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Daily Latest News Updates and Informative Content - HoursTv. Rosie Gabrielle Explains Her Journey Towards Marriage. The Canadian vlogger, Rosie Gabrielle, and Pakistani travel vlogger, Adeel Amer recently became a couple.

Rosie Gabrielle Explains Her Journey Towards Marriage

Gabrielle took the liberty to talk about her wedding with the Amer on social media. She shared her happy thoughts to let the world know about her decision regarding her marriage. Her Instagram account confirmed the wedding as her posts revealed long and loveable captions. Last year, the Canadian vlogger visited Pakistan and embraced Islam. Supposedly, her journey towards marrying a Pakistani started from that particular moment. Besides, the couple shared a dance at their wedding which became viral among their fans. Jim Norton Net worth- A Reflection of How Much Sarcasm Pays. A good sarcasm always pays a person in one form or other.

Jim Norton Net worth- A Reflection of How Much Sarcasm Pays

And, those who practice it professionally are likely to be better off in term of their financial status. At least this is what case of Jim Norton net worth proves. The comedian, presenter and author Jim Norton is indeed a millionaire due to his brilliant skills of enthralling the audience with his dark humor and observational comedy. Mortal Kombat Movie 2021 Trailer Revives 1990s Game World. The official trailer of the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie 2021 might be the latest piece of attraction for both the movie and gaming freaks.

Mortal Kombat Movie 2021 Trailer Revives 1990s Game World

The particular reason behind the supposed craze for this imminent film is its relevance with the arcade Mortal Kombat game. The tenure of the certain videogame initiated in 1992, when the very first version of the game started to fill children’s hearts with joy. The sequencing went on for a good number of years as gamers shifted from SEGA video console to Xbox series X to play this thriller videogame. Besides, the movie seemingly portrays traits of the game as the film characters’ resemblance with the game’s is uncanny. Pawri Girl Meme Becomes Popular among Indian Celebrities.

For many days, Pakistani social media users have been entertaining the public with Pawri girl memes from Dananeer Mobeen’s viral “Pawri Ho Rahi Hai video” by a Pakistani social media influencer, Dananeer Mobeen.

Pawri Girl Meme Becomes Popular among Indian Celebrities

Well, in beginning the meme was popular only among the young social media users in Pakistan, but now it has gained fandom across the border as too. Aside from these entertainers, some Indian celebrities have also acknowledged the trend and jumped right into the amusement. Certain popular personalities of India also imitated the pawri girl by quoting her dialogue. Best Way of How to Donate Robux With or Without BC. Roblox is a growing platform for gamers who are enthusiastic to bring out their creations in a virtual place that allows users to experience an ultimate fun.

Best Way of How to Donate Robux With or Without BC

Just like other online gaming websites Roblox also allows buying and selling of games and items through a customized currency Robux, which possesses some real dollars worth. Roblox is a community of over 70 million monthly active users who need to know how to donate Robux for continuing their interactions and enjoying the favorite games by buying and selling game passes. Well, the answer of how to donate Robux is a bit complex than that of how much money have I spent on League.

In the second case, one logs on to the website of Riot Games and goes through his/her account to and gets to know about resources spent on the game. Sajid Ali the Son of Ali Sadpara Confirms Father's Death. Muhammad Ali Sadpara, the renowned Pakistani mountaineer, went climbing the second-highest mountain of the world, K2, and never came back.

Sajid Ali the Son of Ali Sadpara Confirms Father's Death

On February 5, 2021, he went missing along with other mountaineers John Snorri of Iceland and John Peblo Mohr of Chile. Sadpara’s son Sajid had come back from the bottleneck after his oxygen regulator reportedly failed. He waited for his father and team for hours but came down when they didn’t come. Daily Latest News Updates and Informative Content - HoursTv. 10 Most Famous TikTokers With More Than 30 Million Followers. Tik Tok is a viral video app that is severely popular among Gen Z.

10 Most Famous TikTokers With More Than 30 Million Followers

Best Way of How to Donate Robux With or Without BC. Naseebo Lal Doesn't Seem Bothered by Criticism of PSL 6 Anthem. The upcoming Pakistan Super League introduced its anthem sung by Naseebo Lal, Aima Baig, and Young Stunners.

Naseebo Lal Doesn't Seem Bothered by Criticism of PSL 6 Anthem

However, as it has become the tradition the PSL6 anthem didn’t go well with the mood of several listeners for many reasons. The disappointed public started flooding social media platforms with negative comments and memes as well. However, the trolling didn’t stop there as a few renowned faces also contributed negativity and disapproval towards the PSL 6 anthem. Most Famous Tiktokers In Pakistan With Millions Of Followers. TikTok is one of the widely famous apps around the globe since a huge number of people find it attractive and amusing.

Most Famous Tiktokers In Pakistan With Millions Of Followers

The application was started as a time-killing platform for people who like to make videos and entertain others with their skills. While TikTok was already gaining popularity it became more popular in the world amidst coronavirus pandemic. In countries like Pakistan where smartphone users are increasing day by day, there are millions of TikTok users. The most famous tiktokers in Pakistan have millions of viewers and followers that supposedly admire the work of these personalities. Due to the technological advancements, divirse people who possess some sort of entertaining talent wishes to find a medium to showcase his/her skills. React Native Vs Flutter Debate Is Never Going To End. React Native Vs Flutter is one of the major debates in software development right now.

React Native Vs Flutter Debate Is Never Going To End

There are basically two options in terms of mobile development, native and cross platform. Native is when the app is exclusive to run on only one platform (Android, iOS, Linux, or Windows etc) while cross-platform development allows the app to run on multiple platforms. With increasing volume of smartphones in the market, the demand for more and more cross-platform apps have also increased over the years.

React Native and Flutter and two of the most popular open-source cross platform framework to develop mobile apps. They are similar in few ways as they use a single code base for cross-platform apps with developer-friendly UI, but also differ in many aspects of app development. PSL 2021 Schedule and Events Will Surely Excite Pakistanis. The PSL 2021 schedule is out making fans mark the dates on the calendar for fun-filled games. Pakistan Super League is not only popular for the game of cricket and the thrill associated with it but also for other reasons like social media entertainment.

Earlier, it was anticipated the pandemic may make it difficult to enjoy the upcoming season of PSL. 5 Funny Super Bowl Commercials that are Entertaining than Game. Some really funny Super Bowl commercials appeared during the big game on Sunday, 7th February 2021. Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs by 31 – 9 in the finals. Tom Brady set another NFL record by becoming the Most Valuable Player (MVP) for the fifth time by scoring three touchdowns.

Another MVP of this match were the ads, which spiced up an already the thrilling Sunday night. Pakistan Hopes The Safe Return Of Ali Sadpara And Friends. The search and rescue mission for the mountaineers Muhammad Ali Sadpara (Pakistan), John Snorri (Iceland), and Juan Pablo (Chile) has entered third day. According to the reports, there is certainty that all three men have successfully completed the K2 Winter Summit 2021, but got lost on their way back. Pakistan military is responsible for finding the signs while the public is hoping not to hear any devastating news. Many have doubted the safety of Ali Sadpara and others, including his own son. PSL 6 Anthem Hits Pakistanis Different than Expected. Pakistani cricket fans have been impatiently waiting for the start of Pakistan Super League (PSL) season 6, along with the excitement for this tournament’s anthem. For the past few years, some PSL anthems have been criticized for many reasons. This time it was supposed to be different as it included three different and opposite generations of Pakistan’s music.

Yet, the public reacted by making hysterical memes on the content of PSL 6 anthem. It seems that the public has never been satisfied with the theme songs of the Pakistan Super League. DALING DL-1035 - 3 in 1 hair clipper and Shaving Rechargeable Washable Men Grooming Kit: Buy Online at Best Prices in Pakistan. Kemei KM-2512 - Professional Hair Clipper - Silver: Buy Online at Best Prices in Pakistan. Go Beauty Point Pakistan - Viral Video of Dancing Woman Overshadows Myanmar Coup. A striking video of a dancing woman during the ominous coup in Myanmar has gone viral internationally. Most of the internet has forgotten about the shocking takeover of an entire country by its own military. They have been discussing less about the political impact and talking more about this highly sarcastic dance in the face of civil oppression.

How Disney Plus Series about Wakanda Points to a New Marvel Movie? The big news for the Marvel as well as Chadwick Boseman’s fans is that they will watch a Disney Plus Series about Black Panther’s origin. Robinhood Faces Criticism For Limiting GameStop Stock Trade. Popular trading app Robinhood has limited users from trading GameStop Stock (GME) after it shook up the market. Individuals investors coordinated on social media and bought shares of struggling companies. Will Dogecoin Price Surge Past 1 Dollar In 2021?

Dogecoin price surged over 500% in one day after Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted a picture of dog. This picture was in the form of popular fashion magazine named Vogue. High Petrol Price Is Causing Trouble For Pakistanis. Original Flawless Laser Facial Hair Remover For Women Painless Hair Remover For Gentle And Smooth Skin For All Body Parts Ladies Shaver Machine With Heavy Duty cell: Buy Online at Best Prices in Pakistan. 2in1 Hair Straightner and Curler nova Mini Hair Straightner Professional Hair Straightner: Buy Online at Best Prices in Pakistan. WhatsApp Memes Flood Social Media After New Update. What Went Wrong at UCP Students Protest and Why? How Elon Musk Raised GameStop Stocks With One Word?

Video game retailer GameStop (GME) enjoyed a historic spike in its stock price thanks to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. Cause Of Bushfire In Australia Raises Suspicion. Upcoming Horror Game The Medium Will Haunt Your Soul. Godzilla Vs Kong Trailer Reveals the Biggest Movie Merge. Kemei KM - 3088 Professional Hair Dryer Machine Electric Ions Folding Compact Travel Blow DryerTraveller Household Electric: Buy Online at Best Prices in Pakistan. Bernie Sanders Memes Steal The Show At Biden Inauguration. Where to Buy PSL 6 Tickets before It’s Too Late? Netflix’s Fate The Winx Club Saga might Revive Your Childhood. Is Jack Ma Really Back After his Mysterious Disappearance? 5 Best Mid Range Smartphones with Optimum Features. Why Hareem Shah slapped Mufti Qavi In the Face? What Is The Upcoming SRK Movie Pathan All About?

Why Virat and Anushka Baby Pictures Are Not Viral Yet? Kylie Jenner Hand Sanitizer Faces Criticism for Cashing on Pandemic. Truth About WhatsApp Privacy Policy May Not Be What You Think. Who Is This Goat Looking Fellow from US Capitol Hill Riot. Elon Musk Vs Jeff Bezos: A New World’s Richest Person. Two Fingers Virginity Tests for Rape Victims Are Now Illegal In Pakistan. Daily Latest News Updates and Informative Content - HoursTv. Imprisoned Chinese Journalist Questions the Government's Intents. What Is Coronavirus Vaccine Passport And Why You Need It? WhatsApp Stops Working on Old Smartphones Benefiting Manufacturers. Most watched Classic Christmas Movies On Streaming Platforms. 5 Cool Social Media Trends that Can Compromise Users Data. Where the Last Solar Eclipse of 2020 Will Be Visible. 5 Differentiating Features between Android 11 and iOS 14. Why Gmail and YouTube Went Down in Different Countries. Pakistani Celebrities that Made It to Google Search Trends.

Pakistani Dramas that People Searched the Most in 2020. 5 Desi Fashion Trends of Winter 2020 For Women. Will Facebook Sell Instagram and WhatsApp after Government's Pressure. Christchurch Shooter Became Radical from YouTube Videos. Aiman Khan Makes It to Asia's 100 Digital Stars List. Indian Farmers Protest Turns into Shut Down India Call. Can Nike Plus Size Mannequins Help End Body Shaming? Diljit Dosanjh and Kangana Ranaut Fight Over Farmers Protest in India. Unnecessary Pakistani Wedding Traditions that Couples Must Avoid. Chilling Adventure of Sabrina Trailer Reveals A Twist. Alcoholic Drink Ginnah Named after Muhammad Ali Jinnah Goes Viral. Who Is Accusing Babar Azam of Sexual Harassment and Why. Public Enjoys Beat-Up Video of Nadeem Nani Wala in Viral Video. Funny Memes Admire Shafqat Mehmood for Closing Schools in Pakistan. What Are the 7 Seas and 5 Oceans of the World.

After Death of Khadim Hussain Rizvi Who Will Lead TLP Now. Faulty BRT Peshawar Bus turns passengers into laborers. Faulty BRT Peshawar Bus turns passengers into laborers. Tom And Jerry Movie Is Releasing in 2021 and Fans Are Excited. Wonder Woman 1984 to Now Stream on HBO Max. Best Islamic App Muslim Pro Falls into Hands of US Military. What Makses Moderna Vaccine 95% Effective against Covid19. Who Is Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari Getting Engaged To? Nadeem Nani Wala Leaked video. Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine. HoursTV. Pakistanis turn US Elections 2020 into Meme Competition against Trump. Karachi-citizen-requests-high-court-to-make-charas-legal-in-pakistan. Farmer's Killing in Lahore by Police during Protest Causes Outrage. Some of the Underrated Bollywood Actors and Their LifeStyle. Americans Have Voted to Legalize Drugs in Election 2020. Funny Nevada Memes Explain Public's Anxiety about US Elections Results.

Who Are The Terrorists Involved In The Vienna Attack? - Hours TV. Five Streaming Platforms That You Should Know About - Hours TV. Interesting Alice in Borderland Facts and Resemblance to Popular Movie. Most Watched YouTube Video Baby Shark Throws Despacito Out of Picture. Indian Doctor Regrets Buying Aladdin's Magic Lamp from Scammers. Watch Dogs Legion Is Out with Unexpected Gadgets and New Identities. Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Route- Passengers' Guide.

How Electoral College Can Change Shape of US Elections? Is French President Emmanuel Macron Provoking Islamophobia in World? Blast in Peshawar Leaves At Least 7 Kids Dead and Several Injured. 5 Spooky Halloween House Decorating Ideas to Give A Good Scare.