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Apps to Follow is an illustrative portal for top apps under one roof in the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

The very best apps to download and use. Motorola Launches One Vision With Extra Tall 21:9 Display With Hole-Punch Design. Motorola launched the much-awaited 21:9 ultra-wide display smartphone– One Vision with Samsung-made Exynos processor at an event in Brazil.

Motorola Launches One Vision With Extra Tall 21:9 Display With Hole-Punch Design

The Lenovo-owned smartphone maker is expected to launch the device in India soon. Asus ZenFone 6 Launched With Flip Camera, 8GB RAM, and 5000mAh Battery. Lenovo Reveals the World’s First Foldable PC- ThinkPad X1 with a 13.3-inch Foldable Screen. Lenovo revealed the “world’s first foldable PC” at Accelerate 2019, as part of its flagship ThinkPad X1 series.

Lenovo Reveals the World’s First Foldable PC- ThinkPad X1 with a 13.3-inch Foldable Screen

Aimed at businesses around the globe, the new foldable PC is expected to launch in 2020. Foldable smartphones are the new trend in the gadget world but this device will be the first one coming to replace your laptop. Interestingly, Intel suggested a few days ago that foldable screens in PCs will not be coming anytime soon. Best Workout Apps for Weight Loss. The average cost to hire a personal trainer is $50 per hour.

Best Workout Apps for Weight Loss

And even if it’s less, you still have to be somewhat attentive and out of your comfort to work with a trainer. What if these trainers are your smartphones? Being there with us all the time, smartphones can be the best companion to let us know what exercises we should get on with while it tracks our progress. So, let’s roll down through some amazing iOS and Android apps that can assist you to get your dream physique. Map My Fitness (Free for Android and iOS) Realme X Confirmed To Launch on May 15, Realme X Youth Edition Also In Talks. After a number of leaks and teasers, Realme has finally confirmed the launch of Realme X.

Realme X Confirmed To Launch on May 15, Realme X Youth Edition Also In Talks

According to an announcement from the official Realme Weibo handle, the company will be releasing the smartphone in an upcoming event in Beijing on May 15. While people are more excited about the Realme X Youth Edition, there are speculations that its nothing but Realme 3 Pro with a different name. 7 Best Free VR Gaming Apps for Smart Phone including Google Tilt Brush, Google Expedition, InMind VR, Discovery VR, Allumette, DinoTrek VR, Peronio for kids. How Instagram stories camera will get a makeover, influencers will be able to tag product for you to buy. In the last year alone, Instagram shopping has expanded exponentially with the integration of shopping in stories and grid videos, shopping collection is the platform where the users can save their favorite products and the new checkout features which help users to shop directly in the app without being directed to the third party retailer site.

How Instagram stories camera will get a makeover, influencers will be able to tag product for you to buy

But until today, these features were only available to the brands that are looking to sell straight to the consumers. In today’s economic keynote, Adam Mosseri, who is the head product of Instagram who has announced that the starting next week, as per the public figures, creators, athletes, publishers, and artists can to the products in the shopping post as well as which is the huge game changers for both. This idea is best for the users who are looking for influencers to decide what to buy, and the influencers who generate income from the platform with the branded posts and sponsored content.

The makeover of Instagram for Influencers Conclusion. What is NFC and Why should I use it? Have you ever wondered of what makes tap and go services like Apple Pay, android Pay?

What is NFC and Why should I use it?

Sometimes, it may seem like magic. From Big data to social marketing solutions, the arsenal of technology tools are quite available to marketers is multiplying daily. You might have remembered that it was a big deal when the Apple added NFC app to the iPhone 6 back in 2014, this was the feature that Android users have been fortunate enough to have for some years now. Rent a boyfriend and feel accompanied - Apps. Gone are the days where people had the butterfly feeling and felt every strong emotion which made them feel wanted.

Rent a boyfriend and feel accompanied - Apps

We live in an era where dating seems just as exhausting as the life we live in and leaves us with no escape from reality. Dating now is just a term used for having fun with literally no room for courting and this has lead to a lot of insecurities in people which is often related to the fear of being alone and lonely. How to Spot Fake News on Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter? If you have ever thought fake news on social media is what influences Indians, think again.

How to Spot Fake News on Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter?

As per the reports, there are about 2.7% of Indians who believe the information that they receive on social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter. The real danger that makes people more concerned about it is the misinformation disseminated by the trusted news outlets or their friends or family, as per the reports of the survey. In surveys, around 900 participants were distributed relatively evenly across age brackets, but among them only 80% were male. How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Your TV with Chromecast. Amazon Prime and Netflix are one of the leading and most popular online streaming services in today’s scenario, By serving powerful content, these services are nowadays everyone favorite and the memberships has seen notable upward trends.

How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Your TV with Chromecast

Since the past two decades, Amazon’s rise in dominance from an online book retailer attempt to revolutionize the industry to the tech giant. Amazon also invests fortunes in the original TV content which include multiple awards winning transparent. Lenovo Z6 Pro Launched:Snapdragon 855,12GB RAM,and 512GB Internal Storage. The next Lenovo flagship is here with some interesting, flagship-killing features installed.

Lenovo Z6 Pro Launched:Snapdragon 855,12GB RAM,and 512GB Internal Storage

Even if the device’s hardware is a common thing in the market now, Lenovo features some numbers that are exceptional. Moreover, for the first time, Lenovo has thought about the device design. The Future is in the Best Hands. In the modern business world, finance app is a necessity for those who want to succeed in their business. Using a financial and accounting software app has a lot of advantages. They help you to track the transactions you have made and enable you to face the upcoming problems. Generally, they track your bills, savings, debt level, etc. For better management of the finance and to avoid unnecessary risks, it is necessary to track the money transactions. Business and finance are not only about spending less but also spending right!

FLIRT A LITTLE, TEASE A LITTLE. How to Make a Meme Using Free Meme Generator Apps. Memes are any type of media such as image, sound, video clip, GIF, quote or any other format, which is shared repeatedly. The 5 Best Screen Recorders for Capturing Mac OS X. Screen recording and screen capturing are quite popular nowadays either it is for personal use or for business. Mac users are no different in this scenario. Best 6 Sites to Get Free e-Books. PUBG Mobile Update: New Zombie Event Added, Rocket Launcher and Other Updates Live on Beta Version.

PUBG Mobile, in its venture of a year in mobile gaming, has become one of the most popular smartphone games ever. Why Photographers Modify Their Photos? How to Add Background Music to WhatsApp Status. Best Apps to Download Music. 10 Best Android Phone Cleaner Apps. 7 Best Animation Apps for Android & iOS. Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Gaming Smartphone with Snapdragon 855 Launched. Xiaomi Soon to Launch A Foldable Device At Half The Price of Samsung Galaxy Fold. 5 Best Apps to Check Your Stress. Best Apps to Stream IPL. Samsung Reveals 4K UHD TV Lineup With Super 6 Features in India: Availability and Specifications. Best Ludo Games for Android. Moto G-Series Launched: Moto G7 Power, Moto G7, Moto G7 Play, and Moto G7 Plus Specs, Prices, and Release. Huawei P30 and P30 Pro Designs Leaked by Spigen, A Quad Cam Setup Expected. OPPO K1 Launched With Latest Features At Super Economical Budget. 5 Best Smartphones in the World Before MWC 2019.

The LG G8 ThinQ: Best Whole Design Leak. Gujarat Govt. Bans PUBG Mobile in Schools, Writes to HRD Ministry Seeking a Nationwide Ban. The best Apps and Sites to Sell Your Old Stuff. Apple AirPower Reportedly Finally Goes Under Production. Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 vs Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2: The Battle of Budget Flagships. Top 5 Mobile Phones Under 15000. How to Take Screenshots on Windows. Best Apps to Download Movies. Lenovo Z5 Pro GT Launched With 12GB RAM. 8 Best Video Downloader App for Android and iPhone. Best Apps to Download Music. 8 Most Anticipated Smartphones of 2018.

" Black Friday 2018: The Best Deals Live Now. Walmart Black Friday 2018 Deals vs. Best Buy Black Friday 2018 Deals. 2 Expected Upgrades of Apple’s 2019 and 2020 iPhones- The New Game of 3D Sensing. Lenovo Z5 Pro: The Slide Revived. Apple MacBook Air and Apple iPad Pro First Impressions: Old is New Again. How to set up Google Mini and Other Tips. Best Flirting Apps For Android. Samsung Event Held in Malaysia: Launch of Samsung Galaxy A9, World’s first smartphone with four rear cameras set up.

Unloading Samsung 4x fun Event to be held in Malaysia: 11the October 2018. Big billion Days Season will commence for Flipkart Plus members at 9 pm today. Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL will launch today at 8:30 pm: Watch it Live on Youtube! Twitter now will have Live Broadcasts on the Top of your Timeline. Instagram rolls out new feature 'Prompt' to fight Substance Abuse. Why you Should (or should not) Switch to Apple Watch 4. RABF App allows you to 'Rent a Boyfriend' to cure 'Depression', A Mumbai Based Startup. Prices Leaked Ahead of the Rumored Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS Plus Launch. An iPhone XC Launch also in Talks.