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The Performance Management Revolution. Designjamiasi visualization and interactive data exploration. Prospecting for corporate IT gold. The Future of Business Data - If you’re disappointed with big data, you’re not paying attention. There has been a backlash lately against big data.

If you’re disappointed with big data, you’re not paying attention

From O’Reilly Media to the New Yorker, from Nassim Taleb to Kate Crawford, everyone is treating big data like a piñata. Gartner has dropped it into the “trough of disillusionment.” I call B.S. on all of it. It might be provocative to call into question one of the hottest tech movements in generations, but it’s not really fair. That’s because how companies and people benefit from big data, data science or whatever else they choose to call the movement toward a data-centric world is directly related to what they expect going in. Correlation versus causation versus “what’s good enough for the job” One of the biggest complaints — or, in some cases, proposed facts — about big data is that is relies more on correlation than causation in order to find its vaunted insights.

Honestly, for song or product recommendations, who really cares? This is why some people call the process of asking interesting questions of data “exploratory analytics.” Looking 4 data visualization: Tools. .

Looking 4 data visualization: Tools

RAW est une nouvelle application web ouverte et gratuite qui permet de créer aisément des dataviz basées sur le framework D3.js de Mike Bostock (Data Designer au New York Times). . Développé par l'institut de recherche italienne Density Design, l'outil permet de générer sans aucune ligne de code des visualisations avancées de type Treemap, Dendogram, Fineo Diagram. Les données peuvent être importées à partir de fichiers texte (.csv, .tsv) ou à partir d' Excel, TextEdit ou TextWrangler. . 6 types de layouts / composants graphiques sont disponibles à ce jour : Treemap, Bubble Chart, Dendogram, Hexagonal Binning, Alluvial Diagram (Fineo), Circle Packing.

A JavaScript toolkit for visualizing networks. La boite à outils.


Network. Timeline. Video. Graphics. Business Intelligence and user adoption: A Depp-esc disaster? We’ve said it for a long time.

Business Intelligence and user adoption: A Depp-esc disaster?

In fact, we wrote a blog about it almost two years ago – What’s the Key Metric for Measuring BI Performance? The answer? “Simple – The rate of end-user adoption. That is, how many people in an organization who have access to BI software, actually use that software, and access the reports it generates, on a regular basis, to help them make operational and strategic business decisions.”

And, much like the enduring partnership between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp – although their latest collaborative effort (Dark Shadows) received a dismal 42 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and had the LA Times wondering “has America fallen out of love with Johnny Depp?” Like our apparent overexposure to Burton and Depp’s quirky explorations of society’s social fringes, the necessity of BI user adoption is a message seemingly disregarded by an unreceptive audience – vendors and implementers alike.

Research and advisory firms try again… Now back to that Aberdeen report… i. I. I. 6 Great Interactive Data Visualization Tools (Part 2) Welcome back for the second part of my series on interactive data visualization (dataviz) tools.

6 Great Interactive Data Visualization Tools (Part 2)

In part one, we covered three cool tools for visualizing charts and graphs and many other data types on a webpage. In part two, we take a look at three more tools that are a bit more complex but have some incredible data visualization capabilities. 4. Simile Exhibit Exhibit is a very robust and customizable offering.

Visualization Types Supported: Line Graphs, Maps, Scatter Plots, Multi-Filterable Lists, Timelines, Timeplots and more…with widgets! Flexible & Powerful Approach to Design I really like the approach of Exhibit, where data is presented through a "lens" – an HTML template shell that elements are placed into. Steep Learning Curve Like the other more complex libraries, there is more coding involved with Exhibit than most options, and having previous Javascript experience is definitely very helpful. 5. 6.

Wow, D3.js is cool! D3 isn't really like the others. Links.