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Secrets of the bargain skeleton, UV-Sensitive Book - Secrets of the Barguzin Skeleton is a book created by Hungarian designer Marton Borzak.

Secrets of the bargain skeleton, UV-Sensitive Book -

A book designed to reflect on secrets of the story. Commentary by the author, explanation and annotation of illustrations are printed with UV ink, which is only visible under UV light. The binding is designed in a way that the attached UV-lamp could fit inside the book, but at the same time it can be removed and used to explore hidden messages. Wearable, Edible Design. Finding the perfect plump piece of fruit, or the most uniformed colored banana… most of us eat with our eyes first.

Wearable, Edible Design

Surely the other senses take a part in our overall experience… but as hunters and gatherers we can’t help but spot what LOOKS the tastiest. Here are a couple of fun ways to highlight the natural beauty of seasonal produce with wearable design. Using 3d printing, laser cutting, and CNC technologies, TourDeFork designs easy and accessible DIY projects which can be downloaded for free from the monthly Italian magazine CASAfacile’s website and taken to the nearest FABlab to be transformed into real objects. Our favorite from the collection are these laser cut acrylic rings which you can decorate with fruit, sweets, or any other delicious treats of your fancy.

ECCO: Zero-Emission Mobile Camper Van. Inspired with the design classics of Airstream or VW camper vans, Ecco, the new generation, camper van seems to be a combination of a microbus, airstream and an EV.

ECCO: Zero-Emission Mobile Camper Van

It is a wind resistant car, which cuts back its shape whenever required. The elongated profile of the camper makes it hover down entirely close to that ground. Architecture design fabrication. Arts and Crafts: Design in a Nutshell (2/6) Hadid and Van Berkel create 3D-printed United Nude shoes. Milan 2015: five well-known architects and designers have created pairs of sculptural shoes for footwear brand United Nude made entirely on a 3D printer (+ slideshow).

Hadid and Van Berkel create 3D-printed United Nude shoes

United Nude founder Rem D Koolhaas enlisted architects Zaha Hadid, Ben van Berkel and Fernando Romero, and designers Ross Lovegrove and Michael Young, to create pairs of women's shoes solely using 3D printing. "We want to push the technology but I also wanted to push the silhouettes," Koolhaas told Dezeen. Lunation_ajc.gif (GIF 画像, 300x300 px) Recomendaciones: 10 libros de diseño destacados de 2014. Se dijeron algunas cosas importantes en torno al diseño en el año presente.

Recomendaciones: 10 libros de diseño destacados de 2014

Que es producto de su contexto: la exhibición Objetos desobedientes, presentada en el Victoria & Albert Museum desde el 26 de julio reunió una serie de artefactos que han sido útiles o representativos en protestas sociales. Vegetal bus stop. Nov 19, 2009 vegetal bus stop by florent prat from france designer's own words: The idea is about multiplying the vegetation-supports in the city in an ecological system.

vegetal bus stop

Pipa Bradbury Design. Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine have published the Residential Winners of the American Society Of Interior Designers (ASID) Georgia Chapter Design Excellence Awards,

Pipa Bradbury Design

Manta Ray Spacecraft WIP by Ri0ku on deviantART. Raymanta Concept. The Raymanta is inspired by the streamlined prototypes of the past such as the Lancia Stratos Zero and the Alfa Romeo Carabo, both penned by Bertone, and the 512 S and Modulo by Pininfarina.

Raymanta Concept

Maxime de Keiser explains: “I wanted to engage with the vision of the designers from the sixties who seemed obsessed with futuristic spaceship-like lines, very clinical shapes and materials, advanced technologies and aerodynamics.” The minimal shape of the vehicle takes inspiration from sea creatures like the manta ray or the shark-whale. The side windows, mirrors and rear window are replaced by cameras connected to interior displays. This allows to avoid breaking the fluidity of the main lines with too many details, and at the same creates an “uncanny impression of blindness that reinforces the sense of mystery, danger and otherworldliness associated with fabulous creatures of the deep.”

Example files geco. COSY PARAMETRICS. Zilborrestea, mobiliario marino. Ithaka Design son los cradores de Zilborrestea, una plataforma flotante ideada como espacio de relax para lagos o playas.

Zilborrestea, mobiliario marino

Zilborrestea significa en euskera “cordón umbilical”, y eso es lo que han pretendido con su proyecto, unir a la persona con la naturaleza -en este caso el mar- a través de un novedoso concepto de mobiliario urbano marino. NoMATERIA: más divulgación, menos átomos. NoMATERIA: más divulgación, menos átomos Venezolanos haciendo diseño industrial.

NoMATERIA: más divulgación, menos átomos

El diseño industrial es una disciplina que conecta a la sociedad con los medios de producción, a la cultura con la industria. Guía de profesionales del arte. TREEPODS: Árboles artificiales que limpian el aire en las calles de Boston. Una de las funciones de los árboles es filtrar y limpiar el aire, pero en el mundo actual tan contaminado, es simplemente un reto muy grande para la Madre Naturaleza cuidar de sí misma. Plantation pots combine hand-thrown porcelain with discarded glasses. Polish artist and designer Alicja Patanowska has created a collection of hand-thrown ceramic plant pots that fit inside old glasses so both stem and roots can be seen.

Patanowska was looking for a way to re-use abandoned glasses found on the streets of London, left outside by patrons of the city's numerous bars and clubs. As part of an unconnected project, she was throwing – shaping on a wheel – a porcelain vessel that didn't yet have a base and placed it on a glass in her studio to dry.

She made the connection between the two and started collecting more glasses. "I spent over a month in the early morning, between 4am and 6am, searching the streets and collecting glasses from bus stops, benches, curbs, alleys, gates and even shopping carts," Patanowska told Dezeen. "It was amazing – somewhere between the buzz of looking for eggs and finding money on the street. Césped en INFOJARDIN. The Peach Tree: February 2009. Toaster_trailer_dog_house.jpg 450×450 pixels. Make Your Own Moss Garden - Little Green Dot. This idea came to me the other day when I stepped out for some fresh air.

With all the recent rain, the small patch of grass bordering our building had been blanketed in a sheet of moss. I found it so beautiful, it appeared almost enchanted like a miniature fairy garden…I got down close to the ground and started photographing this tiny world. Banco público moderno de hormigón (con respaldo, modular) - by H2O - Lafarge. Esta es una traducción automática. Para ver el texto original en inglés haga clic aquí Para ver la traducción automática haga clic aquí Rompiendo rutina y el vertimiento la estandardización de los muebles urbanos es un desafío que los arquitectos de H2O toman seriamente. Su gama comprensiva de bancos y de sillas toma la ventaja completa de las características superiores de Ductal®, incluyendo opciones de la fuerza, de la ductilidad y del color.

La colección obedece un principio simple: mínimo, no directivo con las formas adicionales que se utilizan para crear la libertad movimiento y un sentido de la relajación. Semai. Lápiz Inquieto. No sólo las modelos se dedican a conducir programas de tv, las actrices a promover líneas de cosméticos, o los futbolistas a crear líneas de ropa, con mayor o menor éxito.