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Milestones in the History of Thematic Cartography, Statistical Graphics, and Data Visualization. How to use KPIs in your Startup. We just hit 53 full-time people at Treehouse.

How to use KPIs in your Startup

I’ve never managed this many people before so I’m having to learn as I go. I have zero formal training in management or business. I love it though, as I have a naively fresh view on how to run the company. One of the biggest challenges I’m encountering is how to align everyone’s goals and communicate them clearly. To tackle this, we’re creating a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each Team. TeachingVideoUser GrowthProductSalesFinance I jotted down general KPIs that I felt where important for each Team and then I had a meeting with all the Team Leaders. Here are some examples. Now that we’ve clarified all of our key metrics, everyone is aligned on which goals we’re striving towards.

The Dashboard The next challenge was communicating the KPIs easily, and showing how each team is doing. The Dashboard will simply state the current month’s KPIs and how each Team is doing compared to them. Key takeaways. Manage By Walking Around. Quick, what’s the difference between a scorecard and a dashboard?

Manage By Walking Around

Scorecard and report card? Dashboard and portal? If scorecards are supposed to be balanced, are dashboards inherently unbalanced? And with all of the hubbub surrounding digital dashboards, what ever happened to the analog report? Admittedly, these questions are a bit tongue and cheek but the point is that words are a powerful communication tool. Ventes. API > White Papers on Enterprise Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard, Key Performance Indicators, Reporting.

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Dashboard or Scorecard. A couple of Dashboard Spy readers and I were going back and forth about some of the various terms used to describe these dashboardy things that we do.

Dashboard or Scorecard

There are plenty of terms used interchangeably: Dashboard Reports, Executive Dashboards, Scorecards, Balanced Scorecards, Enterprise Dashboards, Digital Dashboards, Business Cockpits, Dashboard Widgets, Desktop Dashboards, Information Dashboard, Performance Dashboard, KPI Summary, etc. Whatever you call these things, the common thread is that they are all visually-based presentations of business metrics used to inform management decisions. The question is at what point do the differences matter enough that we need to differentiate the language (and the dashboards themselves). The case we argued about specifically had to do with the difference between a Dashboard and a Scorecard.

Here are some references that expound upon the Dashboard vs. Scorecards and Dashboards – What’s the Difference? What Do You Need to See – Dashboards vs.