources for Short Story Markets.

It is received wisdom that in order to get a book published you should start by placing short stories in literary magazines.

Top 5 Online Resources for Short Story Markets

Like most received wisdom, this is hogwash. It is easier to get a book published than it is to get a short story placed in any kind of reputable literary magazine. (That being said, there are literary magazines of ill repute, and your stories may wind up sliding down the slippery slope into a few of them.) Not only is it hard to break into the literary magazine scene, it takes forever. Literary magazines are often staffed by underpaid, overworked grad students, who will take a minimum of three months to respond to your submission – if at all. So, why bother?

Here are the most extensive, and most useful, resources for finding the perfect home for your short story. Poets & Writers is always my first stop when I am looking for a short story market. Welcome to Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine! If you missed B.

Welcome to Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine!

K. Stevens' Macavity- and Agatha-nominated story "Thea's First Husband" in the June 2012 issue, don't miss it here! MYSTERY PLACE BOOKS announces a new DIGITAL ANTHOLOGY:Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine Presents: 13 Tales of New American Gothic. Get your copy today! Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine BLOG Join the conversation. . . at Trace Evidence, where Linda Landrigan and guests blog about mysteries, short stories, and the craft of writing.

AHMM Podcasts We are now hosting the very best of crime fiction podcasts! INTERVIEW SERIES:Bestselling author Lawrence Block is no stranger to the pages of AHMM and EQMM. The digital version of Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine is now available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iPad, Magzter, Google Play and Kobo. Welcome to Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine!

Our final issue of 2014 deals with families and relationships, and of course crime, mayhem, and suspense.

Welcome to Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine!

The tension first peaks in Joyce Carol Oates’s “Equatorial,” about a husband and wife who travel to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands, the wife feeling more endangered every moment as she pieces together bits of the past and perceives the perils of the rugged terrain. The conflicts of home are brought across international borders in Christine Poulson’s white-knuckle adventure “Roller-Coaster Ride” as well, set in Denmark, where an English mother with two-small kids suspects she’s being followed by her ex-husband. And in Hilary Davidson’s “My Sweet Angel of Death,” a grieving mother tries to find solace on a South American ranch, only to find that a serial abductor and killer may be on the lose.

Parental relationships also feature in Allan J. Romantic relationships of various sorts provide the pivot for the remaining stories in the issue.