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Proyectos - Planos gratis de casas ecológicas diseñadas por los mejores arquitectos. La espita fue el Huracán Katrina que arrasó Nueva Orleans en el año 2005.

Proyectos - Planos gratis de casas ecológicas diseñadas por los mejores arquitectos

Miles de personas se quedaron sin casa y había que ayudarles. H. Monografías The architect: women in contemporary architecture.


New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 2001. The Berlage survey of culture, education, and practice of architecture and urbanism. Cape Square Durrës / Sfinxit. At the Adriatic Sea, in the second biggest city of Albania called Durrës, there was a place that was not much more than a landfill.

Cape Square Durrës / Sfinxit

Other parts of the coastline of Durrës are well visited but the part closest to the historical city center has been vacant for a long time and unappreciated by locals and visitors. Architextures. ¿Quiere usted hacer una casa buena, bonita y barata?: LLAME A UN ARQUITECTO. La experiencia de Alberto Campo Baeza.

En este artículo publicado originalmente en el Blog de Arquitectura Fundación Arquia, el autor Alberto Campo Baeza, nos habla de cuan importante es un arquitecto en el diagnóstico y ejecución de un problema constructivo.

¿Quiere usted hacer una casa buena, bonita y barata?: LLAME A UN ARQUITECTO. La experiencia de Alberto Campo Baeza

The steel bench that runs for 0,5Km through the Tanghe River Park. In Qinhuangdao, China the Tanghe River Park features a new installation of a red steel bench that runs for half a kilometre through the park.

the steel bench that runs for 0,5Km through the Tanghe River Park

The Red Ribbon project has won an honor award from the American Society of Landscape Architects, and was also selected by readers of Conde Nast Traveller magazine as one of the seven new wonders of the architecture world. photos by Kongjian Yu and Cao Yang “A celebration integrating artistic elements into a natural landscape in an ingenious way. Very dramatic, yet highly functional. It’s transformative and curative.” 2007 Professional Awards Jury Comments. Index.


Landscape Architects Network - The Voice of Landscape Architecture. ZOOM. Entry Title: " CITYLIGHT Led Street Lamp" Company: , Category: Professional, Concept Designer(s): Zhongren Zhang Entry Description: CITYLIGHT is a hybrid urban illumination system driven by two distinct sources: human-power and electricity.


The lamp uses energy saving LED as light source to replace traditional bulbs. Located in public areas, the lamps are connected to outdoor fitness facilities which carry and transfer human power generated to the light system. CANDELApro© ECCO: Zero-Emission Mobile Camper Van. Inspired with the design classics of Airstream or VW camper vans, Ecco, the new generation, camper van seems to be a combination of a microbus, airstream and an EV.

ECCO: Zero-Emission Mobile Camper Van

It is a wind resistant car, which cuts back its shape whenever required. The elongated profile of the camper makes it hover down entirely close to that ground. Transustainable House / SUGAWARADAISUKE. Architects: SUGAWARADAISUKE Location: Chofu, Tokyo, Japan Architect In Charge: Daisuke Sugawara, Noriyuki Ueakasaka, Hiroshi Narahara Design Development: SUGAWARADAISUKE Area: 38.0 sqm Year: 2014 Photographs: Jérémie Souteyrat Design Corporation For Dd Drawings: Yuko Hiura, Chihiro Kotaka, Masayuki Harada Structural Design: RGB Structure Lighting Design: TOH design Construction: Sou Kenchiku Co.

Transustainable House / SUGAWARADAISUKE

,Ltd Plantation Design: GA Yamazaki From the architect. Built in the residential area of Tokyo, ‘ Transustainable House ‘ aims to respond to the 4 features of urban housing. Zona-Arquitectura: Parque Urbano Superkilen_Copenhagen #Paisajismo. Superkilen es un espacio urbano de encuentro, diseñado por los Arquitectos BIG, Topotek1 y Superflex.

Zona-Arquitectura: Parque Urbano Superkilen_Copenhagen #Paisajismo

Comprendiendo las ciudades. El urbanismo vivo y ecológico. Ante el urbanismo de las urbes, la sensación que el peatón o transeúnte es el gran olvidada de muchas ciudades del mundo es casi perpetua, casuísticamente en mayor volumen en aquellas urbes de tamaño medio o menor con referencia a la media del país que visitemos, posiblemente por la dejadez de un urbanismo olvidado o por una económica truncada de las administraciones que se declinan más por otros aspectos que se supone son de mayor beneficio para la sociedad. La realidad es que los vehículos, elementos arquitectónicos incoherentes y otros muchos aspectos sopesan más que aquel usuario que habitará en la ciudad a lo largo de toda su vida, incoherencia o no es una realidad que debe de ser cambiada para empezar a recuperar la ciudad para los peatones e implicar de forma razonada los conceptos de ciudades y urbanismo ecológico en un hábitat determinado.

The Future Was Latin America: MoMA Curator Barry Bergdoll on the Region's Rich Legacy of Visionary Modern Architecture. MoMA curator Barry Bergdoll on the goals of the museum's latest exhibition, "Latin America in Construction: Architecture 1955–1980," and how the region was a "place of origins for ideas" Samuel Medina Aerial view of Brasília in construction, 1957. Lúcio Costa’s Plano Piloto (Pilot Plan), which outlined the city’s expansion, famously posited an image of modernity through the ideogrammatic form of an airplane. Costa later noted that Brasília’s monumental scale “gave an emerging city the inalienable status of capital.” Las 23 películas que todo arquitecto debe ver. Bread Studio - Project - Shanghai EXPO INBAR. The objective of the “Bamboo and Rattan Product” international competition is to explore innovative ideas and for the Bamboo and Rattan as a material in Building and Product design. It was exhibited in Madrid Pavilion in the Shanghai EXPO 2010.

Our proposal is a building form created from sole expression for the elastic characteristic of the material itself. As an abundant and conventional industrial material in Chinese culture, the construction of it is relatively familiar and simple for a layman. The Open Parliament of Albania - Coop Himmelb(l)au. Architectural Concepts by Roman Vlasov. 20 Houses: A New Residential Landscape.

The Cloud Pavilion. Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects have installed pavilions in Shanghai as part of the West Bund Biennial for Architecture and Contemporary Art, which runs until December 19th. The heart of the project is The Cloud, an art installation comprised of hundreds of hanging white ropes. By following a path along the riverside, visitors come to The Cloud, and can even walk through it. As visitors, or even a light breeze, pass through it, the ropes move subtly, creating an organic and immaterial space.

Architecture Photos. Ultra Modern Minimalist Park in Japan. In today’s publication of the authors art agency The July 16 Japanese creatives next project – a mini-park-sized bus stop. Three mini park in the Japanese city of Kikuchi on infrastructure are not inferior to the gigantic park areas in the metropolitan areas. Here and in urban areas, and the greens, and the fresh air. But unlike traditional parks that occupy several hectares, new parks are located on the side of the road carriageway urban highways. With rapid development of the town, the architects had to perfectly optimize the available space. Habitáculos Ecológicos para cultivar la conciencia ambiental.

Non Planar Voronoi Definition. Silos 13 / vib architecture. Galería - Silos 13 / vib architecture - 5. Silos 13 / vib architecture. Arquitectura y contextos. Morphosis Architects. Schulberg playground, Wiesbaden Germany, Annabau, 2011 - Playscapes. For a playground situated in the city center, architects Annabau designed a continuous climbing structure that winds through existing trees. Twists and height changes of its frame not only increase the play interest, but also respond to the site; creating entrance frames into the interior, space for additional play eqipment like swings, and lookouts that complement the architecture of the center city.

Landscape Architects Network - Revealing the environment. Landscape and Urban Design For Bats And Biodiversity. Landscape and urban design for bats and biodiversity by Kelly Gunnell with contributions from Gary Grant and Dr Carol Williams. While designing landscapes, we often focus only on making the space beautiful, and when it comes to making it also practical, we only think about human users of the designed space. We often forget that our work has immense influence over the environment and the organisms that live in it. A f a s i a: PKMN. Paradise Lost PKMN [pacman] Architectures . photos: © Javier de Paz The “Universal Grid” suggested by Superstudio in the early seventies, it wasn’t able to give us back to the Paradise Lost praised by John Milton, where an idyllic naked Adam and Eve took a walk below treetops. Catálgo BID12 - Venezuela by ignacio urbina polo. Rebel Architecture. J Mayer H designs Berlin shopping centre with skydiving and surfing.

News: German studio J Mayer H has won a competition to design a shopping centre near Berlin's Alexanderplatz where shoppers will be able to indulge in skydiving or surfing. Located between Alexanderstrasse and Voltairestrasse, the new Volt Berlin concept store will be targeted towards "adventurous visitors" and will accommodate a department store, a hotel and restaurants, as well as a variety of "experiential offerings". AALU IN THE FIELD WORKSHOP IN TOTTENHAM HALE 2013. Technology stories from Dezeen architecture and design magazine. Tenso estructuras parte I: El Textil como Material de Arquitectura. Ecological Landscape Design, Embraces Massive Body of Water.

Arquitectura, urbanismo y diseño en Caracas. Crítica de la exposición 'Playgrounds': No digas que fue un juego. Hacedor de Trampas: Jesús Mari Lazkano_arqueología industrial. 7.


Dear Ginza / amano design office. Calder+y+villanueva.jpg (476×604) Manierismo. Guide to Lighting for Building Interiors. Soluciones de conceptualización, diseño, fabricación e instalación de mobiliario comercial y medios publicitarios urbanos. Bernard Tschumi Architects. 527334_10150733766733186_54426583185_9436775_1170346485_n.jpg (960×540)

Una pequeña historia necesaria (VIII) Enric Ruiz Geli - Arquitectura. Hacedor de trampas. Firmas de arquitectura OFFICIALWEBSITE. Galería adaptable de arquitectura. Natural Swimming Pools Designed With Nature. Top 10 Documentaries For Landscape Architects. Antarctic pavilion explores native customs at venice biennale. Buscador de Arquitectura. West 8 Urban Design & Landscape Architecture. 11AALU+Landscape+Urbanism+Tottenham+Hale+workshop+2013+03.jpg (960×379)


1956 - 1959 - Guggenheim Museum.