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Ayahuasca retreat Peru. This is a call to journey deep into the unknown in a nourishing and beautifully wild environment.

Ayahuasca retreat Peru

Whether you are already deep in your own feminine awakening and women’s work or you are hearing Her whisperings for the first time, you are more than welcome here. The power of the Feminine is in the collective, and together we will explore the ways of the Wise Woman. As we explore our connection to our bodies, we rediscover the cycles of nature and its inherent wisdoms. When we are able to connect more deeply with aspects of ourselves, only then can we fearlessly go out into the world to build the bridges the world so desperately needs to heal. Thanks to our all women team of amazing facilitators and special guest teacher, Elder Luz Clara, the potent soul work of Ayahuasca plant medicine and Yoga is brought to life through: Your facilitators: Leti: Fire, air Our medicine and sweat lodge ceremonies will be held by Leticia Sideris, a powerful female shaman with an authentic shamanic bloodline.

Yoga nidra trainings. Yoga Nidra is an intuitive yet systematic meditation practice, that denotes the “sleep of the yogi”.

Yoga nidra trainings

It lays out a road map that allows us to explore the territory experientially through the various layers of our body/mind/spirit complex (koshas), from gross to subtle, supported by our innate wisdom and reorienting us back to the very ground of BEing. What sets this apart from regular sleep is that it is approached consciously. Supported by engaging the power of intention known as ‘sankalpa,’ (which is a way of being that is born of the heart) we are able to become mindful of our ever shifting states of consciousness, moving through them with awareness.

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Yoga teacher trainings Bali

Director and lead mentor Simone MacKay (E-YRT 500 & YACEP) combines 20 years of teaching and practicing Classical and Tantra yoga with specialised Yoga Nidra study under leading experts Dr. Richard Miller, Dr. Kamini Desai and Dr. Uma Dinsmore-Tuli to offer this unique and transformational advanced yoga teacher training. This training is a non-dogmatic, experiential Yoga Nidra training that dynamically explores this ancient philosophy practice combined with contemporary research in meditation, sleep, neurological and physical health.Yoga Nidra can give you a deep understanding of the therapeutic, energetic, emotional and cognitive tools to reduce stress and tension, improve health and accelerate growth.

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Advanced poker training

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