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Glad to see new and old friends here....come on over and visit awhile. Glad to still be forked end down....transitioning from married life to.....?


Ancestry \ Genealogy \ Family Tree. CIVIL WAR. Blogs/Videos/Gen. Info. Woodworking for mere morals. Plans. US History. Woodworking for mere morals. Build a Homemade Mosquito Trap. Mosquitoes are more than just annoying pests in your yard or garden.

Build a Homemade Mosquito Trap

Mosquitoes carry many diseases including West Nile, encephalitis and malaria. There are many commercial products to rid your landscape of these dangerous insects. Most of these products are quite expensive, however. A homemade mosquito trap is a simple, cost effective way to protect your yard and family from unsafe mosquitoes. How it WorksMosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide (CO2) that we exhale. Your homemade mosquito trap will use yeast to create CO2. MaterialsTo build your homemade mosquito trap, you'll need: 1 plastic two-liter drink bottle, emptied and cleaned. Putting it Together. Tips & tricks. Newspaper. Genealogy Websites. Regional conflicts. American civil war. Civil War. Civil War USI.9. New Yankee Workshop - Welcome to the New Yankee Workshop. Supplies. Woodworking. Woodworking.

Canadian Home Workshop - Your source for do-it-yourself projects & renovations. Buy Woodworking Stuff. Woodworking TV. Workspace. Familypedia. Woodworking. Blood and Ink: Front Pages From the Civil War. 1860 edition of the Charleston Mercury.

Blood and Ink: Front Pages From the Civil War

South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union. (Newseum collection) 1861 "Extra" edition of the New York Illustrated News devoted to events at Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie. (Newseum collection) 1862 edition of The Union Sentinel, a handwritten newspaper published on lined notepaper by students in Warren, Conn. 1863 edition of the Union-occupation newspaper Stars and Stripes printed on wallpaper. 1864 illustrated edition of Harper's Weekly. 1864 "Extra" edition of the Atlanta Daily Intelligencer detailing the capture and burning of Atlanta. Location: Mezzanine Level WASHINGTON — Experience the story of the Civil War as Americans in the 1860s did — through the front pages of newspapers. Music Under Creative Commons Licence. Audio tools. Royalty Free Music. General woodworking. General woodworking. GREAT TOOLS. Japanese Chosera Waterstones by Naniwa at Tools for Working Wood. Traditionally sword polishers and the most accomplished Japanese knife sharpeners have always preferred natural waterstones.

Japanese Chosera Waterstones by Naniwa at Tools for Working Wood

But the best natural waterstones come from age-old quarries that are largely exhausted. Naniwa has always strived for their artificial waterstones to have a very natural feel, and their Chosera stones are their top-of-the line stones. These are the best, fastest cutting waterstones we have ever seen. However what really attracted us to the stones is the feel of the stone on the steel as you sharpen.

You get a firm, consistent feel, with no slipping, glazing, skidding, and a good sense of feedback on how the stone is working. At our request, the factory is packaging these stones without bases to that they will fit in any existing sharpening jig you use, and so that you can easily use the both sides and the edge of the stone. The Chosera stones come in six grits: 400,1000,2000, 3000,5000, and 10K. . 8 1/4" x 2 3/4" (210 mm x 70 mm) and 1" (25 mm) thick.

DIY Tool Manufacturers. Hand Tools. Civil War. Wood Threader. Woodworking. Secession" Secession, the withdrawal of part of a country or state from the central government's control.


The withdrawal may be carried out peacefully or violently. Political conflicts that lead to secession are usually based on economic, cultural, or religious differences. In United States history the question of secession arose several times before the Civil War, but the term generally refers to the withdrawal of the Southern states from the Union in 1860–61.

Secession has also been an issue in other countries. Panama in 1903 seceded from Colombia partly because of Colombian opposition to plans by the United States to construct the Panama Canal. In the United States From the time the U.S. World War 1 and 2. Civil War. Civilizations. Ancient Civilizations. Archaeology & History. Genealogy. Genealogy Websites. Genealogy. Genealogy. GENEALOGY: UK, USA & Ireland. Home Improvement. Woodworking. Wood Working.

DIY & Woodworking

Woodworking Dust Collection. Woodworking. Library. Carpentry. Wood Projects. Beginner Woodworking. Woodworking. Techniques. Woodworking. Woodworking. Woodworking. Woodworking. Resources. Free Woodworking Plans. General woodworking. Techniques. Ecological Bricks - The Temas Blog. « IDB Loan for Sustainable Tourism in Costa Rican Wilderness Areas / Prestamo de BID para turismo sostenible en áreas silvestres de Costa Rica | Home | Implications of the Stern Review for LAC, Part I » By Keith R | December 24, 2006 Topics: Environmental Protection, Waste & Recycling | 13 Comments » (2 votes, average: 3.50 out of 5) Loading ...

Ecological Bricks - The Temas Blog

It’s been interesting to see how much the articles on the Brazilian and Honduran buildings made using PET bottles have captured the imagination of so many readers. “Ecological Bricks” for Low-Income Housing in Argentina One example involves bricks developed by Argentina’s Experimental Center for Economical Housing (Centro Experimental de la Vivienda Económica – CEVE). In a project funded in part by Germany’s technical cooperation agency, GTZ, CEVE developed a brick made of used food (primarily candy) wrappers and plastic (primarily PET) soda and water bottles. For more information (in Spanish) on the CEVE project, click this link. – Keith R.

12 Awesome Home Organization Ideas. People usually say that “there’s no place like home”.

12 Awesome Home Organization Ideas

Well, we’d rather say that there’s no better place to live than a clean and organized house. Yeah, we know: it seems like we’re making chit chat and talking about something that everyone already knows. The thing is that we know great home organization secrets and applying them to your house can spare you a lot of time, time you can spend relaxing. Ah, now we got your attention! Check our organization ideas and change your home environment! 1.