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Welcome to Tech Insider! - Tech Insider. There has never been a better time to be alive.

Welcome to Tech Insider! - Tech Insider

Contrary to what you might have heard, people are healthier, safer, happier, and smarter than ever. Thanks to breakthroughs in science and technology, the pace of progress is accelerating: We’re rewriting rules for how to live and work every day. There are still plenty of problems to solve, many of our own making, but with our intelligence and ingenuity we’re solving them one by one. Tech Insider celebrates this exciting new era. We’re launching today as a digital publication focused on tech, science, innovation, and culture. Our tech section will help you find and use great products. Tech Insider will feature original reporting on the most compelling stories of our age. For example, have you heard there is a lab in Korea that will clone your pet? Sarah JacobsThe Tech Insider news team is ready to go. How about the colonization of Mars? VC Fred Wilson: By 2020 Apple Won’t Be A Top-3 Tech Company, Google And Facebook Will.

Fred Wilson of New York’s Union Square Ventures, one of the top tech investors around, believes that by 2020, the biggest tech company in the world — Apple — will cease to be the most important, and won’t even be in the top three.

VC Fred Wilson: By 2020 Apple Won’t Be A Top-3 Tech Company, Google And Facebook Will

Speaking at today’s TC Disrupt conference in NYC, he predicted that the top three tech companies, instead, will be Google, Facebook “and one that we’ve never heard of.” Why? Apple, he believes, is “too rooted to hardware,” with not enough tied into the cloud, and that will make it too much of a challenge for it to evolve going forward. “I think hardware is increasingly becoming a commodity,” he said. “Their stuff in the cloud is largely not good. HANA Visionary Vishal Sikka Resigns From SAP. This afternoon, SAP announced in a statement that Vishal Sikka, Executive Board Member for Products and Innovation, has resigned for personal reasons.

HANA Visionary Vishal Sikka Resigns From SAP

The resignation was effective immediately. At the same time, SAP named a couple of new executive board members, including Robert Enslin and Bernd Leukert. The news could indicate some disarray or possibly a power struggle at the software giant, especially coming so close to its SAPPHIRENow Conference, which is scheduled for June 3-5th in Orlando. R Ray Wang, co-counder and analyst at Constellation Research said, the announcement could indicate that power is shifting at the board level. It’s worth noting that Sikka lead the development of HANA, SAP’s big in-memory database product, which the company has up until now seen as a foundational technology.

Wang says this marks a big change at SAP, especially since he said that many had seen Sikka as a possible candidate for CEO down the road. This was clearly not a figure head. PaperPrime: Your Newspaper made Real-time, Social & Eventful. Sony will launch cloud gaming service for PS3... Catch up with #e3 Sony will launch cloud gaming service for PS3, PS4 and Vita in 2014 Sony announced that it will provide streamed PS... [...]

Sony will launch cloud gaming service for PS3...

Cloud Gaming SCEA also announced that PlayStation's cloud gaming services will be available in 2014 beginning in the United States. The cloud gaming services will provide gamers on the PS4 and PS3 systems, followed by gamers on the PS Vita system, with immediate access to a catalog of critically acclaimed PS3 titles. These games will be streamed using Gaikai's proprietary network technology to deliver amazing gameplay that is fast and responsive. — read more on Re:publica Berlin 2013 Last year the event we... Catch up with #repberlin Re:publica Berlin 2013 Last year the event welcomed Cindy Gallop, the most irreverent entrepeneur in the world!

Re:publica Berlin 2013 Last year the event we...

In 2012, re:publica will take place for the sixth consecutive time in Berlin. What started as a “class reunion” of bloggers, Internet activists, and researchers has become Germany’s largest and most prominent conference on the future of our society and all things digital. Last year the event welcomed Cindy Gallop, the most irreverent entrepeneur in the world!

— read more on Share on Linked In Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on Facebook Share on Google + Experience Events at your Fingertips. Download Grooblin for iPhone to discover & catch up on events nearby & overseas. Intel Launches HTML5 App Development Platform. Wilhem Pujar's post on Vine. Grooblin : We're in #lovely #sunny... Photo by wilhempujar. Leap Motion Talks Disappearing Interfaces at ... Organize and share the events you love. Leap Motion Talks Disappearing Interfaces at SXSW Interactive | SXSW 2013 [...] Since announcing in May 2012, Leap Motion has captured the world’s attention and imagination as the company turns science fiction into a reality. The Leap’s introductory video has garnered nearly 7 million views on YouTube, and 40,000+ developers have requested to work with the Leap.

Dubbed a 2012 Breakthrough Technology of the Year by Popular Mechanics and named to the Best of W... Event page Grooblin © 2012 Home Explore Privacy Legal. Banana Phone And Pizza Box Laptop PC - Invoked Computing For Ubiquitous AR #DigInfo. I would do a chanson SOLOMO #webFTV #leweb11. Nokia Sea Ray : Το πρώτο Windows Phone της Nokia‬‏ Wysips - what you see is photovoltaic surface. Share photos and videos on Twitter. ReadWriteWeb - Web Apps, Web Technology Trends, Social Networking and Social Media.

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