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5 Signs You Should Invest in Nearshore Outsourcing. 4 Steps to Choosing Your Nearshore Software Development Team. So, you’ve decided that nearshoring is a far better idea than picking an offshore team to work with on the complete opposite side of the world.

4 Steps to Choosing Your Nearshore Software Development Team

First of all, congratulations! Nearshoring is a clever software development outsourcing choice that allows you to work in similar time zones, and where you have the opportunity to visit your team easily should it strike your fancy. But just how do you go about choosing your team? Putting in the hours to make a well informed choice is essential to ensure smooth sailing for your project. Here are the steps you’ll need to go through when making a decision. Reasons to Examine Nearshore Outsourcing. Nearshoringis the New Black Nearshoring is the new buzzword in the growing area of web-based and mobile app development.Traditional outsourcing refers to contract workers or software companies in the Far East, China and India in particular.

Reasons to Examine Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshoring differs in that companies share a border or a landmass, typically possess a solid command of the English language, enjoy a similar time zone, and the ability to scale up in tech if needed. These sophisticated and experienced tech force extensions have sent U.S. companies running for a border--the South and Central American borders. With many countries in the Latin America region becoming competitive in the nearshore movement, Uruguay in particular has emerged as a leader in providing highly skilled tech forces that are experienced in Agile methodologies, the choice for app development.

Let's look at four reasons why nearshore outsourcing is so successful: UruIT. UruIT. Nodejs Development Company. The evolution of JavaScript JavaScript was born several years ago in an effort to infuse some dynamism into web applications running on a browser.

Nodejs Development Company

As the apps became more complex, increasing interactivity, JavaScript usage complexity increased. Then, with Spaghetti code everywhere, JQuery appeared as an answer to simplify the development and organize the code. However, it soon fell short as web applications continued to become more and more complex. More powerful frameworks were built, like Knockout, Backbone, Ember and Angular, this last one being the most accepted by the community and loved by our Ninja web developers.

Over the past couple of years, JavaScript has demonstrated to be not only a solution for front end development of web apps, but for the backend as well. MEAN is a full-stack Javascript framework AngularJS. Is Your Software Outsourcing Strategy Really Saving You Money? When companies outsource, they often select distant offshore sites to save money.

Is Your Software Outsourcing Strategy Really Saving You Money?

Nearshore software outsourcing offers several key advantages and is quickly becoming the preferred choice for companies that outsource their software projects. The driving force for most outsourcing decisions is cost reduction. The first impulse is to go to offshore locations on distant continents that are known for low operating costs and inexpensive labor. After all, today it is just as easy to send files and emails around the world as it is to send them around town.

The allure of these lower costs often causes decision makers to overlook hidden costs that sap productivity and work against business goals. Do you need to outsource? There are clear business cases beyond merely reducing costs that make nearshore outsourcing a viable alternative. Lack of expertise: Perhaps your project needs skillsets that are simply not present in your organization.

UruIT. UruIT. Nearshore Development : Reasons to Look for A Nearshore Development Company. Nearshore Development Rising Nearshoringrefers to the practice of outsourcing business or IT processes to companies in countries that are near or even share a border.

Nearshore Development : Reasons to Look for A Nearshore Development Company

The close proximity, same or close timezone, and shared culture and languages are benefits that overcome the idea that shifting work to a different country means a loss of communication. This is particularly true of Central and South American countries compared with traditional offshoring locations like India, China, and Eastern Europe. In particular, Uruguay has emerged as one of the top providers of nearshore-ready IT staff. Talented companies exist to provide experienced engineering and design work forces that provide a completenearshore IT experience for American companies looking for mobile and web app development. 1.

Similar time zones mean fewer travel costs and the loss of productivity due to jetlag. Nearshore Development : Reasons to Look for A Nearshore Development Company. Keep It Closer to Home. The expansion of high speed internet access throughout the world enabled the outsourcing of development to regions and countries with much lower overheads, be they wages or other costs including building and taxes.

Keep It Closer to Home

This lowers the cost of development significantly, while also leveraging in-house resources to best effect. The software development industry has progressed through many changes in its relatively short history, although perhaps the biggest change came when offshoring became the norm for many larger organizations within the industry. In many ways this revolutionised the development industry all over the world, opening up new opportunities in many regions and lowering cost of entry for others. However, while the premise of fast internet connection makes all of this possible, there are reasons why offshoring has become an issue that will at some point need to be addressed. One of the chief issues with outsourcing to other continents comes from the basic reality of time. UruIT. UruIT. About UruIT We are web app experts.


We can help you in your current ongoing project, or to develop a product from its inception phase. - Using Agile Methodologies. - Front-end expertise. - Microsoft, MEAN stacks and Mobile. - Modern Approach to User Experience. - Advisement and support in every-stage of development. Nearshore software development company. Since 2007, UruIT has pioneered the nearshore outsourcing trend, specializing in assembling software development teams that run as an extension of our client’s company.

Nearshore software development company

We are headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay, and we opened a US office in Miami in 2013. We now specialize in distributed agile software development using emerging web and mobile technologies, working for product companies, Fortune 500 firms, and startups in the United States and Latin America. High quality standards allow our teams to build optimal software solutions, to be used in companies like Coca Cola, Disney, Royal Caribbean, Ernst & Young, ESPN, or Starbucks.