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Canis lupus 101.

Do wolves attack people?

What do wolves eat? Wolf Pair Bonds. Wolf reproductive bonds easily rival or exceed typical human marital bonds in their strength, and the bond between primary, i.e., “alpha,” breeders is the most important relationship in a group.

Wolf Pair Bonds

The following scenes, from my 2008 observations of the Toklat (East Fork) family of Denali National Park during the annual sexual activities in late February and early-mid March, illustrate the close bond between the present alpha male and female. They also provide an indication of the intensity of courtship behavior and some of its ritualism. It is worth emphasizing that close emotional ties and physical contact are not unique to the sexual activities, however. Wolf Species and Subspecies. Wolves help shape their environment and everything in it. Wolves Impact Everything! How do Wolves Improve the Environment? How Wolves Change Rivers. Want to go wolf watching? How to locate wolves. Western Gray Wolf: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Wolf restoration in the Northern Rocky Mountains (NRM) has been an amazing success thanks to both the resiliency of wolves and the cooperative efforts of Federal, State, and Tribal agencies, conservation groups, and private citizens; including ranchers, sportsmen, and outfitters.

Western Gray Wolf: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

The most recent data available (end of 2013) indicate that the NRM wolf population contains at least 1,691 wolves, at least 320 packs, and at least 78 breeding pairs. This population has exceeded its recovery goals since 2002. By every biological measure the NRM wolf population is recovered and remains secure under State management. Long-term, the Service expects the entire NRM population to maintain a long-term average of around 1,000 wolves. These wolves represent a 400-mile southern range extension of a vast contiguous wolf population that numbers over 12,000 wolves in western Canada and about 65,000 wolves across all of Canada and Alaska. Recent Actions: Federal Register Notice Federal Register Notice. Wolves in Yellowstone - Yellowstone National Park.

White Wolf Sanctuary. White Wolf Sanctuary's Goals Provide and consistently improve conditions for rescued Arctic wolves at the sanctuary.Protect and preserve habitats in the wild.Elect public officials who actively protect wildlife.Work toward long term recovery of wolves in the wild.

White Wolf Sanctuary

Services Provided to the Public Private tours by appointment.Presentations and educational seminars for schools, churches and other organizations. About Us. Education vs Extinction. Wolf Park. Working For Wolf Conservation. Promoting Wolf Conservation Since 1999. Wolf Collaring 2012. Wolf Failure. Wolf videos. For those of you that have high-speed internet service, such as DSL or cable, the videos should download relatively quickly.

Wolf videos

The exception may be the full length music video in which you may have to wait a minute or two. If you have dial up internet service, you may have to wait several minutes for a short video to download. For the music video, you may have to wait over 90 minutes for it to download. So I have tried to keep most of the videos short so that dial up users can have access to most of the video clips. The music video, however, is well worth the wait which should not be a problem for high-speed internet users. Note: You'll need QuickTime to view these movies. Wolf Intro viewing. Stone-age Serenade. Aqutaq and Her Companion Bixby, the Giant Malamute. National WolfWatcher Coalition. Interesting Facts About Wolves. 1- In order for a new wolf cub to urinate, its mother has to massage its belly with her warm tongue. 2- The Vikings wore wolf skins and drank wolf blood to take on the wolf’s spirit in battle. 16- The North American gray wolf population in 1600 was 2 million.

Interesting Facts About Wolves

Today the population in North America is approximately 65,000. The world population is approximately 150,000. 17- A hungry wolf can eat 20 pounds of meat in a single meal, which is akin to a human eating one hundred hamburgers. 18- A wolf pack may contain just two or three animals, or it may be 10 times as large. 19- Though many females in a pack are able to have pups, only a few will actually mate and bear pups. Often, only the alpha female and male will mate, which serves to produce the strongest cubs and helps limit the number of cubs the pack must care for. 48- In approximately the year 800, Charlemagne founded a special wolf-hunting force, the Louveterie, which remained active until 1789. References a Bailey, Jill. 2005. MAP: Which States Hunt Wolves? It's a bad day to be a gray wolf in Wyoming, which today begins its first wolf-hunting season in more than half a century.

MAP: Which States Hunt Wolves?

It's one of three states—the other two are Minnesota and Wisconsin—that will offer hunts for the first time in decades this fall. Two more states—Idaho and Montana—will offer wolf hunts this year for the third time since 2009. The red dots on the map below represent wolves in the United States—a grand total of more than 5,000 in the lower 48 and 11,200 in Alaska (where wolves have never been protected).

Multiple dots in one state show approximate locations of wolves; in states with only one dot, only statewide information was available. The 5 Most Endangered Canine Species. Domesticated dogs are some of the most popular animals on the planet, but their cousins in the wild aren’t always as beloved.

The 5 Most Endangered Canine Species

For thousands of years humans have persecuted wolves, jackals, dingoes, foxes and other members of the family Canidae, pushing many species into or close to extinction. Here are five of the most endangered canine species and subspecies, three of which only continue to exist because a few people and organizations have taken extraordinary efforts to save them. 1. The Ethiopian wolf Photo by Japes Hopkirk. Ethiopian wolves (Canis simensis) don’t have the smallest population on this list—estimates put the species at 450 to 500 individuals—but looking at that number alone hides the true circumstances of these rare canids. International Wolf Center. How to Draw a Wolf. 4 Ways to Draw a Wolf.

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