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Best mobile app development portfolio. Peer-to-Peer Payment Systems and Their Role in 2020 - Wiinnova Software Labs. We live in an era of digitization.

Peer-to-Peer Payment Systems and Their Role in 2020 - Wiinnova Software Labs

You can shop for things, make hotel bookings, reserve movie tickets or hold meetings all by sitting on your couch in the comfort of your own home. Smartphones play a very huge role in all this. In addition to this, smartphones have become a part of our financial lives as well. With the introduction of exclusive banking apps, it is now possible to check your account balances, credit card statements, make credit card bill payments and even transfer money between accounts instantly with just the tap of a button. Another very popular activity is transferring money to friends and family who may have accounts in a different bank. How Travel Apps Can Be Used To Engage Customers - Wiinnova Software Labs.

Technology has transformed the way people interact with their mobile phones.

How Travel Apps Can Be Used To Engage Customers - Wiinnova Software Labs

They turn to their phones for answers for just about anything under the sun or as a matter of fact, even beyond it. Mundane day to day activities to complex business meetings are conducted on mobile phones, thanks to the technological advancements in this space and the amazing power of the internet. Travel is no exception. Travel has a wide meaning and the idea can differ from person to person. From a simple day trip to a month or year long vacation may be classified as travel.

How do mobile apps for restaurants drive sales. Mobile technology has had an immense influence on the way many businesses operate.

How do mobile apps for restaurants drive sales

The restaurant industry is one of them which easily adopted this technology. The market share of restaurant apps has drastically increased over the recent years. iOS 13 - Features and Improvements. What's in it for developers! - Wiinnova Software Labs. Apple introduced iOS 13 at the keynote event on June 13, 2019 at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

iOS 13 - Features and Improvements. What's in it for developers! - Wiinnova Software Labs

As with all new OS roll outs, Apple has brought in a huge overhaul to the iOS. iOS 13 comes loaded with a large number of features including system wide Dark mode, faster app launches and many more. Optimizations have been made making iOS 13 the most efficient so far. Key Features and Enhancements Dark Mode One of the biggest changes to the UI is the introduction of Dark Mode in iOS 13. Performance Apps launch upto 2X faster. Photos and Videos The all-new Photos app is available in different levels of curation, so it lets you browse through the photo library at ease.

Camera The camera app has also been improvised with new features like Adjusting Portrait Lighting Intensity with which you can adjust the position and intensity of studio lighting. Portrait Segmentation API. The Importance of Accessibility in Mobile App Development - Wiinnova Software Labs. All the advancements in technology should be easily accessible to every person on the broad spectrum of ability.

The Importance of Accessibility in Mobile App Development - Wiinnova Software Labs

There are more than a billion people with some sort of disability on the face of the earth, according to reports from WHO. Mobile phones have become a vital part of our day-to-day lives and so all the benefits associated with the digital era should be within reach of every individual. For people with disabilities, mobile phones can open up unforeseen avenues to learn, communicate and explore.

As far as businesses are concerned, if the number of users are less, that means lesser revenue generation. Impact of COVID-19 on Mobile App Economy - Wiinnova Software Labs. The attack of COVID 19 and the precautionary social isolation measures has impacted the way a consumer uses technology.

Impact of COVID-19 on Mobile App Economy - Wiinnova Software Labs

The world is grappling with the situation of staying put in their homes. An unprecedented shut down of this scale has affected the global economy. But with their known physical world, slowly ebbing away, people are resorting to technology and mobile app services more than ever for entertainment, shopping, social media etc. Research shows that people spent 20% more time using apps in the first 3 months of 2020 in comparison with 2019. Also, a market forecast from Sensor Tower reads that there will be a considerable increase in the number of application installs due to the surge in demand in the sectors of education and remote work in 2020 and beyond. Bug Tracking System For Teams On Slack. Cross Platform App development - Pros and Cons - Wiinnova Software Labs.

Over the past decade, there has been a steady increase in the number of custom made mobile applications along with a splurge in usage of devices.

Cross Platform App development - Pros and Cons - Wiinnova Software Labs

Ensuring that applications developed are compatible over a range of devices is the easiest way to capture market share. Cross Platform development comes into picture here. Cross platform app development is the process of developing a software product or service in multiple operating systems. Applications developed on this framework do not require separate coding for individual platforms. Upcoming mobile app trends to follow 2020 #Revealed. Here are the top mobile application trends to look out for in 2020.

Upcoming mobile app trends to follow 2020 #Revealed

Cross Platform Mobile Development is the development of mobile applications that would work on multiple operating systems. Earlier, native applications were developed for individual operating systems which was time consuming and also the individual codes could not be repurposed for another OS. But today, there are various tools for cross platform application development that almost give a very native-like experience. ​Customer Experience Management. If you are looking to conduct surveys or collect information from users on Intercom Messenger, the FeedbacQ integration for Intercom can help.

​Customer Experience Management

FeedbacQ for Intercom Surveys You can set up FeedbacQ to run Intercom surveys as a separate block on Messenger home or add to conversations and campaigns. If it is set up on Messenger home, the surveys are readily available to all users who open the Intercom Messenger on your website. FeedbacQ - Customer Feedback With Offline Surveys - Apps on Google Play. ​Net Promoter Score® (NPS) ​15+ Free Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) Form Templates. Type of Customer ​Satisfaction Survey​s It is no secret that satisfied customers help grow your business organically.

​15+ Free Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT) Form Templates

To achieve this, you can measure customer satisfaction using online surveys or through offline devices.Checkout Surveys - If you are in the hospitality or healthcare industry, it is important to get customer feedback before the customer leaves your premises. During the time of billing, they will be willing to share feedback as they will also have time while the billing process is being completed.Product Surveys - Products need periodical surveys to understand changing customer patterns and behaviors. We have seen many cases where this is not captured and the product eventually ends up being not innovative enough for the newer generation of users.Customer Support Surveys - After support has been provided to customers, it is always better to send a follow-up message along with a short survey to make sure all the issues were resolved as per the customers expectations.

FeedbacQ - Online & Offline Survey, Make your Survey Easy. Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Customer Feedback app - Survey's made Simple

Details?id=com.wiinnova. FeedbacQ lets you collect feedback through intuitive surveys on mobile app, tab, or web. The app works completely offline too. Once the surveys are designed on the web-based dashboard, use the app to collect feedback. If there is no network, all data is stored locally on the device and sync'ed later whenever there is a valid network connection available. View detailed graphical reports and data analysis on the responses through our cloud based web dashboard.

Option to export all your survey data into Excel or PDF formats as well. Features:Collect feedback from Customers, Employees, Visitors etc.Net Promoter Score (NPS ) SurveysUse offline surveys for market research and capturing leads effortlesslySupport for multiple languages. Top Mobile Application Trends In 2020 - Wiinnova Software Labs. Best NPS Surveys. Free Survey Templates. How To Gain Followers On Instagram - Wiinnova Software Labs. Instagram is the rock star of social media networks.

From little kids flaunting their skills to corporates, everyone seems to be on Instagram trying to engage with their audience. The response rate for business pages and social media influencers on Instagram is way better than any other social media platform out there. Hybrid vs Native Apps - The Verdict - Wiinnova Software Labs. Mobile app developers have been scratching their heads since years. The dilemma between hybrid and native apps do not seem to subside even though the differences are clear.

Though developing an app on HTML5 sounds good and easy, the advocates of native app have always stood by their choice because of the number of additional features that it offers. And the verdict that has finally come out is in favor of native apps. Let us tell you why it is so. ​Free Online Survey tool. Top iPhone app development Company, iOS development Services, India. Android application services India. ​Customer satisfaction survey templates. Net Promoter Score. Lambo - Crypto Currency Portfolio App. ​Customer Experience Management. Satisfied customers are more loyal, buy more and add significantly to the company’s revenue.

Customer satisfaction is therefore a very important domain in marketing and self assessment of a company. Gauging it tells the concerned company how well its product or service fared in the consumer market. Studies suggest that customers who are satisfied with a company’s product are more likely to spread a good word about it. This increases the probability of their immediate circle buying the company’s products as they hold a good perception of the company. ​Customer Experience Management. A hospital’s work does not end after treating its patients. After treatment, they should talk to their patients and try to analyse if the patients are satisfied with the services it provides. Satisfaction is a feeling that cannot be measured directly. Healthcare organisations commonly use surveys as a device to measure it. A well-designed and implemented Patient Satisfaction Survey can collect patient feedback efficiently.

Patient Satisfaction Survey is a performance measure to quantify the quality of health care and services delivery system. Net Promoter Score® - How you can use NPS to promote your business - Wiinnova Software Labs. On Demand Taxi Booking App. Wiinnova Software Labs - Technology. Mobile App Development Company.